SHOW ME YOUR PHONE! #pubs / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Phones will permit many things… Yhe New World Order is building a cage.🌐

  2. I have a old flip phone.havent been to the pub for 6 year 😎🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿✌️

  3. No one is touching my phone. They might be infected…

  4. The Nazi Hit Squad… the phone is only second to the keyboard as to carrying more germs, so why would you let pub staff handle it? Leave Phone Alone at Home. As usual they have threatened venue owners that they MAY face a £1000 fine for not compiling! Time for them to grow some balls as won’t be going in even if they want a name…
    Join the RAF – Use promo videos to wake an injured friend!
    Before they get Shot Again…

  5. Get rid of your smart phones…………problem solved

  6. Unbelievable. But can’t see people allowing staff to check their phones and doubt if many staff will want to. Hopefully another bit thrown out to gauge the public reaction. The more extreme the measures, more business the pubs will lose. Probably exactly what the gov want.

  7. many times can I say ..FUCK OFF BORIS YOU DICKHEAD

  8. NOW is the time for the non-vaxxed pubs, shops. Clubs, sports etc.
    patronise these service suppliers big time.

    Tell the “soon to be dead or maimed” that you only want to hang out with non-vaxed friends who’ll still be alive & well in 6 months time. 😎

    • 100% let the shops/pubs choose and agreed on many with vaccines dead from covid lol next 18months.

  9. Just get a screen shot, show them that work 99% of the time,no way am i installing it or giving real details to a pub to be ordered to quarantine for a virus I’ve had and was a joke

    • exactly what I was just thinking lol. they can fuck right off.
      when asked to give details last time I gave a made up number and signed in as Ken dodd from knotty ash.
      gotta do it? okey Smokey i won’t go to the pub then I’ll sit in my hot tub and enjoy my guiness. and fuck off if I’m wearing a nappy to go to one.

  10. Want to know where all your data is really being filtered into research the sws sentient world simulation it’s a mirror simulation of our planet run on a quantum computer and every one of us has a avatar in which they filter ALL of your data into everything. you have no idea how much you are Truly being monitored. The main sim runs almost a mirror image of Earth in real time. imagine the power that gives them to predict outcomes of events. They then run simulation of disasters wars pandemics and see how people will react based on your data and avatars.They having been filtering all your data into this for years. Science fact not fiction. 11.11

  11. I can’t wait for someone to ask to see mine, there’s no chance! I’d see the phone on the floor in bits than comply with this bs an complete boycott of all places asking to see a vax passport but I know to many sheep that will comply 😢

  12. Did nt Philip K Dick predict all this. For you whom don’t know he was a sci-fi writer whom was plagued by visions all his life and said he was being harassed by the government. He turned his visions in to sci-fi novels. The take over of a complete authoritarian nazi state that tracked and traced everyone. A simulated universe the the rise of AI and robotics. A machine that could predict the future. Fixed elections. Maybe he was nt as mad as he was made out to be.

  13. exactly what I was just thinking lol. they can fuck right off.
    when asked to give details last time I gave a made up number and signed in as Ken dodd from knotty ash.
    gotta do it? okey Smokey i won’t go to the pub then I’ll sit in my hot tub and enjoy my guiness. and fuck off if I’m wearing a nappy to go to one.

  14. As if the Government cares if you refuse to drink in a pub if they ask to see your phone. They don’t care or hospitality would have been opened before Christmas. We need to do something which will stun our leaders into action.

  15. Insisting on this is about justifying the appalling expense of track & trace. I’m sticking with drinks at home with mates……

  16. Fuck pubs and any other Nazi collaborators who are complicit in this crime against humanity . They will have to kill me as I will not take their kill shot or any other evil the Nazi UK governments come up with

    • I can’t see any hospitality services going along with this as they most probably feel as indignant as the public

  17. Hi Hugo,

    We listen to all your broadcasts and they provide us with invaluable insights. We would like to upgrade our subscription to you. Please could you send us a link so we could increase our monthly contribution to your great work?

    God bless,

    Wendy & Ian MacLellan

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  18. David’s comment above is right.

    WANT TO SEE YOUR THE FUTRE. just watch these two videos

    Your data is NOT just being collected and sold or going to be used for a credit score to control you.
    The smart cities of the future the whole infrastructure tracked and traced in real time. Already incorporated to our existing systems.
    And this is how just part of your data will be incorporated using SDKs in bedded in every smart device and apps
    Now add in all the other data they gather on you and your environment Smart meters tracking what your using and for how long electric gas and water use. Smart watches tracking bodies bios. Phones tracking Where your going, who your meeting, what your saying, ATM card used to track what your purchasing, what your eating, now they want your health records, apps like amazon prime and Netflix Apple TV or just a smart tv tracking what you watch, kindles what you read you tube and music/radio apps what you listen to, your phone calls, text, video calls, social media, internet history, facial recognition all ready in uk don’t believe me just ask in your local coop or Tesco’s if they have it. where you travel, do you vote, do you go to church. absolutely everything logged and tracked building up a whole personality of you for years filter all that filtered into a avatar of everyone transmitted into a quantum computer simulation of the earth in real time and your getting close now to what’s happening They could literally predict future events and run simulation based on this. the ultimate power. Being able to predict the stock market trends ahead of time or squash rebellions before they start control and steer future events by manipulating infrastructure ahead of time based of scenarios run. The uses are endless any government would kill for this power. Don’t think this is possible do your research sentient world simulation SWS was switched on 2007. How much info has been filtered into your avatar alone since then??? You have seen the environments a games console can generate imagine what a quantum computer can do. They can generating environments identical down to almost a microscopic scale if they so wish. The complete surveillance state is already here your sitting in it right now. We already handed these people the keys to the kingdom and people are squabbling over a app that lets them go get pissed ….seriously 🙄 if this power was in the right hands out could save humanity so much pain but based on the history of the people in charge it will feed their lust for greed destruction and dominance.

  19. Any comments Hugo – on the engineering works into kings cross. So no travel. From 23 April -25 April.x

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  20. I was going to the pub in the next 2- 3 weeks, Fuck that
    Have you got the NHSHIT App No
    Name and contact number last year i gave fraud name and number.
    Have you got a face covering No I’m exempt.
    Sit waiting for a pint and pay contactless No i will go to a know frozen supermarket i use where your not bother about face nappies buy 8 cans of beer cheaper than the pub and sit in my own environment and have mates around well done pubs you have lose my business following this nosence

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