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  1. Disclaimer: This Post is NOT hate speech is not meant to offend instigate any violence, looting or any negative force in anyway. This is a work of fiction purely for entertainment purposes.


    If you are hearing/reading this you are the resistance stand with us before it’s to late.

    We are in the 11th our and the darkness is upon us. Hope is out there a light in the darkness a voice saying don’t worry we are with you just stand up don’t be afraid.

    Right now they have us isolated, separated feeling alone and many afraid. Censoring everything to make it look an feel like your completely alone in your beliefs that somethings not right.
    Manipulating us to believe we have to buy back our freedoms, begging for normal again. Get off your knees and stand tall.
    They are keeping the fires of division burning furiously gender Vs gender, race Vs race, religion Vs religion, politics Vs politics, country Vs country, north Vs south and east Vs west a never ending barrage of separation. Together we stand or divided we fall your choice.

    People are waking up they know deep down something is not right but the constant bombardment from MSM has given them a herd opinion they are scared to speak out about their fears in case of ridicule. So it’s time for you to stand strong like so many of your forefathers before you across the globe men and women whom weathered the storm and many gave their life to face tyranny to give you your god given right of freedom and the right to speak it.

    So saying that it’s time to be smarter and use their own tools against them. Don’t break the rules go round them.
    People are waiting for a leader someone to lead the path but leaders can be corrupted setup or even just disappear. What we need is a symbol to show people they are not alone and it’s time to stand your ground. As we are in the 11th hour that shall be our symbol 11.11.
    Get it seen on TV call into radio stations put it on your social media FB Instagram YouTube comments Snapchat tick Tok across all non main stream media platforms message platforms scream it from the rooftops wear it on T-shirt’s baseball caps hoodies the ideal hand gesture to represent our symbol is the original peace sign ✌️ representing two times 11 get it out there. if your out protesting for whatever reason have it with you. Put it on a home window/car window Cut it into your front lawn if you like just get the word out this is our symbol of freedom.

    1. United people for the people
    1. Race the human race
    1.World our world every flower every tree every field every mountain and every river is ours as our birth right and nothing and no one will ever take that away.
    1. Love for everyone no matter what race, religion, gender, country or view point.

    What unites people across all spectrum and locations of the world and brings them together music so let’s start there.
    Starting this Sat at 11.11am in your location. We want you to open your home windows, roll down your car windows unplug your ear phones if on the tube. Play it over the sound system at work let others know we are together and together we stand.

    SAT 11.11am – Were not going to take it by twisted sister.
    SUN 11.11am – Do you hear the people sing – from Les Miserables
    MON 11.11am – Times they are a changing by Bob Dylan
    TUE 11.11am – One love by Bob Marley
    WED 11.11am – Fortunate son by creedence clearwater revival
    THURS 11.11am Imagine by John Lennon
    FRI 11.11am I am not afraid by Eminem

    Play loud and play it proud they will stamp on us no longer.
    If you are somewhere you can play music post it to ur social media
    If that’s not available just hold up a peace sign ✌️ show the people round you that your a free person and no one is ever going to take that away. You have a voice use it.


    Another message will follow soon.

    One love.

    With the disclaimer at the top nothing they can do to stop this posting we are only sharing a short story of fiction.

    • You are a literal fucking moron. And a marxist. And probably a boomer.

      Do you honestly not realize that an identity-free united earth is exactly what they want? You’re seriously suggesting we oppose the Globalists / NWO and all that by being globalists ourselves. This kind of shit-tier kneejerk reaction to what’s going on is BIZARRE.

      Also, hilarious that you think blaring some bad music 1) will even be noticed except for how bad it is, or 2) will accomplish anything or that anyone would even care.

      • Wow what a horrible negative response as far as I can see they are just trying to show people they are not alone. I don’t think a United earth is what the NWO are looking to achieve more like a one world global government dominating over a race of people completely separated and and yes without identity but that’s just my opinion. I could be completely wrong. I got to admit the choice in music is not to everyone’s taste lol including my own but I don’t think that’s the point. I think they are trying to show people they are not alone in a time when a lot of people are doubting themselves but I can’t really say for sure. The fact that your instantly boxing them into certain types Marxist baby boomers globalist says more about your view point. But hey everyone is entitled to a view. Why not offer suggestion or positive criticism sounds like everyone’s one the same side really.

      • LMFAO I love this comment I don’t think he or she realises how much it shows exactly what generation they are from and what type of personality they have. Thanks kep ya made ma day 🤣

      • @Steph

        > I don’t think a United earth is what the NWO are looking to achieve more like a one world global government dominating over a race of people completely separated and and yes without identity but that’s just my opinion.

        Meant “united” as in “made one,” not with any sense of camaraderie or anything.

        > The fact that your instantly boxing them into certain types Marxist baby boomers globalist says more about your view point. But hey everyone is entitled to a view.

        I didn’t box him into anything, he presented himself as that. “1 Race the human race” and “Love for everyone no matter what race, religion, gender, country or view point” is quintessentially Marxist; the lie even the MSM force-feeds us constantly and which is meant to lead a people to loss of all identity; their nation, what they believe, their ethics, etc. and to the absorption of all people into one identity-free lump incapable of meaningful resistance against the world government. He’s bought the globalist propaganda and thinks he can resist globalism by adhering to it.


        I’m not interested in generational conflicts, and not like all my generation are gems. They’re definitely not. But the boomer mentality is real and not limited to literal baby boomers. It’s an expression for a type of person. They’re generally cowardly, in denial, guilty, etc.

        That said, for the literal generation, it’s still a valid observation. Even on this site I often see boomers saying pathetic shit like “I’m glad I’ll be dead soon so I don’t have to see how bad things get later.” Vast majority of you seem afraid of what needs to be done, insisting on seeking peaceful resolution, and many of you seem rightly guilty that you stood by allowed the world to become what it is now. Your lot had the last taste of what might be called freedom and you squandered it. It’s not like we can vote our way out of this now, that chance is long gone. Now it’s on us to live in a dystopian globalist hellhole or tear it down by force and put up something better in its place. Definitely not what I would’ve wanted for my life. I just want to be left alone without every aspect of my life being legislated upon and without my treasonous government trying to kill me in various ways, carrying on this endless “pandemic” experiment, flooding my country with foreigners, enforcing all sorts of societal decay and arresting people who don’t like it for thoughtcrimes, etc. But that’s not gonna happen, so it’s a hard road ahead.

      • “Imagine there’s no Heaven…and no religion, too…” Only satanic pedophiles.

  2. They have already changed the Clot rate three times, first was 1 in a million, then 1 in 600,000 and HanCock announced today 4 in a million or translation 1 in 250,000. Expect this figure to change again!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  3. I dunno what to make of the Satanic stuff either and, Hugo, you handle it very well. Every day I check to see if a popular musician has released a song to alert people (part of the ‘job’ of an ‘artist’, I’d say). Apart from those cpl early boring, lazy blues numbers from Van n Eric, NADA. FINALLY the brilliant Richard Ashcroft has done a John Lennon cover ‘Bring on the Lucie’ (FREEDA PEOPLE)’. “DO IT, DO IT, DO IT NOW!” I’m a huge fan but it’s getting airplay and we need MORE anti-lockdown songs. Cmon musicians – do what you oughta. FREEDA PEOPLE NOW.

    • the Satanists are coming out big-time.
      blood? adrenachrome to be licensed for the Satanists. fuck these bastards we ate on end times people time to get ready for a fight for your lives literally

  4. More and more adverse effects from the jib jab. And they still want you to take it.

  5. Pushing an overpopulated world for years but they want young peoples blood for the old and sick…..hmmm
    Billionaires only need apply.

    • Exactly psycho billionaires trying to be immortal, whilst trying to kill the rest of the population!

  6. All this which you see, certainly is satanic. The devil is real, and the main hidden end goal here is that he is after your eternal soul. We are in the last days, hidden means occult! Remember the devil is sly, he pretends he is the good guy, he calls evil good and good evil, he will come as an angel of light and of ‘love’.
    Jesus is truth and He is the only one who loves your soul, and died for you. If you ask Jesus to be your lord and saviour, to trust Him, He will guide you to the truth, and save your eternal soul. Im sure the posts above regarding the playing of songs to promote solidarity may have good intentions, but the music which is quoted, is all promotion of the devil, this is the trick. Ie, bring on the lucie, really means bring on lucifer, ‘imagine’they want to make you believe there’s no heaven and no hell, do it do it, means do the’ mark ‘ the mark of the beast, which all this is leading to.’ One love’, really means one love of the antichrist, who will be revealed soon, he will come as an angel of light, as a saviour, hes not!!! Jesus is the saviour of our souls, He died for us, and rose again, defeated death and hell, this is true love, that He lay down His life to pay for the sin of the world, call on the name of Jesus and be saved!

  7. I have never been religious but I am slowly changing my opinion in the face of the present evil that is taking over. I have been reading book of revelations and it is a bit too accurate for my liking, especially 13 onwards. Maybe we get out of this mess eventually, but a bumpier ride lies ahead first. Keep up the fight.

  8. Think the whole fucking worlds going nuts. I mean everyone. Its all getting to much

  9. the Satanists are coming out big-time.
    blood? adrenachrome to be licensed for the Satanists. fuck these bastards we ate on end times people time to get ready for a fight for your lives literally

  10. Well my morning movie will be the lost boys then see what hidden messages are on that 🤣

  11. Just bumped into an ex work colleague, brain washed and I mean totally, I mean come on there is thick and then there is thick !
    Another friend if mine said he was
    only going for the today just to be on the safe side….There really is no hope for these people.
    I cant even be arsed explaining the basis mysteries surrounding the scamdemic as I’m just flogging a dead horse. FFS LMAO .

    • Don’t give up we must keep telling them. I know one person that’s regretting having the vaccine and is starting to see the light. If each of us can get through the Brainwashing of just one person, it’s a start.

  12. Proving beyond doubt, that we are a crop to be harvested and earned from….

  13. The rejuvenating properties of blood is a subject that has been out there for a very long time and does pop up in the msm occasionally. The earliest mention I ever heard of it was well over twenty years ago when Cher apparently admitted that she periodically received “blood transfusions” to stave off aging. There are some disturbing pieces on yt that claim it goes to much darker levels.
    Talking of the “monthlies”, if I can be a bit gross for a moment, the prolonged heavy bleeding for longer than normal outside of the normal regular cycle is similar to when I had a contraceptive coil fitted. It immediately begins to destroy the lining of the womb and for me, the process took three to four weeks with increased pain and prolonged bleeding. Just a thought for any medical minds who may be on here.

    • Sterilisation for the under 30s genocide for the rest of us that’s their plan.

  14. I have always been a blood donor. Does anyone know if they are accepting donations from an un jib jabbed person?
    To be honest, I am not sure anymore if I even should donate.
    I have always thought I was doing a bit of good for an ill person in need. My dad needed blood a couple of weeks ago and it was for circumstances like this that I donated. We cremated my dad yesterday so blood is of no use to him now.
    It may seem completely paranoid but I also worry now that they would be able to see on my notes that I am in jib jabbed and force something into me without my knowledge. I just cannot trust them.

  15. See from my notes that I am UN jib jabbed. (Predictive text typo)

  16. 11.11 did anyone see the short documentary on the sale of donated blood to the private sector and the kardashians having vampire facials. Guess we now know why kid trafficking is so popular.

  17. Communities are being infiltrated.

    And also why do my likes to comments seem to disappear?

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