MSM Want You To FORGET About LOCKDOWN For Now / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. This is the time for parliament to bring in the vaccine passports/certificates, while the media is distracting us!

    • That’s what i said on the other post about his death, the lying scum boris and co will bring this passports by the back door during them printing about his death and pull out in papers, these liars will tomorrow and Tuesday be promoting re opening the next big con.

  2. They are playing a deeper game.. with the disappearance of the Royal Family (which is now hated) they will try and make the people believe their sovereignty as well as this countries disappeared with them!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  3. I won’t be falling silent I’ll be applauding the death of a parasitic peado c**nt!
    If the sheep are turning off their TVs that can only be a good thing

    • Remember when all the sheeple got their pots and pans out and bashed the shit out of them like demented two year olds for the NHS? Well that is what needs to happen at 3 pm on Saturday!

  4. Hugo, have you seen the Independent “Poll” today? Apparently 65% Brits are happy to have a Covid-19 passport even after the lock down is eased so compulsory in Buses, Trains, Supermarkets and so on.. In fact, our freedom gone. WTF? People, STAND UP AND FIGHT THIS. NO VACCINE PASDPORTS AND WHOEVER IMPLEMENTED THEN NAME AND SHAME BUT WE NEED TO SHARE HUGO VIDEOS AND JOIN THE PROTESTS. NO COMMUNISM, BORIS OUT

    • You know they can get any answer they want in a survey by structuring the questions or asking the right people, heck they probably got the answers for this one by having a show of hands in own their office.

    • In the Netherland according to MSM 75% are all for the passports.
      I know this is a downright lie because no way are 75% getting the vax.

    • Edward Bernays is the father of propaganda, you can get his book online for free “crystalising public opinion”. It basically relies upon the public being thick and believing anyone in a white coat, like he did for the tobacco industry.

      They set up some grandiose sounding organisation like “The International Scientific Research Center for Tobacco”, then roll out Professor Von Paid Off in his white coat and with his clip board and smoking his pipe to reassure people that yes, in over 3,000 experiements (cue video of impressive looking machines and microscopes and medical technicians doing clever looking stuff) that there is no evidence tobacco is bad for you, and actually is beneificial if you have lung problems.

      He also did the torches of liberty or whatever he called it to get women smoking, and pre-selected doctors to ask about breakfast being the most important meal of the day, and if bacon would be a good choice – to promote bacon sales while working for the bacon industry. 93% of doctors recommend bacon as the perfect breakfast choice.

      All you’re seeing is the same tired old shit that is supposed to sway you because you believe everyone else thinks it’s the right thing to do. Since most people cannot think, they defer their decision to everyone else, but since they don’t actually ask everyone else they defer their decision to the polls, which are controlled by the people with bad agendas. So they are enslaving themselves through their own stupidity and the stupidity of their neighbours and friends.

      It’s bad people, really bad, and we need to do something soon or all will be lost.

    • If 65% say passport is ok they probably don’t really care either way. But 35% of us really care and won’t accept them under any circumstances. And we will be very vocal.

      • They never ask the real people there opinion just the sheep
        Feck there vaccine passports and poison. Where the sun don’t shine

    • I work on trains, I will not be asking for any passport. Anyone can travel on my train.

  5. I’m not a royalist never have been never will be as it’s very clear to me that Queen and Country doesnt really mean anything when has the royals ever done anything for us the people a wave now and then doesnt do it for me Yes I’m sure the family are sad at the loss of Philip but every day people lose loved ones
    Yes it’s gone quiet since the passing of Philip No newspapers trying to brainwash us No BJ trying to brainwash us
    But I dont TRUST any of them and I wouldn’t put it pass them to be sneaking around behind our backs because they think we are all wrapped up in the royal thing
    Keep your eyes and ears open people .

    • Remember when all the sheeple got their pots and pans out and bashed the shit out of them like demented two year olds for the NHS? Well that is what needs to happen at 3 pm on Saturday!

  6. Fuck off..hes probably still alive with paedo epstein.. and if he aint no one gives a fuck..he lived so long cuz he did fuck all….WAKE UP PEOPLE

    • Yes he can rot in hell if he’s dead.
      Soulless S of B. Where did the royal family hide Epstein? Debolic entities. Cruel history is how they got rich.

  7. I’m at the point now where I don’t even believe that a woman jockey won the Grand National!

  8. People are complaining about the 24/7 Prince Coverage because they want back there 24/7 Covid coverage and they are starting to think for themselves and realise that pretty much nobody has died and it’s all hype!!! They’ll have to accept they’ve believed lies and nobody wants to accept they was wrong!

    Mom earlier, want to by a OAP Bungalow, strangely there are none around, odd that with all the Covid deaths, even she’s starting to see it.

  9. Great video as always Hugo – nailed it 100%. They’ve been spouting that “good for tourism” bollocks for decades. I remember at college, decades ago having this very same conversation with this lad. He was saying, “no, they only cost 27p per person, per year, but bring in so much more in tourism.” Absolute, mentally deranged nonsense. How can they possibly quantify such a ridiculous assertion? Rhetorical question, just more lies and propaganda. If most people in this country can’t stand them, why the hell should anybody else?

    • Remember when all the sheeple got their pots and pans out and bashed the shit out of them like demented two year olds for the NHS? Well that is what needs to happen at 3 pm on Saturday!

      • Yes, whist the NHS were ‘performing’ those demonic tik-tok videos. And all the artwork – an NHS worker – holding up the earth, an NHS worker – with Angel wings – all wearing masks – what a sick fucking joke all this shit is!

  10. I remember the duke of Corfu (Edinburgh) telling us to pull our finger out & work harder,when he’d never done a days work in his life,also my uncle was in the Royal Navy warship that he served on & said he was a complete arsehole

    • Yes, incredibly arrogant, hypocritical, parasite. Yet, they expect us to ‘mourn’ his passing for weeks on end. Ha, good luck with that one!

  11. Come on man you can’t be serious. Not saying they are not distracting when there is an opportunity but this is a bad example. You can’t pass this news as trivial.

  12. It should be a wake up call to SHEEPLES everywhere they would highjack a mans death & funeral to this extent so they can reintroduce & reinvigorate C19 bollox when it suits theirs & this despicable governments narrative

  13. Even if someone cared about this guy, when a person is 99, you’re suppose to be already somewhat prepared for their demise. πŸ™„

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