Big Tech Crackdown / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Thanks Hugo for all your amazing work, you might just save the world in time from this impending tyranny🙏

  2. I left fake book 18 months ago, never had tatter. You’re doing an awesome job getting the news out there Hugo. Thanks 😊

  3. There are lots of voices on YT Fb Tw@tter Googol etc. It’s just that they are all saying the exact same thing. Dare to diverge from the narrative and you’re toast. In better news the Ministry of Plenty have just announced that choco rations have gone up from 15gms per month to 10 gms. YEAHHHH WOO HOOOOO!!!

    • Well, that is news worth clapping about about. Say 8pm on Thursday. Speaking of good news, flicking through my copy of ‘Pravda’ I was pleased to be informed that tractor production in Eastern Siberia has increased 1000% 😀 Woo-hoo! 😀

  4. Great content as usual Hugo, keep up the good work.. greetings from the emerald isle..👍🇮🇪🍀

    • Hugo, excellent work as usual and most entertaining, with all this down right rubbish going on at the moment.
      Keep up the good 👍 work.
      A breath of fresh air…..

  5. Fkn sick of these platforms and their censoring 🤬

  6. This is Post is NOT hate speech is not meant to offend instigate any violence, looting or any negative force in anyway. It’s is purely a work of fiction for entertainment purposes only.


    If you are hearing/reading this you are the resistance stand with us before it’s to late.

    We are in the 11th our and the darkness is upon us. Hope is out there a light in the darkness a voice saying don’t worry we are with you just stand up don’t be afraid.

    Right now they have us isolated, separated feeling alone and many afraid.
    Censoring everything to make it look an feel like your completely alone in your beliefs that somethings not right.
    Manipulating us to believe we have to buy back our freedoms, begging for normal again. Get of your knees and stand tall.

    They are keeping the fires of division burning furiously gender Vs gender race Vs race religion Vs religion politics Vs politics country Vs country north Vs south and east Vs west a never ending barrage of separation. Together we stand or divided we fall your choice.

    People are waking up they know deep down something is not right but the constant bombardment from MSM has given them a herd opinion they are scared to speak out about their fears in case of ridicule. So it’s time for you to stand strong like so many of your forefathers before you across the globe men and women whom weathered the storm and many gave their life to face tyranny to give you your god given right of freedom and the right to speak it.

    So saying that it’s time to be smarter and use their own tools against them. Don’t break the rules go round them.
    People are waiting for a leader someone to lead the path but leaders can be corrupted setup or even just disappear. What we need is a symbol to show people they are not alone and it’s time to stand your ground. As we are in the 11th hour that shall be our symbol 11.11.

    Get it seen on TV call into radio stations put it on your social media FB Instagram YouTube comments Snapchat tick Tok across all non main stream media platforms message platforms scream it from the rooftops wear it on T-shirt’s baseball caps hoodies the ideal hand gesture to represent our symbol is the original peace sign ✌️ representing two times 11 get it out there. if your out protesting for whatever reason have it with you. Put it on a home window/car window Cut it into your front lawn if you like just get the word out this is our symbol of freedom.

    1. United people for the people
    1. Race the human race
    1.World our world ever flower ever tree every field every mountain and every river is ours as our birth right and nothing and no one will ever take that away.
    1. Love for everyone no matter what race, religion, gender, country or view point.

    What unites people across all spectrum and locations of the world and brings them together music so let’s start there.

    Starting this Sat at 11.11am in your location. We want you to open your home windows, roll down your car windows unplug your ear phones if on the tube. Play it over the sound system at work let others know we are together and together we stand.

    SAT 11.11am – Were not going to take it by twisted sister.
    SUN 11.11am – Do you hear the people sing – from Les Miserables
    MON 11.11am – Times they are a changing by Bob Dylan
    TUE 11.11am – One love by Bob Marley
    WED 11.11am – Fortunate son by creedence clearwater revival
    THURS 11.11am Imagine by John Lennon
    FRI 11.11am I am not afraid by Eminem

    Play loud and play it proud they will stamp on us no longer.
    If you are somewhere you can play music post it to ur social media
    If that’s not available just hold up a peace sign ✌️ show the people round you that your a free person and none is ever going to take that away. You have a voice use it.



  7. Have you seen this Hugo? Some just sent it to me.

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

  8. These Platforms died long ago and we only hung around hoping to wake a few more normies up. Views from people that do nothing are useless so leaving the zombie in their fake media bubbles is no real loss. After all we built these platforms up and now we have left their reputation will be destroyed just like the BBC, Sky etc with only retards left believing the MSM nonsense. I guess it won’t be long before they reintroduce comments that are totally fake or filter out the bad as seeing comments disabled on any video is a major red flag!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  9. I deleted my twitter last yr but still on Facebook because I run a football team, hardly any other reason for me to stay. I hear Trump is making a new social media platform though. Might be a good place to go, if free speech is allowed on there.

  10. Hey Hugo, here’s something for you – in the UK the universal credit system has just introduced a new “extra layer of security” to their system where claimants have to tie their mobile phone to their account. I wonder why that is? So it can be tied to the passport? No jab, no benefits???

  11. Thanks for your work! I hope FB&Co. will loose their monopol by the time and that more alternatives will come up and be used by the people!
    Keep going!

  12. I am very sorry! By mistake I have tipped the wrong link in the menue and a report has been send, I hope it won’t do any harm. Very sorry!

  13. Thank you Hugo for showing the people the truth. May you be blessed in all you do 🙏🏻

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