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36 Comments on “Caught In A TRAP / Lockdown News Roundup / Hugo Talks

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    • So Boris, then why didn’t Sweden need a lockdown? Or Belarus, or South Dakota? No, your precious lockdowns have been exposed as being completely worthless.

      • I was watching various skiing events a few months ago – Italy, France, Austria, Germany, all face nappies, no crowds, etc. Bulgaria – full crowd, no face nappies, no social distancing – nothing. Life as normal. FUN.

  2. You are so on the ball Hugo
    I truly dont understand why people can’t see what is going on they are playing right into the governments hands
    It seems all these people think about is Holidays,Pubs shops Its all very exciting for them at the MOMENT it wont last Even when you spell it out to them they dont see they dont hear All we can do is hope they wise up soon and see what is Happening
    I would like to say a Big Thank You to Hugo for the time he puts in to keeping us informed and updated with all that is happening

  3. Great video. A song came into my head when you mentioned ‘checking in’ to go to the pub. ‘Listed M.I.A’ by Rancid. “I’m checking out, I’m never coming back again, I’m checking out, I’m Listed M.I.A!” (M.I.A – Missing In Action). That’s going to be all us, checking out and going M.I.A. I had a walk around the town today to see whether people would be in the pub beer gardens/car parks. It was freezing with snow still on the ground. There was about 15 people in the Wetherspoons car park! It was insane. The pub entrance was open, for the staff to traipse in and out with drinks/food – a 50 yard trek back and forth. Absolutely farcical. An old lady said to me: “you have to register down there first I think.” I said “Register what?” She said I don’t know. I just said “They can swivel.” Who the hell wants to sit in the freezing cold, in a car park, drinking a cold drink, when there’s snow still on the ground? The whole damned point of a pub is its a Public House – a home away from home. On a day like today, you’d be in the lounge bit, in front of a fire, warm – reading or chatting.

  4. Was in England picking a car up today. the QR codes are at the service stations. not one person scanned the code. One jobsworth was telling the woman in front of me to use the app and acan the code. She wasn’t an idiot. Her exact words were “Go fuck yourself”. My response was eerily similar.

    • I love it good for her everyone should do this, sod there apps i never download any.
      As for these jobworth your see more of these morons like census pratts going around. Lets all tell them to go and do one

  5. Personally I think they think they are conning us, but haven’t realised yet it they themselves who have been conned by China and Russia primarily.

    They’ve signed up the the WEF idea that we all become serfs and they become kings, and they’ve gone along with the plan, jib-jabbing everyone, destroying people, and most importantly destroying the societies and unity and economies of the Western countries.

    And now, Russia will attack Ukraine, China will immediately take Taiwan (there is a global chip shortage and the biggest and most advanced microchip plant on earth is in Taiwan (TSM) – if the chips stop being shipped all technology driven businesses in the West grind to an instant halt, as well as military, etc – that would send the stock market off a cliff since it’s already totally overheated and inflation is rising), and Iran will launch against probably Saudi, maybe Kuwait and possibly Israel.

    Dopey Biden will then have a war on 3 fronts. He’s already squaring up to Putin, he’ll be forced to try and solve Taiwan, and the Saudis and Israel are allies, so what is he going to do then, as his forces are split in 3 and the economy collapses at the same time.

    On top of that (Yuri Bezmenov explained what was going to happen really well in 1984 – vid on YT) our societies have been totally destabilsed and divided, no one will go to fight because they all think their countries are racist patriarchal, etc, etc, etc – wokeness will have destroyed us, along with our wilfully complicit politicians.

    And that will be the end of that. Our greedy elites thought they were in for a big slice of the pie, but the Chinese and Russians will just keep it all for themselves while our countries devour themselves from the inside out.

    • Note – China and Russia have signed a co-operative military pact, China and Iran have signed a pact, and Russia and Mtanmar have signed a pact. All set up, signed, sealed and delivered.

      The East have been playing Grand Master level chess, our lot have been playing tiddly winks.

  6. What a lot of people fail to understand is that they’re still alive after not going to pubs, hairdressing salons and restaurants, so when the government is now allowing us to go and have a good time we should all be refusing to do what they want. Their aim is to lock us down again, and these dizzy minded people can’t see it, give me strength.

  7. This is what’s encouraging though. There was at most, 15 people at the local Wetherspoons at 2pm. Pre lockdown, there would have been at least 40, with people coming and going constantly. The other 2 pubs that were open were empty. It’s supposed to be fun going out – this is not fun, it’s utterly miserable. If I never go to another pub again, so be it. Doesn’t bother me. I’ve just had a brilliant idea people. Let’s all build our own bar/pubs in our homes, where possible. How much more fun would that be? Because we can fill it with the things we what and enjoy – dart boards, pool table, etc. I love it when people turn their sheds into pubs. They have a genuine warmth and charm. Lets do it.

    • That’s the principal public houses we’re based on many hundreds of years ago.

  8. There’s something very very suspicious about the way Doris is claiming that the lockdown is responsible for the lower figures. Very suspicious.

  9. I get your point, Hugo. And it is possible – and frightening. But it seems tantamount to saying, “Lock yourselves down otherwise Boris will do it for you,” and we will have to emerge at some stage to the same problem. So we have to topple these tyrants somehow. Non-compliance is a war of attrition – and the majority do not have many resources.

    • Correct, it is going to be a war of attrition, but it can’t go on for much longer. WE need to shut this motherfucker down during this ‘opening’ up period and not spend any money with these businesses. Most will then realise they’re going to go broke and end up with nothing. They will HAVE to stand up against these measures and make moves against the ‘government’. They will have no choice. They may think that by going along with all of this, they may get propped up by the ‘government’, and survive. I say, lets lock them down – keep your money and don’t partake in any of it. Something will have to give. We need to stay strong and ‘hold the fucking line’ so to speak.

      • If I may mix my words here, the majority do not have many resources – but we are a minority in that majority. As a minority, we don’t have the resources of numbers of the majority from which we come. That means we will have little influence on businesses.

      • I understand and appreciate your point. But most businesses, including Tesco, and all the ‘giants’ are pretty much always very close to going bust. It only takes a few blows to take them down. Look at how many major chain stores have gone bust over the last few years. I made a legitimate complaint to Tesco yesterday, as I use the home delivery service, it was answered and settled within seconds via email. They know perfectly well how fast things can escalate. My point is, we have HUGE influence on businesses, without us, there is no business. And as I mentioned, the Pubs were empty today where I live. They cannot survive this level of footfall – no way, it’s impossible. So, I say, we need to starve them so they will have to make a stand against this.

  10. They can shove the new normal, I will not settle for anything less than the old normal. I’ve got used to not going to the pubs, cafes, restaurants etc, I have a drink occasionally with family and a few friends who haven’t gone over to the dark side, we all have the same opinion about the way the world is going and support each other.

    The sheep are reveling in their moment of compliant glory but it will be short lived, the truth will hit them soon that they’ve signed their lives away, they’ve become traitors to their own people (themselves) by obeying orders and giving the people who want to rule the world a foothold in our societies, they are their own worst enemy but totally oblivious to that fact at the moment.

    • I will have nice drink in my house with my rules Have who i want in my home, play nice music and not have Boris and Co telling when to go to the pub like the zombies 😄🍺

  11. Thanks again Hugo. Where there’s a will, there’s a way… Keep on doing the good that you’re doing. People are watching and listening and are in fact waking up to the bullshit, thanks to folks such as yourself. I believe and suspet YouTube’s days are numbered as well..!? Bless and thank you… Respect from Canada… 😉

  12. It’s very simple, Hugo…….there are two main reasons why people follow unquestioningly all of this:
    1) Fear,
    2) And ingrained training to not question authority.
    That’s it.
    Too bad.

  13. Only been unlocked for 2 days, already spinning R number is over 1, generated as required to fit the narrative.

    30mins before the Prince whoever died I don’t care, they announced UK had Herd, back in December I’d say from the data then used Oxford Vaccine OAP deaths to get big lockdown, so for lockdown they need deaths increasing, unsure where they’ll get that ?? although Germany and France locked down just on increased testing from the look of it.

    Saw that Rapid Test police van in my town 1 hour ago, driving around, guess my gym will get hit, fire exit for me, or don’t consent and walk out the front and see who’ll follow me!!

    Funeral, False Flag maybe lucky escape maybe boom proper, get the army on the streets.

    And Yes been stocking old milk bottles with water in the cellar, cheap tins from Aldi and cheap biscuits for some months, nearer the time I’ll move some out to my local forest I ride in, create a little hide away.

    Ukraine by the end of the Month, Taiwan next day no doubt.

    Getting worse daily and nobody cares or realises still!! 🙁

    • Corned beef is one of the best things to buy as it lasts for years and is full of protein. They will dilute the amount of protein we get pretty soon – to weaken us.

      • Funny thing I was offered 8 cans of various types of beans kidney beans chickpeas black eye peas and others by a friend who said “they’re horrible no goodness in them” I tried to explain they’re better than meat for protein but was met with “but there’ll always be kentucky or maccy d” Some ppl just will not understand .

  14. You are right Hugo, we are caught in a trap, but it is even more important for us to go out in this period to wake as many as possible whilst not following their B/S especially educating businesses as this enforcement of tracking APPs etc is criminally laid on them!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  15. Hey fella

    Good to hear from you on BNYT today 💪 Love the Elvis lol👍 Think next time u be playing his ‘in the getto’ cause with theses Tools we have in power & they agendas feck knows were they end up slinging us?!!

    Take care keep it real and thank you for your support to us all I speak for myself but by commenting people do you smashing it with us👍💪

    Many blessings Hugo



  16. As always.. right on .. can we all like minded live together.. and you be our leader!!!

  17. Spot on Hugo. These sheep are the problem. It’s them that are perpetuating this scam. I really am shocked that how brainwashed and stupid my fellow people are.
    This is a psychological war waged against the people by the psychopaths in Westminster. When Doris Flintstone is telling you that it’s not the vaccination that has reduced the numbers of people with Coroni, it’s the lockdowns, why are people not saying, then why are well taking this experimental, under tested vaccination? 🤔

  18. Hi Hugo

    Have you formed any action groups yet?
    I’d like to join one when you set this up.
    We all need to share our ideas & plans so we can empower each other. Especially when a lot of us are single (& have too many family & friends who are sheep).

  19. Hugo I agree with you on Bitcoin, but I’d go even further, Bitcoin is a waste of time & effort if you don’t have internet access to be able to spend it. Plus keeping savings in the bank is a bad idea as well, 2008 showed the banks will happily just take whatever you have to keep themselves going.

    Tins & Toilet Roll is what you want to stock up on.

  20. Hi I don’t know whether you realise you’re not that all these master everybody’s wearing they’re all made of plastic which can’t be recycled like with the testing kits all the plastic sticks and then they’re going to start on later about the world the climate in all the rubbish in the world but you’re adding millions of tons all this I wonder if you might be to find some of that and tell people about what they’re doing with that as well I’ll speak to you soon Andy

  21. So depressing that so many have done this…Elephant in the Room – “What if I don’t have a smartphone”. Answer: “Not a problem because we are going to chip everyone”. This is a phoney practice for what is really coming.

  22. Yup, it’s sad to see this when l looked yesterday. It’s so plain to see yet so many are falling for the lies it’s that incredible. I’m wondering about people that don’t have a smartphone because they’re too hard to use and don’t know how to download and use the track and trace app among other issues like recharging. Solid practical suggestions. I could just as well survive in a tent and live on fresh water end a few tins.

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