They Are Coming For Your HOUSE! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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33 Comments on “They Are Coming For Your HOUSE! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Great video thank you as always 👍 anyone who new and unsure say NO NO NO PLEASE we need to all stick together out all over the world we are all in big danger ⚠️ thank you ✌️ To us all

  2. There’s a big story now British Gas have laid off their workers then re-employed them to do more work for same money, or in other words pay them less. Gas boiler workers. Laid off soon? Who knows, the world is going down the tubes rapidly.

    • Yes totally agree it’s getting.. out of control hence why so many people really need to wake up and realise how in trouble our humanity is! I had letter through door for a heat pump???!!! I can’t even afford to feed me and my dog right now!😞 and the poor guys at Gas company that’s Outrageous!?!

  3. Yes Klaus in German means ‘Victory of the people’ 🥺🤔 man is INSANE

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  5. Scary stuff indeed. Everyone needs to push back against this climate change nonsense. As you say it cant be implemented if enough people fight it.

  6. Just watched Hugo nobody thinks badly of you except those evil people
    Keep it going ,like a football team when 2-0 up go for the jugular.

  7. Oncle Klaus could do with a 6 inch ‘Anal Schwab’ stuck up his arse, it’s what the parasite deserves.

  8. Hi Hugo I’m living in the nightmare that is Ireland.I would like to thank you for your calmness you show in your talks’it’s what is needed at such times.I live in a small provincial town that has been cracked right open like a nut on Halloween night it is truly frightening to see how a once close community has been divided.Most of not all of my neighbours and friends have been infected with suspicions about who is doing what we’re told to and blinding obeying and those to does that have questions.In my interactions people cross over the street and tut at my non compliance some are curious but most don’t want to engage with what might be going on because it will break them,my return is always for the children’s sake is I hope I’m wrong and equally I hope they are to best outcome for us all.Agin thank you hansie

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  9. Please look at you will see the roadmap they have planned.

    • I looked at this. Very interesting except they seem to phasing out transport by boat and plane so that leaves only train through the Euro tunnel for all imports? Not sure that’s enough to work to an island like the uk. Also it talks about solar and wind power as usual but didn’t we see this winter that when it snows those things don’t work? I am frightened seeing small thing now that are actually quite significant like the fact that so many houses have no chimneys anymore. They are totally reliant on companies to provide heating to their properties and the ability to afford their fuel. Also I’d love an electric car but a) they are too expensive and b) I live on top of a hill away from the road where the cars are parked here. Where would we plug our electric cars in if we got them? Just seems like we are either going to have to shell out loads to accommodate these ideas or many of us are going to freeze and starve to death?

  10. I bet we paid for Klaus’s heating system and gas. If they continue with their depopulation agenda they should be able to knock most houses down after 2025… Nothing they ever do is in our best interest, only them. However they won’t even be happy then and their attention will have to be focused on each other after running out of people to abuse, ending in complete destruction.
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  11. The wealth of the nation is the collateral for the national debt. This is mainly houses and their combined value is about where we are now debtwise. The gov needs to secure this collateral.

  12. Great idea to spread the advice on how to create a video. You are absolutely correct.
    My face will be online soon as I started interviewing frontline nurses.
    I’ll send you the link!

    Keep at it Hugo. My whole family adores you xo


  13. Funny article on Daily Mail, trying to sound alarm for 1000 new infections from a crowded event in India. Except over 3 million attended. They had to disable comments. They would have found a higher rate among the non-attendees.

    • LOL, ‘Daily Mail!’. I can just picture the screen shot – that ‘story’, with a fat Kardashian on the right, ‘Megan Thee Stallion’ ‘stuns’ in whatever, ‘Cardi B’ shows her followers ‘what they’re missing’ – etc etc, etc until the whole of hell freezes over!

      • And we all know they’re gonna ride this gravy train until they get what they want. “Oh look, new variant from South Africa.” “Oh look, new variant from Lebanon.” “Oh look, new variant from Micronesia.” “Oh look, new variant from Macronesia.” And Worzel will be holding back the laughs as he rolls it all out!

  14. Is it me or does Schaub look like a badly made old handbag?
    One that’s been left out in the sun for a couple of years.
    Then someone cut eyes and put some glasses on.
    And used the overstretched pocket for his gob.
    Just a thought…🤔

    • Lol 😂 yeah he wasn’t in the ‘look cue’ was he 🤣 the wicked in him makes him so Nasty 🤮 to look at . Take care ✌️

  15. Check this out, Mick Jagger/Dave Grohl – 8 second clip:

    From what I know about Jagger, his family is from Morley, next to Leeds – a nice place. They owned the coal mines and were one of the richest families in the UK. Mick grew up down South and was introduced to occultism/satanism through Marianne Faithful.

  16. hi iwas reading hugo talks they are coming for your house. i am a widow. my husband was from germany a christian white german guy. he died suddenly in accidnet while going to work accident public transport. i have half white and half asian 2 children. i am an asian woman. i would love to know how to protect our house. because i ve to pay mortgage till 2048 which i m paying from widow pension. in then end of the month nothing remains in hand but i dont wnat to lose my house as difficult times are ahead. where should i go with my kids ? give me tips pls how to protect my house against elite s 2030 agenda ! thanks and kindest regards. monica

  17. Hugo……I’m talking to you personally.
    We have to assume higher ground. You are SOVEREIGN. The Governments……all of them……..are not. They are a fiction of power. Man on Man. Woman on Man. We have to change the mindset. Go to Greg Paul has an offer on of his introductory module to his course. I’ve just done it…..absolutely free. It confirms the journey I’ve made myself since my Parliament declared war on me in April 2020 and could be the solution for you and your subscribers.
    We all think the police and Parliament have some over-riding power over us.
    Go and do the first module. I don’t know how many subscribers you have, but can you imagine all of those people armed with the LAW going head to head with the fiction that the police, council and all the other authorities assume they have.
    The next section of the course will be charged for if I want to proceed…….but if you’re looking at a way to truly be FREE…..then I think this is the best thing going at the moment.

  18. A person above mentioned she/he got a letter (from British Gas?) advising her/him to convert her home to be equipped with a HEAT PUMP but can’t afford one.
    This is 1 factor that Doris will implement, to INSIST we replace our unfriendly to the Carbon footprint central heating with a Heat pump.
    These can cost up to £20,000 per system and the price will be set high deliberately to make you NOT be able to afford to convert from your current heating system. If it cannot be afforded, all plans are in place to repossess your home with little or no help with funding. Few Central heating & Biler fitter personnel are qualified to do these conversions, so a huge backlog will occur to get the conversion done, IF Doris is allowed to get away with this scandal.
    I’d be keen to see the letter sent to the person above or anyone who has received one? Thanks.

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