Get Behind Me SATAN! / Lockdown News Roundup / Hugo Talks

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43 Comments on “Get Behind Me SATAN! / Lockdown News Roundup / Hugo Talks

  1. That’s good because I don’t want to be anywhere near Edwina either!

  2. What a roundup of the madness.. that Australian stole the Egg ladies prize as anybody who could read, let alone deeply would know at the very least this shot is not a good idea in any brand!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  3. Agreed, Hugo. I don’t want to be a victim of her “immune escape” so she can stay the hell away from me. These people are pure evil.

  4. The obvious question here is that Edwina is effectively saying that the vaccines don’t work otherwise if she has had one, why on Earth would she be worried about sitting next to someone that hasn’t? Honestly, are people out of their minds? This is insanity

    • Exactly my thoughts. Her argument has no logic. How can an unvaccinated person be any more of a risk than a vaccinated one? Being vaccinated doesn’t stop you from being contagious we are told. If I was Edwina, I would be more worried about clots, although judging by her diatribe her brain is already affected. Let’s remember also that these injections are experimental gene therapy and not true vaccines.

  5. Evening Hugo and folks Edwina is a proper basket case isn’t she, sherhags her way through Parliament and talks utter Bollacks too, another one on the Gravy Train but they show how dumb they are, Edwina do you think your pay masters will protect you for this betrayal, let me tell you it would not surprise me fall out with your overlords and all I can say is you would be wise to watch your back.

  6. They are talking about the Milgrim Experiment which has been much on my mind there was a BBC DOCUMENTARY on the subject but I can not find it a Harvard Study I believe anyone I saw it when it was first released 40 years ago anyone who could find pass it on to Hugo you can still see Milgrim Experiment on YouTube but not as good as the Documentary

  7. She’s got history with taking pricks major ones 😂

    • Lol, John Major, Sid Little’s mentally deranged half brother!

  8. That girl in the car is freaking out. What a figure to be so raving about. Not normal thinking at all.
    Keep courage, greetings from the Netherlands.

  9. They tried the Milgram experiment on a tv show in America, half the people were set as Prisoners & the rest as Guards, the ones playing the guards turned into absolute fucking scum.

    The screeching twat with the inhalers seemed just fine without using her inhalers, fucking Looney.

  10. The jab erased a big chunk of her memory if she wants to go to a Bob Marley concert…

  11. A point very well put on here by Richard. But this is the level of propaganda we have on TV that this question wasn’t raised by either of the two awful people she was talking to. Hopefully anyone who watches this programme also thought this. I do believe those of us who are unjabbed are more at risk from those who have compromised their immune systems by getting jabbed. Time will tell. Keep together people – i have a feeling we will need each other greatly in the coming year.

  12. Tht currie old witch had sex with john major. Enough said.

  13. Edwin a curry… you still alive…. Do us all a favour.. have ya 2nd dose and go and die you old worn out witch

  14. The world has gone mad, people are acting completely emotionally, thinking has gone out of the window. The actual facts, if people could just control themselves for 5 minutes, are that it’s statistically nothing to worry about and no one needs a jab.

    Can you imagine a world where you HAVE to take a medication to be able to do anything at all? And yet that’s what’s coming, they are clearly ramping up the narrative. More and more talk about children having it, the ECHR have ruled that it’s not against your human rights to be forced to have a jab, and that included kids. Fauci is saying kids need to be segregated into vaxed and non-vaxed until they have ALL had it.

    What’s going to happen when cases start going up again? Like in Chile. 50%+ of population jabbed, 22% have had both jabs, it’s summer and they have more cases now than ever before.

  15. Look I am going to be totally open and honest here. We can see where this is heading and I feel afraid and not sure what to do open to suggestions. We can see the division happening vax and none vax/tested and at some point they are going to call people a public health risk and have them isolated what do we do ?

    • We throw away our smartphones and the masks and stop enabling the bastards.

    • Stand firm Scott first and foremost. Are you living alone, do you live in the city, town or country? Do you have anyone near you who feels the same way that you do? You are not alone, there are tens of thousands who are feeling the same and are standing against this tyranny. Waiting to hear back from you Scott 🙂

      • I live completely alone in the country. I been totally isolated for a year now with no one to talk to about it as I just moved here before all this happened and don’t know anyone. In the nearest local village if I go to pick up supplies everyone is all masked up and totally avoiding each other like they are scared to stop and talk. anyone I do speak to from shops all seem to be pro jab. Anyone I do overhear talking about it on public transport all seem the same. They all believe get vax go back to normal. I am totally stressed out I no longer sleep at nights. I literally am sitting 24/7 thinking what the hell do I do. I am dreading the letter coming through my door telling me to come get it. I just feel like times ticking. I would bug out but I have no transport and no where to go.

  16. Edwina, you have made a Faustian bargain. Traded your soul to the devils behind the great reset . You will live to regret it.

  17. But surely if she’s been a good errr pyscho, then she’s had the vaccine and she’s safe, what is she worried she’ll pass the virus onto us and kill us ?? I’m happy to sign away medical care in the case of Covid related illness and not have the vaccine, as I think my risk at this point after having it is 0.00001% area maybe lower.

    People not wanting to take a vaccine, which is obviously a trap, that doesn’t actually work, has huge ADR’s and we are the nut jobs, FFS world has gone nuts!!

    This is the BS in MSM that we are trying to fight! 🙁

    Need more countries to win the legal battle, it’s not bad enough to warrent restrictions like in Belgium, come on!!

  18. why wouldn’t she want to sit next to someone who didn’t get a vaccine ? doesn’t she believe having had a vaccine means you’re save ? then why take one in the frist place ?

  19. replys need to be approved ?????? WTF ?? Go to hell then with your website

  20. For the MSM just completely dismissing every single thing as a conspiracy that goes against taking the jab is just a massive red flag to me , I still can’t get my head around the amount of people who are going along with all this guff and not even questioning it and thinking everything is going to get back to normal…. it’s so frustrating

  21. Imagine the kind of person who actually listens to what Edwina ‘Chicken Korma’ has to say about anything. I mean, seriously, they must have an IQ of 20. She sounds like what she is – an ugly, self important, mediocre, loudmouth gobshite, constantly jabbering whilst saying nothing of any interest or importance. “Talking loud, ain’t saying nothing.” These demons are completely insufferable.

  22. That ass clown at the end. Rather than shutting everything down you chuckleheaded freak, why not have an actual DEBATE? Rhetorical question, obviously. It’s good though, because everyday they expose themselves to the entire world, what lying, sell out frauds they really are. I’m genuinely amazed these ‘people’ can walk down the street.

  23. Edwina has some lovely morals, just ask Mrs major!!!! I for one think the government have done a great pr stunt,it should turn everyone’s stomach watching that entity into supporting anti lockdown on the 24th April.keep it up Boris .And you never know you might get lucky with Edwina!!!

    • Yes, Edwina ‘Chicken Tikka Masala’ – every red blooded males worst nightmare encapsulated in one ‘woman’! She ticks all the boxes – ugly, stupid, annoying, self important, bland, boring, hideous voice, ridiculous clothes, face and hair-do, false teeth, (hence the demonic lisp thing going on), etc. And she’s still too good for so-called ‘Boris’.

  24. And who in hades is called ‘Curry’? Some better names: Edwina Pot Noodle, Edwina Fray Bentos, Edwina Coco Pops, Edwina Monster Munch, Edwina Pork Scratchings, Edwina Paella, Edwina Chips and Gravy, Edwina Pal with Marrowbone, Edwina Tripe, Edwina Deep Fried Marsbar, etc.

  25. Edwina Currie is a regular on GMB where they actually give that old trollop air time to spout nonsense. I mean you wouldn’t want to be stuck in a lift with someone like that, or next to her in a theatre or anywhere else for that matter.

      • If I see any more of her ugly mug I will be seriously thinking about moving to another galaxy 😀

  26. Egg wiener curry is an educated idiot of the worst kind & Westminster is full to bursting with her type simples 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  27. It’s verbal diarrhea, they must use their mask to wipe the shit off their mouths

  28. So this self entitled scumbag thinks her freedom is of greater important that anyone else’s…..

    Well I’ve got news for her, freedom does not work like that, nor do the rights of the many over rule the rights of the induvial.

  29. Curry is spouting the Covid agenda because she’s part of the establishment and an evil old bitch, The hysterical bird with three inhalers could do with a bit of Bob Marley, it might calm her down and make her think properly, perhaps she could ask Edwina to give him a ring and sort her some out!

  30. I’m not even minding the pathetic hag, screw her she’ll be dead in a few years anyway. So I’m only about the video clip from Australia: I read the DELICIOUS comments of the Australian People giving it to the 3 morons from the News channel, please do read the comments, oh thank God there’s intelligent people everywhere.
    You know, this ‘pandemic’ made me feel so good cuz of the TOGETHERNESS of us, the people, from everywhere around the planet. It’s the only win aspect of this ‘pandemic’ for me, us, uniting.

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