What About The OTHER FAMILIES? / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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42 Comments on “What About The OTHER FAMILIES? / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. This woman should marry Boris… Mr and Mrs clown… omg the woman is off her rocker… that’s like oh come on kids. Just because your friend died on the railway tracks it ok.. it’s safe to play there….feck off.. the woman must be on the spectrum

  2. Wow is this woman completely Brain washed there is definitely something wrong with her she has no compassion at all She lost her brother to the vaccine and she is advising people to have the Jab when she knows first hand it could possibly kill you UNBELIEVABLE? No-one should be telling anyone to get the Jab She needs to take a good look at her morals I will NOT have the jab and I sure as hell wouldn’t take advise on it from her Does she not realize she could be handing out a death sentence I sit here shaking my head in dismay

  3. She can’t be real must be a shill actress
    Can you imagine the reaction of her brothers wife or partner theyd be ringing a hit man to take her out

  4. Unbelievable. The only thing missing is the Bill & Melinda ad poster on the corner of the screen.

  5. Most Doctors and Scientisy and Health professionals have very blunt view why it comes to health benefit versus con so don’t be surprise by Dr Alison Astles view given the evidence the doctors are given by their relative Health agency .

  6. So blatantly propaganda of the most evil kind that I believe the fascist murdererous totalitarians are getting a bit desperate… how gullible would the dumbest of the dumb downed need to be to not sense that there’s something insidiously sinister going on?

  7. Maybe she has a good pay out from his life insurance… It is ridiculous that a person who is her family died and she doesn’t seem to bat an eyelid over it! Yes I would tell people not to get it if my parents or my sibling died from the vaccine!

  8. Omg what a crazy bitch, it looks like yet another brain washed BBC twat. Stupidity doesn’t come into now. Surely if you no a fucking jab killed your brother or family member or anyone come to that you wouldn’t be urging people to still fucking have it. None of this makes any sense. Unless she’s been paid, or it’s her 15 minutes of fame lol. She looks the type to be totally taken in by the lies and doesn’t no any better. Its sad really. All people like her no is what the msm nd the government pump out. They actually believe thi government has there best interests at heart. Ffs the doctors told her and her family it was down to the jab her poor brother is dead. Why the fuck would you still be bigging this jab up its killing people ffs. How can she be told this and still think its OK. Its 🤪

  9. I think we all know it’s more than 18 or 19 people!

  10. I’ve studied a lot about deception, and one thing that strikes me with her is she gives the biggest indicator of deception when she’s talking about getting the 2nd shot, or going for it at all, and that is that while she is saying “you should (yes) go and get the jab” she is actually shaking her head “no”. That cognitive dissonance between the words and the head movement is the most indicative and important decpetion indicator. The “no” is the truth, the words are the lie.

  11. Don’t buy that for a second!

    Got a client all none believers went in today, all had vaccine, can’t believe I’m not going to have it, I’m 1 of those conspiracy, just no hope is there, brain washed last 3months and so happy they’ve had it, errrrr 🙁

    Belgium just dropped all Covid Measures lost a legal battle, within the next 30days, not bad enough to warrant this action :), reckon this will happen everywhere, they’ve got to pump enough vaccines into all before this to depopulate ofcourse.

    Blood Clots are just BS to use a different vaccine with a different end result on the sub 30’s, being reduced fertility need the sub 30’s to work and build back better, over 30’s well there being culled!

  12. How much was she paid to say that guff? The propoganda is large here Skywalker…😶

  13. She obviously didn’t think much of her brother.

  14. How many deaths have there been from OTHER SERIOUS ADVERSE REACTIONS ? The grand total could be even higher.

  15. Is her other BROTHER taking the JAB ? Will she be taking it & WAIT for three days with Headaches that are brain bleeds like her dead brother. Abnormal reasponse, I would say to a anti virus injection of DEATH . Thanks Hugo.

  16. This woman is disgusting! I wonder if her brother was glad he had the vaccine! Would he have had it if he had really been aware of the risk of death. How dare she tell other people to have the second dose or have a first dose. She is not a doctor or scientist, and even they don’t know the true risks of having this vaccine. It’s a live trial! It doesn’t even stop people from infecting others!! It doesn’t stop them catching it!!! What is the point of it!! Why would anyone risk death for it! The chance of being seriously ill or dying from convid is minuscule, especially if under 70. This woman should be ashamed of herself. How can she not have respect for her poor brother.

  17. She talks with all the compassion of Dr Shipman… if this really was her brother then don’t think they could have got on too well.. or maybe she has injected so many people with this poison that the last thing she needs to happen is a Nuremberg trial 2.0?
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  18. Seems like a very evil person….same grin as gates…..

  19. I wonder if she speaks for the dead mans family especially his wife. Why wasn’t she on the news encouraging people to have the vaccine?

  20. Duping delight is obvious.

    Perhaps a crisis actor. That means the subject of the “death” is likely staged, even though there are plenty of injection deaths; up to 2000 in the US already. They wouldn’t risk having a real family member challenge the validity of this actor.

  21. This is Post is NOT hate speech is not meant to offend instigate any violence, looting or any negative force in anyway.


    If you are hearing/reading this you are the resistance stand with us before it’s to late.

    We are in the 11th our and the darkness is upon us. Hope is out there a light in the darkness a voice saying don’t worry we are with you just stand up don’t be afraid.

    Right now they have us isolated, separated feeling alone and many afraid. Censoring everything to make it look an feel like your completely alone in your beliefs that somethings not right.
    Manipulating us to believe we have to buy back our freedoms, begging for normal again. Get off your knees and stand tall.
    They are keeping the fires of division burning furiously gender Vs gender, race Vs race, religion Vs religion, politics Vs politics, country Vs country, north Vs south and east Vs west a never ending barrage of separation. Together we stand or divided we fall your choice.

    People are waking up they know deep down something is not right but the constant bombardment from MSM has given them a herd opinion they are scared to speak out about their fears in case of ridicule. So it’s time for you to stand strong like so many of your forefathers before you across the globe men and women whom weathered the storm and many gave their life to face tyranny to give you your god given right of freedom and the right to speak it.
    So saying that it’s time to be smarter and use their own tools against them. Don’t break the rules go round them.
    People are waiting for a leader someone to lead the path but leaders can be corrupted setup or even just disappear. What we need is a symbol to show people they are not alone and it’s time to stand your ground. As we are in the 11th hour that shall be our symbol 11.11.
    Get it seen on TV call into radio stations put it on your social media FB Instagram YouTube comments Snapchat tick Tok across all non main stream media platforms message platforms scream it from the rooftops wear it on T-shirt’s baseball caps hoodies the ideal hand gesture to represent our symbol is the original peace sign ✌️ representing two times 11 get it out there. if your out protesting for whatever reason have it with you. Put it on a home window/car window Cut it into your front lawn if you like just get the word out this is our symbol of freedom.

    1. United people for the people
    1. Race the human race
    1.World our world every flower every tree every field every mountain and every river is ours as our birth right and nothing and no one will ever take that away.
    1. Love for everyone no matter what race, religion, gender, country or view point.

    What unites people across all spectrum and locations of the world and brings them together music so let’s start there.
    Starting this Sat at 11.11am in your location. We want you to open your home windows, roll down your car windows unplug your ear phones if on the tube. Play it over the sound system at work let others know we are together and together we stand.

    SAT 11.11am – Were not going to take it by twisted sister.
    SUN 11.11am – Do you hear the people sing – from Les Miserables
    MON 11.11am – Times they are a changing by Bob Dylan
    TUE 11.11am – One love by Bob Marley
    WED 11.11am – Fortunate son by creedence clearwater revival
    THURS 11.11am Imagine by John Lennon
    FRI 11.11am I am not afraid by Eminem

    Play loud and play it proud they will stamp on us no longer.
    If you are somewhere you can play music post it to ur social media
    If that’s not available just hold up a peace sign ✌️ show the people round you that your a free person and no one is ever going to take that away. You have a voice use it.


    Another message will follow soon.

    One love.


  22. Every single feature of both of them is identical, hairline, ears, nose -everything! Are they identical twins? there is nothing unique to either.

    I think that there is a possibilty that they are one and the same. I really don’t believe any of their jackanories. Their fiction is fact and their fact is fiction…

  23. Stupid bitch serves her right when it kills her!She is not wanted at her age and will be part of the mass cull

  24. She looks really devastated by the untimely death of her brother…

    • Finally someone noticed, I am a man, but I would not be able to keep straight face for the camera like she did!!!

  25. If my perfectly healthy 59 year old brother died from this jab I’d be absolutely livid and I’d be calling for it to be scraped not encouraging people to go ahead with it, I also think there’s more people having serious side effects and dying from it than they are telling us they have probably paid families off to keep quiet or just told them it was nothing to do with the jab

  26. What a brainwashed sheep, her brother was Murder by this POISON and she tell people to take the jab, bet Hancock Whitty ang JVT are proud of her.
    I would want these evil eye morons charged with murder.
    Feck there jab wait till i get there invitations for a jab they will be torn up or have abuse writ on them and touch to shove there prick where the sun don’t shine.
    As for my gp’s to ring me they will be told the same i don’t care if they strike me off there book Fuck them all and there passports i mean business I’m happy to live the risk of not having poison and let nature take its cause

  27. Looks like a paid bbc shill to me. She is as wooden as a oak tree.

    • Yeah, you can’t fake real. They’re all always on the point of bursting out laughing, it seems to me. Check out the link above and you’ll know why.

  28. Such a prime example of the propaganda machine in full action.

  29. I don’t know anyone who would be that calm & disconnected from the reality of their brother dying like that after taking a jab & knowing it was the jab that caused it, was she even related to him in the first place? was she just an actress hired to spout that nonsense?

    For me, just the thought of any of my family or friends dying because of that poison makes me want to extract the life from everyone involved with my own bare hands.

  30. Maybe… just maybe…she has played the media at their own game. By doing this interview everyone is now aware of her brothers death and its association with the jab.

  31. Even if she were able to keep her composure quite adequately without crying on camera, you would see signs of stress, tiredness, upset on her face and in her voice. More telling is that she gets the very short story of her brother’s death over and done with quite quickly at the beginning and then spends double that time banging on and on plugging the jib jab. Definitely fishy.

  32. Dark and evil times these are indeed. Those that are conning are themselves conned. This isn’t anything new. They’re showing the system for what it is – a sham

  33. Hugo really enjoy you channel,look forward to your out look and post make you question everything. I’ve just looked into the Asche experiment and Solomon Asche , explains a lot, just thought I’d bring it to your attention ! Take care and great work your doing, regards Les

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