23% COVID DEATHS Incorrect Say UK Govt / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Now the cat’s out of the bag” do you homework and you will find out, it’s considerably more than a quarter “ but mostly all”

  2. I would imagine that they are a lot higher than 23 %🤨!

    • Yes “ your right “ it’s exactly the same in Australia “ there are no extra deaths from C19” but all deaths were moved over to Covid Bracket “

    • Considering the whole thing is a HOAX, I would suggest that to be a strong possibility.

      • Exactly Brother “ I’ve never believed this crap from day one “ I don’t watch mainstream TV , but I observe the constant agenda their pushing “ it’s all Evil “ and should all be Boycotted “

    • Yes, more like 80% over inflated. Based on curve shape with the projected peak of April 20,2020. On March 24 rules were changed on how to call a death covid.. And guess what? A positive test is not even needed.

    • UK Column recent reported on this , they made a request from the ONS under the FOI Act…and…..rather than the 126,000 deaths, the ONS confirmed that the number of deaths with only covid reported as the cause, i.e. no co morbidities…was 9,800

  3. You have missed the catch here, Hugo! This proportion can be easily tailored to represent a drop. It has been and it will continue to be a manipulation figure. It is not a relevant number. It is the total all-cause deaths that reveal if anything unusual is happening.
    What we see at the moment is a huge drop in weekly deaths, well below the average of the last 10 years. How so? There was a huge increase at the beginning of the year that correlated very well with the vaccine roll-out for 75+ in care homes. Their premature deaths meant that they did not show up over the last few weekly death figures. See my post here: https://forums.lockdownsceptics.org/viewtopic.php?p=17617#p17617
    Usefully, due to a delay in the vaccine roll-out in care homes, it was not synchronised with the seasonal peak of weekly deaths. So the deaths due to vaccines became distinguishable.

    • Happened after Wave 1 back in July aswell, it’s killed off OAP’s slightly earlier in a bunch, so less later on bringing the year deaths down, 2020 +7% above normal, doubt this year gets to +2% above normal.

      Yep Oxford Vaccine role out, average time in hospital dropped from 14days to 7days and a new variant got blamed for the run upto 1500 deaths per day, oddly Sweden exactly the same chart, not using Oxford Vaccine didn’t get the crazy spike.

      Oxford Vaccine, only makes you ill, enough to kill old weak OAP’s if you’ve previously had Covid, so the people that’d hidden away scared for a year wasting there life, had had Covid without realising to later be killed by the Oxford vaccine, pretty damn sick 🙁

      That’s how bad Covid is!!

      ( Seen 13 deaths, within 4 days of Oxford Vaccine, testing negative for Covid and still going down as Covid as Covid symptoms 🙁 Anything for a good 3.5month long lockdown I guess.

      #coverup to protect there sales!!

      • The real Covid deaths were caused by the jib jab. I really can’t get my head around the thick sheep being led to the alter , willingly

    • Nice Link, matched my ~20K Vaccine Deaths, some where Pfizer aswell I see.

      2nd Dose of Oxford seeing no real effect, Pfizer 2nd dose worse than 1st but not as bad as Oxfords 1st.

      And Covid isn’t seasonal, they ended the Shielding Program so the deaths would coincide with Flu to push the numbers up.

      We had Herd mid July none Shielders and Mid December for Shielders why all numbers coming down and flat over the summer, before vaccines hit.

      Check Brazil aswell, just started Vaccine role out and sudden increase in deaths just like here.

      ( I have friends that are nurses and work at care homes and they spill all LOL )

  4. ONS Study briefly on the BBC September ish claimed death Toll 60K at the time, they said died actually from it was 15K so think it’s more only 23% of the deaths are accurate.

    Also deaths only +7% so 50K call it above normal ( not average ) in 2020 remember boomers getting old and dying more, lockdown killed a lot, oxford Vaccine deaths 20K mainly Jan ( Seen 13 deaths care homes near me, 4 days after the Jab, weak OAP’s it’s enough to finish them ), also a lot of Flu deaths labelled Covid ofcourse that’s 15K call it down.

    So I’d go from all the data I’ve seen, Actual Covid deaths ~35K so Flu X 2.

    Mainly due to poor treatment as nurses too scared to go near patients in case they get it and get a mild cough, I will not clap for that, real reason we can’t visit sick people, 1 sick nurse did a Video Log and died, left in a room not 1 visit in 24hours 🙁 That’s how they treat fellow nurses FFS!

    Yes 220 NHS died as it got around them quickly none have in ages, but as there are 1.8 million Health Care workers in the UK, more died from other illnesses, many many many more.

    p.s. been around all my friends when they’ve had it and needed help, zero fear here, everyone else hides away!

    Hate Covid Cowards!!

  5. Or maybe the government, cheif medics etc are getting this out to the media befote the papers served to the magistrates that proves the fraud becomes public knowledge to lessen the shock and backlash.

  6. Maybe it’s a case of the Governments and cheif medics etc alerting the media of this before the papers served to the magistrates that proves the fraud becomes public knowledge to lessen the shock and backlash.

  7. I can name at least one person I know for sure was listed as a Convid death but wasn’t, in fact I’d say the NHS intentionally DNR’d them to bump up the numbers.

  8. You know what the really sad thing is… 80% of the folk I know that have had the jab mnow the deaths were inflated… But still had the jab, never been ill and yes knew the death rate was drastically inflated… God I so want to live on an island away from all of this and humanity…. whose intelligence and ability to critically think is at a level lower than your average amoeba!

  9. PS. the person I know of, was an older relative, had a fall at home, taken to the Hospital, tested for the convids & was dead less than 24hrs after the test came back positive, couldn’t read or write, no consultation with the family & was DNR’d on the spot. gone within 24hrs, killed by the people who were supposed to look after them.

  10. 80% of the people I know who have had the vax know and are aware of this fact, have never been ill with the cough but still couldn’t wait to get it! In fact believe it to be higher than this figure! I sooooo want to get away from all this, yo am island where the popu
    populous has a higher ability to critically think /intelligence level higher than the average amoeba’s!

    • Yes” shame on them all “Fake stream media .

  11. Take it as read if they fess up to 23% the real number is higher

  12. 23% is that what they call a “conservative estimate” I’d bet my life saving the real % is way higher

  13. Let’s face it take away died with covid not from it and I would put money on the figure your left with been the average flu year or maby even the disappeared flu!. Dodgy sage bloke already said hes worried about flu this coming autumn becouse of social distancing and masks so you just know they haven’t decided whether to say deadly variant or plain flu for the next lockdown, you couldn’t make this shit up! Oh yes they did that’s right😂 . I honestly think though if most people haven’t woken up by now they never will , and the most we can do is look after our own.

  14. The truth will eventually come out regarding all the murdered OAP under the care of the NHS Psychos?And I thought extermination camps were a thing of the past?

  15. They always have to tell the Truth and its up to the victims to take notice. The reason for 23% is code 2 3s (33). A lot of researchers have done freedom of information requests on their local Health? Authorities for figures of covid deaths last year and most are around 5 some even 0. So this % is more like 99%.
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  16. C’mon, and the rest – we know and have known they’ve manipulated the death rates, influenza rates and the false positive test rates for over a YEAR.

  17. Hello Hugo,

    Just received this post on the America’s Front Line Doctors site by Dr. Michael Yeadon. There’s a video at the end.

    Daniel Labounty

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  18. what’s the death numbers within 28 days of a vaccine?

  19. The satanists have to show and tell us before what there doing or the spell will not work if everyone said no to all of this it will be game over for them we are the people we are the power we are the 99% 💪👍

  20. My father died of a heart attack here in Ireland. He tested negative 4 times while in hospital. Guess what they put on his death certificate? Go on guess… yes Covid. Gobsh1tes.

  21. I would like to find more of what you are saying about building a community of like minded people as the sheep are being led to the slaughter and are going willingly.

    • The conclusion is that LESS THAN 6% actually died from the virus.

  22. If anyone knows of anyone in their family who died of anything else but it was attributed to COVID they should make a legal case against the Doctor writing the death certificate because it is fraud. They can get in touch with ‘the world freedom alliance’ for legal advice and then perhaps these doctors who have sold out and are complicit in the fraud will stop for fear of being prosecuted. Perhaps a crowd funding page should be opened to provide funds for a class act against the doctors that have fraudulently signed death certificates and then allocated the death to the data for Covid deaths. The Doctors are complicit in the scandal that is causing fear and panic and are fueling a so called pandemic with false data and many will also know that the PCR tests are worthless for diagnostics only useful for forensics.

  23. No access to the stats in USA either…
    Usa da pig latin like in war time.
    Mark Dice has used blanks to say a whole sentance. Stay blank Hugo ! 😷

  24. Evil is afoot. All we can do is stay strong and speak up.

  25. The Goons have never isolated Covid. It don’t exist. So Nobody has died from it. Thank you.

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