Don’t Believe Volcano MSM Fear Propaganda / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • Phil the Greek had the jab and look where he is now!

  1. Vaccine Apartheid – coming soon to a town near you.

    Apartheid is bad. Apartheid is evil.

    Unless you’re one of the (un-vaxed) dirty scum, then it’s alright when we (vaxed) do it.

    • Good job. People don’t even listen to what that person is really saying. If only they were going to do this, they’d look at the world with different eyes.

  2. Proves yet again they’re getting desperate. We can only hope their plan’s about to hit the buffers

    • We’ve got to stop it they won’t give up without a fight.

    • I’ve had enough, I’m going off grid asap!

  3. They tell so many lies you dont know whats true or false ,or if its a real up to date eruption

  4. HiHave you seen this?  And people still want this jab? The news not anymore saying people should not take the jab to avoid overwhelming the NHS? Fools 

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  5. The more I listen to this which I totally believe and know is true the more I am thinking I will have to kill my 2 dogs (I was hoping I could keep going until they are gone but it’s all happening so fast)then kill my self.Every day it’s something more moving us unvaxxed nearer to the concentration camps.How you keep on going Hugo I don’t know when you know there’s no way out or hope left it’s either death by poison jab or murdered in other ways by them. I wish someone could set up an euthanasia centre we could go to to be put to sleep peacefully like animals are.

    • Don’t do it. We’re going to get through this.. we have to stand up together, that means no killing yourself! (Or you dogs.. come on..!)

    • Been on an emotional roller coaster myself with mood slings from the insanity which I believe is intended to both divide and oppress us. Its important to remember you are not the only one feeling like this. There is hope which keeps me going. There are legal cases in the UK by Michael O’Bernicia. Papers have been laid against Hancock, Whitty, Vallance and Fergusion for fraud on 19th March. In Germany a case is being prepared looking at genocide and crimes against humanity. Follow this link for the case update and be here to see justice served

    • I’ve mentioned this before. But Jordan Maxwell would always say: “You’ve lost your country, you’ve lost your money, your freedom. The only thing left to lose is your MIND. And they’re working on it!” All this stuff is designed to break you down, to break your will. In the Army, on your basic training course, they will break you down, so you will submit and follow any orders. They then build you back up – “Build Back Better” is their slogan, world wide pretty much. So, they are breaking us down, so that we will submit and follow orders and do everything we’re told. Point being, to quote Motorhead: “Don’t Let The Bastards Grind You Down.” Stay strong, it’ll pass.

    • Hard we know but we will come through
      My best advice is stop listening to msm don’t even turn the tv on

      • Can I just give an uplifting story. After WW2, the American’s basically tried to obliterate/erase Japanese history/heritage, etc. It was the YAKUZA, that kept their culture alive – the traditional tattoo’s preserved the artwork, etc. In other words, it was a hardcore criminal gang that preserved Japanese heritage! My point is, just because a demon from the ‘government’ tells you to do something, it doesn’t mean that they’re well intentioned, moral, or anything else. Same as the ‘A-Team’ – they operate outside of the law, but they’re the good guys. That is the route we’re being pushed into. We’re the good guys, and if we have to operate outside of the ‘law’, so be it. How cool is that?

    • Dear SR, I know exactly how you feel and Hugo has been keeping me going. I am a teacher and surrounded by supposedly intelligent people who are all Covidiots! In many ways perhaps it is worse to be around people like this – it makes you feel even more alone. I too have felt suicidal. Worse is the increase in teenage suicides. This is another way to depopulate the planet. Stay strong SR – we are all with you. Love to you. XXXX

  6. To S.R
    Don’t let them drive you to despair!!
    That’s what they want to do – to cause chaos (internal & external).
    We unvaccinated will find good ways to survive.
    It is not as hopeless as you think, we will be
    OK. God will intervene and crush their diabolical plans. Remember you’re not alone here, you’re one of many choosing not to get jabbed. 💪🙏🏻

  7. Hugo

    I am a newbie to your site . Had it not been due to lockdown and my discovery of you tube I would never have come across your content ..I am ashamed to admit at the age of 60 all I every watched was coronation street have truly opened my eyes ..

    • Next step – get rid of your ‘TV Licence’. I did it last week – really easy, perfectly legal. The best thing I’ve done in a long time. It’s like removing a dark cloud from above. Just start thinking about it. People always say the exact same thing, including myself: “I just wish I’d done it years earlier.”

  8. Even those of us who have our eyes open & brains switched on get fooled by the BS propaganda sometimes, I failed to catch this one on first viewing elsewhere, it’s so easy to just accept things at face value when you’re not concentrating.

  9. It’s no more than we expect from the MSM, & the sheeples will believe it,oh bye the way has it been reported here in the U K

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