WATCH UK Covid Vaccination BUS Jabbing PUBLIC On SIDE OF THE ROAD! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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34 Comments on “WATCH UK Covid Vaccination BUS Jabbing PUBLIC On SIDE OF THE ROAD! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  2. LOL. You keep triggering songs in my head Hugo. This one is by Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards (a member of Rancid as mentioned on previous video) ‘Army of Zombies’ – “It’s you, (it’s you) it’s me, (it’s me) against an Army of Zombies”. This is what it is. It’s like the Day of the Dead, but the Zombies have more about them I think.

  3. Creepy ,like the Chinese mobile execution or Nazi mobile gas Van’s. Anyone up in the road and asks me its gonna be a firm fuck off .

    • LOL, maybe the bus number should be 666. The road to hell.

    • You beat me te it. As someone of Jewish heritage, Nazi gas vans sprang to mind immediately. This is sick, sick, sick.

  4. You got to be fking joking…they want to kill us all ..surely even a monkey without a brain can see this…. the more I see of this bullshit the more disengaged I become to these fkin sheep in this world… msg to the sheep.. have ya jab and feck off. Not interested in ya symptoms . Be good little sheep and go die quietly please.. like no one tried to warn you… omg .we’re already in a zombie apocalypse looking at these sheep … in the near future I hope everyone has my attitude to these sheep..when the real side effects take hold..DONT COME CRYING TO ME I’M NOT INTERESTED YA CLOWNS.. I try wake people up but with so.e there’s no hope… get the jab …YOUR FUCKED LAB RATS

    • I tried to warn them, the time will come when I’ll be proven right, worrying always am :), sit back and smile 🙂

      Depopulation lottery, estimate 30% will die above 30, below fertility issues 🙂

      • Don’t the elite only want 5% to survive as their slaves?

  5. Msg to HUGO… my sanity saver.. keep the faith brother your not alone by any means trust me..woukd be nice to put a face to someone I trust and follow

    • No need to show his face. Its about content, not whether he looks like Noel Edmonds or something.

    • Yes I would like to see his face too his voice is lovely and you can tell from it he’s a genuine decent guy.For months I was confused and thought he was Mayar Tousi from youtube with a second channel called HugoTalks.Come on Hugo show us your face.Bet it’s beautiful

      • Yeah, let’s see a face to these videos.. I’m making some major life decisions based on these videos.. I’m a support worker and it looks like I’m gonna lose my job next couple of months for refusing the vaccine.

  6. I know this is not a joke but I’m sitting here laughing my head off at this, and these pratts standing there waiting for there prick, they can go and get a one ticket and Fuck off and that’s what i will said if one turns up in my street

  7. We thank them all for playing the depopulation lottery, save the planet, sacrifice yourself via a untested vaccine for a virus with a 99.7%+ survival rate and a 80%+ chance you’ve had and didn’t even realise.

    Good riddance to stupid sheep, rather them than us 🙂

    Ohhh baby killing Johnson and Johnson please!

    Defo become a Cult hasn’t it where everyone wants to join then persuad others to join and be like them 🙁

    • Yes and the disgusted look you get when you say you’re never having it.Today someone asked me have you had your vaccine yet when I said I’m not she said it will never be gone unless everyone has it!Already a few I know after 2nd dose are not well one has been told it’s covid! I have given up arguing with them all now,sod them and let them get on with it so they can go on holiday! I am looking forward to saying I told you so though

      • Even Boris Mumbled, The lockdown has stopped the deaths not the vaccines, think he’s hinting that there great, not at stopping you getting covid which isn’t a huge issue barely touched me or anyone I gave it to LOL but for depopulation, ass cancer for all!!

        Scientists well people who claim to be have said it’s safe, not sure how you can say a drug that’s still in testing for another 2years is safe until after the test period and even then, still can’t be 100% sure for 10+++ years really.

        Can’t wait for them to ring me up and badger me into having it, don’t think doctors have my number not been in 10+ years, I don’t get ill, plan to keep it that way!!

        Thank them for there sacrifice, GF is having hers Friday FFS, so she can go on holiday, bet holidays are a thing of the past sadly, have told her,leave me the debit and credit cars! 🙂

  8. if even 25% of the people getting this jab die by 2025, like some have predicted, That will amount to around 15 million people on top of estimated deaths from other things, it would break the NHS, for all intents & purposes.

    • The NHS has been broken for decades. No idea why they call it a health service, it’s a sickness and disease management service.

  9. I had a thought last night, nothing to back it up so I am in tin hat territory here… but what if the vaccine is just to prepare people’s blood for the chip?!

      • Thats actually what it’s meant to hence the different stages/doses of the vaccine. Its a gene therapy. Biblically it’s supposed to happen when Rapture has taken place but Satan and his Satanic motives tried to swoop in before the time but we are not ignorant of his devices and are preparing for Rapture because its not going to be long. Its sooner than we had imagined. All you need is to give your life to Jesus

    • I wonder if the zombies queuing at the covid bus are actually crisis actors?

  10. They’ve given up asking me & my missus to get it, we both said a firm NO! but almost everyone we know is either having it or had it already, they’re all the walking dead & they’re happy cause they just don’t get the point of it all.

    The governments everywhere ARE KILLING the people, it might take a couple of years as the heaps of bodies would look bad to the survivors & they might make a fuss but it’s actually happening, Slow Motion Apocalypse right in front of our eyes.

  11. Boris should wake up and realise that he is being used by Kill Gates. Now that we are out of the EU. We are as vulnerable as a deer that has been separated from its own and the lion is salivating for it. Kill Gates is running UK but it will backfire soon because we are praying.

    • You’re right Joy. Boris’ vanity and egocentricism won’t allow him to see it, but he will be disposed of when he’s no longer of any use. Prayer and petition are the only weapons we have in a war like this. Keep it up, we all need you!

  12. Unthinking respect for authority is the enemy of truth!!! Great quote from Einstein. Pretty apt for today’s world especially in Britain.

    • That’s true Steve. No government’s role is to protect its citizens. We have been sold out. It’s a case of every man/woman for themselves now.

  13. Yes – we do know this entire scenario has absolutely nothing to do with the flu.

    • The biggest psy-op the world has ever witnessed, contrick 19!

  14. Thank so much Hugo. You are doing a brilliant job. So grateful xxx

  15. Interesting observation you mentioned in this video Hugo, about the soul leaving the body. I read a lengthy post on this phenomenon from a purported French energetic healer. I’m just wondering if you have any additional references to this?
    Sacha Stone has hinted that this is what the ‘vaccine’ is designed to do; the vaccine alters the VMAT2 gene. I am currently ploughing through a technical paper that hypothesizes that these ‘vaccines’ can actually alter DNA and offers evidence to demonstrate this.

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