Prince Philip DEAD / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Good riddance next one please, just open a champagne 🙂

    • Regardless of how, when and his history he died ‘if’ they are ‘weaponising’ his death its beyond words. Contempt does not begin to address it.
      WE are fighting for Liberty, Freespeech and Democracy Againist Fear, Paranoia and Apathy.
      Thousands maybe put off protest, 30 days is same as dictatorship would do.

  2. another pedo gone excellent.
    no state funeral… what’s good for goose… 30 max and the rest on zoom.

  3. Died of covid?

    If not he can forefill his dream of coming back as a virus and killing off the population!

    Maybe a new covid strain lockdown is on the cards?

    • He has, they have used this date as a satanic ritual by the numbers. 9th day, 99th day of year, he was 99 years and 9 months. Also the date numerology is also 9. (9+4+20+21=54 …. 5+4=9)

  4. Wouldn’t surprise me if he died shortly after the jab. Everything is so well timed, there are no coincidences.

  5. He’s been dead a while and I’m laughing my head off good riddence to the Nonce 🤣

  6. He’s been dead for weeks, they’re only announcing it now to distract us from something important, perhaps the fact we’ve hit Herd Immunity without the jibjab & all lockdowns should be ended immediately.

  7. No sympathy here. His judgement is nigh, as are all the elites! I remember an interview he once gave speaking on world ‘over population’ and his remedy of course was to ‘de populate’. Well we’re one less now. No over population on Gods earth exists, just total mismanagement in favour of the few. He is in the hands and judgement of the Creator of all now.

  8. The protest on the 24th may finally get some media coverage if funeral held on same day.. As others have said he and most likely the Queen gone a while ago which enabled the politicians and media to go full on Rogue!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

    • They will probably Bury him quickly like next week as they did with Di. Its usually only mere ordinary Joe’s that have to wait three weeks. Bet there won’t be restrictions on numbers. Didn’t see any yellow jackets moving on or arresting people for gathering outside Buck House earlier either.

    • When do you think the queen died? I am thinking that way too

  9. Oh no! Does this mean there’s there will be a new wave of the Prince Philip strain of the virus unleashed on the great unwashed?

  10. Phil the greek should be buried in greece not in the u.k

  11. I shouldn’t worry too much about this “30 days of mourning” nonsense. There were similar plans when the QM died, and they were soon abandoned as it became obvious the vast majority of the population didn’t give a stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised if public interest in this fades even faster.

  12. A state of mourning for a month, meanwhile in normal Britain limited mourners allowed at funerals, sit apart from each other, don’t go to church, etc.

    • There’s no way he had the jab, the Royals get placebos. He was very old and his time on earth had come to a end. I have no sympathy for someone who wanted to harm others and he clearly did and pushed for it. Nobody has any right to call for the culling of others. We need to remove the elites from power before they do any more harm.

  13. I cant stand them ,but God hsve mercy on his soul ….However mourning I do not think so ,why would we ,even pre scamdemic these horrid vile people living in the lap of luxury whilst half their subjects go to food banks .
    Good riddance one less mouth to feed .

  14. Good riddence to bad rubbish. Oh yes, there’s a reserved place for this piece of crap down below. It’s actually brightened up my day to hear such good news for humanity 😀

  15. The queen couldn’t stand him and his many women he he had affairs with. Zsa Zsa Gabor was one that told all.

  16. The royal family is already a virus on the people.

  17. Sorry Hugh, this is the first time I have probably disagreed with you. Regardless of what people think he served in the War to allow us to have free speech. Many people benefitted from The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Also long before Greta Thornburg came on the scene he was speaking about the environment. At the end of the day he was a human being,a husband,father, grandfather and great grandfather. I hadn’t realised we were such a totally unfeeling group.

    • “Were Prince Philip’s family really Nazis?

      In the episode Paterfamilias, there are a series of flashbacks that allude to Prince Philip’s rather Nazi-filled childhood. He’s shown living in Nazi Germany, his sister is a Nazi and he’s even photographed in a parade of Nazis. Much to Buckingham Palace’s chagrin, all of that is extremely true. The son of a broken — yet royal — household, Philip was passed around to numerous European branches of his family during his youth, eventually ending up in Nazi Germany for a brief period during his early teens. His sisters married into the German aristocracy, and many became closely tied to the Nazi party. One of them, Sophie, even named her child Karl Adolf in honour of Adolf Hitler. His sister Cecile was killed in a 1937 air crash, although the trip had nothing to do with Philip, as is implied in The Crown. However, at Cecile’s funeral in the German city of Darmstadt, Philip was photographed as part of a procession packed with uniformed Nazis, including Herman Goering himself.”

      So this never happened? He was an orphan looking for a home and somewhere to fit in to aristocratic life after the white Russians murdered most of his family. He would have done anything to get some sort of position, his service in the RN is irrelevant.

  18. Already looks like a corpse in the pic above. Science can only keep these leeches alive for so long. Hope it was a virus that finished him off, that’d be Karma at its finest.

  19. Good riddance to the racist idiot. He will certainly not be missed.

  20. Al Fayed knew he was a murdering gangster, he’ll be reincarnated as one of the plebs that he hated so much.

  21. Not a bit sorry. The MSM is having a collective orgasm at the tv hours it can fill with his life ( walking behind his wife).

  22. Great news another degenerate gone to suck the Devil’s dick🤣😂🤣😂

  23. It is interesting the presenter is wearing a black outfit. It is spring. Many women turn to their bright colours especially after the heatwave last week and I hear it is sunny in London. Hmmm

    • Well said. You notice things most won’t. A sign of intelligence. The colour code system is real and each colour means something. You’ll notice this ‘baby blue’ colour everywhere – the colour of the UN. A brilliant, vibrant colour never used before. There was a song from the ’60’s called ‘Crystal Blue Persuasion’. This colour is everywhere – UN, NHS, WHO, etc, etc. Watch out for it – the colour of the ‘New World Order’. These muppet ‘newsreaders’ will wear this colour a lot – a sign of allegiance. Another way of communicating without talking.

      • He had the jab which the government and MSM promoted and now he dead they will not tell the crying sheep it a blood clot that kill him.
        This is the time the government will bring in by the back door vaccine passports as the msm and sheep are watching there shite we know what these liars do.

    • That was the first thing that struck me. She’s already wearing mourning black but it was apparently a sudden”news flash”. It’s all just so scripted!
      And Hugo’s about the only ytuber not gone bloody cringe fest over this! Sickening how many have shown how they love the establishment …

  24. 11.11 Did nt Baba vanga predict the death of the head of the royal family in uk. very close. Did nt she also predict the American president would take ill with a sickness of the head and go deaf look at Biden he can hardly string a sentence together cant see him lasting long.

  25. One less privileged piece of evil excrement has gone, what a shame. These are parasites and should not be mourned.

  26. this is harrowing testimony of Toos Nijenhuis a 54 yr old Dutch lady, survivor of ritual child abuse, torture and trafficking, she names Prince Phillip in her testimony. Personally I’m so glad the evil bastard is dead.

    • Also
      Towards the end of the article there is a list of the MPs who in 2015 voted out a proposed whistleblower protection law that would have helped to expose the high positioned paedophile ring.
      “The proposal was defeated in the house of commons 295 to 233. Only 8 Conservative politicians voted to change the law to protect the whistle blowers the other 254 and the 40 Liberal Democrats (in my opinion at least) should be forced to explain why they voted against exposing the truth.”
      I saw in this list some of the names of those who are now ruling the country, like Matthew Hancock, Priti Patel, Nadhim Zahawi, Dominic Raab, and found the names of all but one of the Wiltshire MPs in this list too.

  27. One less useless, parasitic demon to worry about. See folks, these people do die, eventually. And because I got rid of my TV ‘licence’ last week, I’m not subjected to the endless, tedious bollocks the media prattles on about it.

  28. “Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh, has dies aged 99, etc” – Yeah, so fucking what – NEXT!

  29. And we have 40 days of ‘mourning’ to look forward to when the Queen dies 🙂 As one of her loyal subjects I hope it is in the summer so that I can book a holiday in Benidorm 😀 I wonder if the Greek Nazi and the man who personally ordered the murder of Princess Diana really will carry out his threat and come back as a virus to wipe us all out and what will the virus be called? DOE-21? And add in a ‘P’ for Philip – DOPE-21 😀

    • He already was a virus – a useless, parasitic demon living off productive people, like they all are. If we got rid of these people, it would be like cutting off a cancerous tumour. They think we are the ‘virus’. No THEY are the virus. Who designed, built their ‘palaces’. Everything they have, is by the labour of the people they hate and look down upon. The absolute definition of a parasite.

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