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  1. Never fear, they have had this in New Zealand since all this started. 0.0001% of people actually use the track and trace app and even less use the pen and paper system. By the way anyone can see your details with the pen and paper system.

    • Your 1000% correct….
      The Government need to feck off..
      Thank you Mr Hugo….
      GOD bless you do… You are brilliant… Thank you…

      Ps the Government need to be oused for ever

    • Hi all. I’m creating a directory of UK small businesses and individuals who offer services and goods either online or have a physical premises. The list would specifically be for consumers who are opposed to the jib jab, passports looking for businesses who do not insist on track & trace, mask wearing etc. This would also allow consumers to support small businesses who share their values and concerns. Btw I am a naturopath / nutritional therapist. I also have a small wholefoods / baked good mix business for people with specific dietary requirements and lifestyles. If anyone is interested in supporting me to do this, or any small business out there who would like to be added to the directory please contact me at

    • “By the way anyone can see your details with the pen and paper system.”

      Indeed! Which in the UK is a breach of the Data Protection Act, which is actually law.
      Additionally to collect such information a business must be registered with the ICO and be compliant with the Data Protection Act……

    • Many of Australians are laying dormant with the cognitive dissonance virus. Many biz don’t enforce this invasive stupidity but it’s the people who perform diligently when presented with the sharing of their daily activities who accomodate the govt directions that secure our fate going forward!!! Wakey wakes plzzz

  2. UK people value money more than freedom they will comply obidiently – no questions asked. Only handful of premises will resist and they will fold only police comes knocking on their doors. I would love to see this being turned the other way, but I just don’t see it.

    • Unfortunately, you are 100% correct. I’ve said it before about ‘small businesses’ – they’re just money grubbers as well. Not all, but 90%. This scamdemic has proven it to me first hand. They can fuck off.

      • I know I am, nothing would please me more than be wrong = 100 %

      • How about most of them are just trying to keep food on the table. The government are evenly in trying to manipulate and bully them them into making their customers act like prisoners.

    • Spot on. The British have no backbone anymore. I’ve tried to warm as many as I could. I have been mocked, called and ignored.

    • What by throwing petrol bombs at the Catholics over the ‘peace wall’? Division is the last thing needed right now.

    • The people are afraid of the Government. It shouldnt be like this. The Government ministers should fear the people. New Government and laws enacted to arrest and criminally prosecute politicians along with exceptionally long prison sentences. No politicians, King or Queen should have the power to lock down a country.

  3. Yes I wont comply rather stay away thanks for your videos Hugo they are great!

  4. I will never buy into this evil lunacy.
    I would rather live in the gutter.

    • I’m and everyone should be activily combating this in full public view, vocal displays of disgust with what is happening to humanity by the global plan, now is the time to STAND UP!

  5. Great video Hugo. You mentioned going on strike, which triggered me. There was massive strikes in the ’70’s/’80’s as we all know. It was incredibly traumatic for everybody involved. But, Thatcher, a Bilderberg attendee, implemented what she was told to implement – deindustrialisation. You could strike all day/every day, it didn’t matter. The instruction was given and it would be executed, no matter what. Same thing here. And then it was hardcore, no masks, lockdowns, etc. It still happened though. I’m just pointing out reality.

    • Thatcher laughed as she declared ‘Society is dead,’ when she deliberately turned a nation into self centred individuals.
      This is where we find ourselves today. I hope we can turn things around.

    • I am still hopefull we can win this war against the criminal (mainly British) establishment.
      Mass cuvil disobedience.
      Remember the Poll tax riots
      We are the 99%

  6. As the person from NZ said, you attend venues but don’t bring your phone. They have to provide paper sign in. Give false details. Pay in cash only. Australians have been through this caper. At first shops & cafes try to follow rules because they are worried. Eventually, they turn a blind eye & it becomes normalised. Civil disobedience. Australia has whole regions that ‘turn a blind eye’ & they are the places we go to. The Gold Coast is famous for not complying to rules. Our State leader won’t pressure the GC too hard as they are a swinging seat with highest unemployment. We all love the GC. It doesn’t take long for all the small businesses to ‘bend’ one by one, when they see where the customers prefer to go. It’s a game. We just play it … and slowly regain ground again … and NEVER close up shop, ever again!

    Give it a go, in small groups. You’ll be surprised how fast it works. It’s only govt services (like the Libraries) that still make us sign in, in QLD. Every time I say “but you have my details on my library card”. I never take my phone, Every time I give them some ‘incorrect info’. Been doing that for a year. Nothing happens. They clearly don’t follow it up. It’s a game.

    Just remember, we are the power. We have the power. If we confronted them, as a United force, and ‘took’ their buildings, it would all be over. They DO live in fear that this might happen. That’s why the highest paid people on their teams are the ones who devise the Psy-Ops & behaviour control.

    Good news: a British army veteran has created a group for veterans & policeman (a lot have already joined) called The Peacemakers, who are joining with Michael Stott and “Guardian 300”. He’s offering group protection for customers & demonstrators who exercise their true freedom. His contact is
    Any man with some strength & courage is welcome. In my view … it’s your duty! For every courageous man who stands up to tyranny, there will be a shield maiden behind you. Us women are longing for our men to stand up, & we’ll be there beside you.

    • Yes Karen, I totally agree with your tactics, as in the UK back in the Summer of 2020, when small businesses and shops opened up they largely operated without requiring tract and trace data, but just followed pointless one way systems and social distancing. But, the pubs and restaurants were asking for customers to either scan the track and trace QR code or fill out their stupid little track and trace form.

      So, whenever I went into a pub or a restaurant, I either told then I would do it on my phone but then didn’t, or just gave then useless false data, obviously, pubs and restaurants don’t really care, they are just complying with pointless government bureaucracy.

      It may be a good idea to get used to using a pseudonym, try and remember a plausible sounding false telephone number. Ultimately, most places will just want your custom they don’t really care about the accuracy of the data collection.

      Only, stupid unthinking sheeple people will go along with this, without asking themselves what could go wrong with all these businesses gathering people’s personal private data?

      I would want to know what data assurances will be in place, will all this data be collected in accordance with the data protection act?

      I’m sure no young females will be getting their data inappropriately used or stalked, or personal data hacked or leaked to phishing scam criminals, or identity fraudsters looking to capitalise on the abundance of easily obtainable personal identity information.

    • Well said Karen. I discovered that the United Nations is a front for the banks.

  7. So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye Goodbye, he’s off to be with Nazi’s in the sky…

  8. Another good video, Hugo. There is a chance right now, as you say, to ditch the ideas and beliefs we’ve been conditioned to accept. One thing this is doing is showing up the system for what it is and has always been – a sham. If people go down the route of complying with it, then they’ll end up being slaves or won’t be here.

  9. I will never understand why so many people are happy to be compliant with all of this garbage.

  10. I wil not comply what do people think of the fake track and trace app or will using it cause others to see and think we are complying, probably best to show we are against it !

  11. It’s juss a PLANDEMIC and I ain’t in this this 💩 government is a joke…but like most a saying the 🐑 will follow kmt

  12. Hi Hugo, just quick email to thank you for all your amazing videos and valuable information and facts. I spread the word best I can but it is becoming so difficult converting the sheep. What’s really quite sad now is the haunting start to your superb videos is becoming the depressing tones of all this bollocks. Please if there is any positivity out there any at all let’s have a video about that just to cheer up your loyal likeminded tribe before we all get too deflated. It’s a crazy, frightening world at the moment…😢….thank you for everything Dave

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  13. We won’t go to any shops except food & clothes,so the others will go bust so good luck with that control freaks

    • I will not comply to these bastards ever and will not go into a shop to adhere to my personal identity.
      Freedom for all

  14. In the Netherlands there is a large pilot involving restaurants, bars, theaters, playgrounds, swimming pools, sports competitions, etc. where access is only possible with a negative mobile test certificate. this will become a condition when all locations reopen in May.

    Unfortunately, we are already a step further in the process here. 😢
    everyone is sick / infected, until a (not so valid test if you have no complaints) shows that you are healthy)

    One idea to stop this segregation is to email these entrepreneurs en masse. State your concerns, make it personal, substantiate with scientific arguments and indicate that you will no longer visit them when they start carrying out this.

    Also show understanding for the entrepreneur, and at the same time plant seeds that they will be just as suppressed by the system as we are. And most entrepreneurs hate too many rules and registration drift.

    Wish everyone much strength and persistence. together we are strong!💪🤝💛

  15. More governmental blackmail pure and simple trying to force their poison jab on us.
    As others have said leave that phone at home cash only false name address and phone number.
    I’ve been using cash only ever since they threatened to do away with it.

  16. STOP .. is the word Hugo. Any business that does this does not deserve any business. If they all do this they deserve what they get. There are enough of us in each town/city that know the score now and they need to be educating these businesses and council Gestapo enforcers. Staying in is not really an option as the globalist will be happy with this too. Talk to the police as they have an oath to support the people and follow Law not Rogue Government guidance!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  17. People should consider that this way, everything they do they are likely to be traced and put in quarantine any time just because they had ,,contact” to someone who has a positive test. The shop owners should protest and the politicians should not blackmail the customers, but as long as they long for the carrots the politicians will succeed…

  18. Thank you Hugo

    They cannot do that, it’s ILLEGAL. We all have rights and the fines etc, won’t stand because they will get thrown out of court simply because the Police did not swear on oath to do this, They swore on oath to maintain the law of the land. There is a video on Bitchute Ex-policeman speaks out about your rights.


  19. I’m going to put this to the test on Tuesday, not Monday as it will be far too busy with sheep, but on Tuesday I have some business to attend to in one of the non-essential shops that I want to do in person rather than online, if they refuse me entry I will cancel them on the spot right in front of them. See how they like that.

  20. My plan is not to go to pubs or cafe’s if I have to do this crap. I enjoy a take away fish and chips and curry, and if I have to give details to go in, I will sit in my car outside and order a delivery service….if they won’t comply, I will find another chip shop and curry shop that will

  21. Ffs I’ll knock up android fake track and trace when home, screen shot, push button, bar code reader appinventor won’t take 10mins, screw this, anyone want a copy android only sorry

      • Taking longer ro copy,,pretty app just checked out on mates phone, arseeee!

        To summarize….

        Everyone will be on 10day quarantine all the time, and when your on if your phonee goes outside your fucked £2000 fine, but you need phone to go shopping so all you can do is !eave phone at home and walk the streets ffa.

        Todays random people to self isolated to make money fining them are……….

        While also tracking all shops we go into and people we meet up with.

        Freedom is well gone.

        Fake app on it, multiple phones? 1 gets flagged to isolate, use other phone but keep them apart or they’ll all get flagged, keep location off at all times and wifi as can use wifi for location.

        Improvise adapt and over come! Or enjoy 19days stuck at home ffor no Reason on the regular 🙁

      • I need a map for every location I visit recorded as video as it’s got a circular moving pattern and without that they’ll spot it’s fake, so I’ve got to go to all shops, record the screen for 20seconds for it to look legit, makes it hard to share, but it’s easy to code so can share the code and others will have to do the same.

        They’ve made it hard to fake on a budget, sure others will bring out fakes and use mapping and the circular image soon mind, beyond the app I use’s ability.

  22. So, the businesses need to start acting under Common Law: If they get fined for allowing people onto their premises, they just decline to enter into a contract at that time…

  23. The government has already said that the TTI (Track, Trace, Isolate to give it its full name) system will be changed to add the vaccine passport. (this is why it cost so much up front, they have already developed the code required for this. The current ‘outrage’ about cost is understandable when this is left out of the conversation).

    It also needs to be noted & broadcast that these so called requirements are GUIDEANCE, See the governments own website! (I’m not a lawyer and this is not advise) but at no point can i see where this guidance is written into law, the latest SI does not appear to do so, and this letter does not say law, it says you ‘must’, you ‘will’ this is all just semantics and word play to make it seem quasi legal as far as I can see.

    Of course all these business that are ‘required’ to capture this personal information will be registering with the ICO at the cost of £40 – 60 dependant on turnover, as is specified in the guidance, (towards the end of the pages and pages). AND of course will be fully compliant with the actual Data Protection Laws for the handling and storage of personal data. Or is that a part of the guidance they will choose to ignore as ‘not relevant/required……’

  24. Easier Cheat, went to all the places I visit last night, stood outside for 30seconds with the app running, and recorded the screen, app is removed and just show the video as proof that it’s running and fake scanning bar code.

    New Places, I’ll install the App needs no Reg info, walk in the shop then instantly remove the app, don’t do much shopping to be honest so not a huge issue anyway.

    If they look closely they’ll see the wrong time, won’t let them get that close 🙂

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