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45 Comments on “Blood Clots / Media Games / Lockdown News Roundup / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. I got a brilliant idea… I think Boris should have all the vaccines that the normal of us have refused… yep ..jab that fat prick with thousands of vaccines… message to Boris… I’m awake..not thick ..not believing a fkin word you say.. I’d love to say to your face…. FUCK OFF YOU C…..T

  2. Please people… get off ur arses.

    Stop the commenting. Everyone turned into little girls or some shit.

    Action now

  3. Different jabs for different jobs.. omg.. designer jabs.. kill the old..fuck up the middle aged.. Make young infertile….

    • Yep, was thinking can’t kill off the young suddenly to suspicious, just reduce there breading think longer term on them.

      ( Think I’ve solved my Passport without a jab issue, found a conspiracy nut nurse LOL )

      • Did you sort out your jab with the ‘nurse’ ????

  4. It is bizarre, incredible to behold. “I just want the shot, I don’t care which one, just shove that shit in my body. I want to buy £3 T-shirts from Primark, so I can look like the fat, ugly retard I clearly am.” People at work are chomping at the bit to get it. They believe it’s all real. I say I’m not taking it, they reply “Why not?” Every time. And the so-called ‘Managers’ are the worst of the lot, because they implement all this with zeal, another lever of ‘power’ to yield.

  5. The dreaded jab is clearly evil snake oil, and it is blatently obvious to me that the Government are definitely trying to kill us all off!! Stand firm everybody and refuse all this garbage! My husband told me today that I can’t go shopping with him unless I agree to mask up and take the jab. Needless to say I steadfastly refused, and I will continue to do so. I just nope there’s no way I’m doing any of that, I will just stay at home then and not go shopping! I know I have made the right choice, just wish my husband could come his senses!

      • No I would never do that! I love my husband dearly. I just have to do all I can to show him that he is totally wrong about all this. The best way to do that is to show him all the evidence there is out there on the internet. I’ve been happily married for 25 years, and I will stay that way.

    • I have this situation only in reverse. My wife expects to go on a cruise in October now that she, and our cruising buddies, have all been jabbed. I have tried to say that you will be going nowhere in October…. but I’ll leave that to Doris and his Merry Men to tell them all! It has been BS since the very start.

  6. There’s absolutely no way that I will take a gamble with my health with this snake oil! Clearly millions of people are getting really ill and dying because of it, and the authorities are playing everything down. The public are being completely deceived, Hugo you are absolutely right in everything you say about this! You are right on the money mate, and I thank you wholeheartedly for all that you are doing to warn everyone of the dangers of what the Government are doing. Please stop the world, I just want to get off!

    • Never they re trying to kill us !!!! Vaccines are bullshit!!

      • Of course the Government’s lying about 37 million jabs! What they’re clearly trying to do is make out that the jab is a really good thing by pretending that millions of people have taken it, when the reality is completely different! This thing is evil snake oil, and any sensible person would see that! The message is really simple! Just avoid this bloody evil jab at all costs! That is the way to save your life!!!!!!!!!! The only way!!!!!

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  8. Indeed, it’s strange that if you try to discuss any of this rationally the idiots attack you “oh look at you, who are you a professor of virology”, but at the same time we’re supposed to be convinced to take the jab because some brainless muppet in a park is going to take it. Very strange times, indeed.

    [hey I ended the sentence with the same word it started with!]

  9. Come on Hugo it’s not fair to criticise and mock people like that, yes we are awake aware but not everyone is in to alternative news, you know Government have money, influence and the most important law on their side. How on gods earth did they lock down the whole planet, even you and me are flowing the order.

  10. I don’t want to offend anyone, but have you seen that video of Boris eating an ice cream and then sticking his thumb up? He looks at it, rams it into his gob, and then behaves like – well again without wishing to cause offence – but he looks like someone with Downs Syndrome. And the fuckers running the country. He looks like he’s got a fucking screw loose.

    • I am offended. That is disrespectful to people with Downs Syndrome. I’d much rather have the local ‘Special Needs’ school running this shit show. At least they’d be honest.

      • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. ‘Boris’, Van Tam, Witty, Vallance, all look at least 40% ‘mongoloid’, (not sure what the PC term is nowadays). Maybe that’s what the crack is with these people. They want revenge or something.

      • Down’s Syndrome is the PC term you are looking for.

  11. What we have to understand is that this is the biggest psy-op in human history, in the planning for a long time. Every scenario has been war-gamed. They’ve ran computer simulations, had fake conferences – everything. They have a reply to every single thing – just push this button, that button. They know there’ll be a resistance, conspiracy theorists, lemmings compliant, etc. They’re just rolling it all out, step by methodical step.

  12. Demons.. ModeRNA is the operating system so you could be right here Hugo, this could be the one for the kids then they can hook them up to the 5G in future!
    Join the RAF – Use promo videos to wake an injured friend!
    Before they get Shot Again…

    • What I’ve been thinking about is, is there really a Hell? I remember being in Manchester Museum and seeing a human skeleton years ago. It was just bone, like all other skeletons. Yet, we have a conscience, emotion, guilt, pain, love, empathy, a brain – memory, etc. IE We have a SOUL. So, does this soul die when the physical body dies? So, if there is a soul that lives after we die, will their souls go to Hell? If we are to believe that we are created in God’s image, these people are killing and trying to change it. They are playing God, which they have absolutely no authority to do.

      • As Mark Twain put it when asked if he was scared of death “I was dead for billions of years before I was born, and it never caused me the slightest inconvenience”. I think that the world we perceive happens in our brain (the brain with Dr David Eagleman is a fascinating series), once the brain is dead we are incapable of experiencing anything.

        Nothing exists any more (from our perspective) no universe, no anything, we can take nothing with us, not the memories of while we were here, or even the knowledge we are dead. It’s nothingness in a way that we can’t even begin to understand, because our knowledge of everything (even nothingness) comes from actually experiencing something.

        As Epicurus put it “when we are here death is not. When death is here we are not. With death is the end to all experience and sensation. The fear of death comes from the belief that in death, is experience”.

        In other words I think the fuckers will get away Scott free.

      • Wow, powerful insight. Wasn’t Twain a High Level Mason though? (I’m just discussing and exercising my brain here, people are forever taking offence, aren’t they?) Anyway, but if you wanted to manipulate people to do evil, you would tell this to them, would you not? I was in Cork, Ireland, a few years, talking to a an old lady in a charity shop. She said she technically died during an operation, and “saw the light.” That’s what she said. Just thinking aloud, but if you were at the top, and you wanted people to do your bidding, you would convince them that there is nothing after you die, so fill your boots whilst your here.

      • My own personal experience is more in line with that of Mark Twain. As they say sleep is a daily rehearsal for death.

      • Andy, I think it’s complicated because when we die our body floods our brains with chemicals to make it less unpleasant, so seeing the light, having visions, etc is perhaps to be expected.

        I nearly drowned once in a freezing cold river, in a split second after struggling to survive I suddenly thought “oh I’m going to die now” – it came from nowhere and in that moment I felt warm and happy and stopped struggling, not consciously making that choice, just happened.

        Ironically it was that action that made the canoe float to the side and the water flooding into the cockpit got me out. Then I was freezing cold again.

        I suppose you’re right, if you knew there was an afterlife and you needed to con people to do bad things because it’s all the here and now then maybe it would make sense, but I’m sure there are plenty of people who would sell their soul even if they knew Hell awaited afterwards for eternity.

        I think out of 8 billion people there are plenty who would happily choose to do the evil deeds, no coersion needed.

      • So what about birds or any animals really. They could be extinct technically, yet know exactly what to do when they come back to life so to speak. Like these otters was it, reintroduced recently? They know instinctively when to breed, with whom, where, how, etc. They built perfect homes for themselves. I don’t know. What does it mean? Like a seed, we don’t know how it will come out, “but it do!” LOL. That means DNA, genetics, provided to us. These people are disturbing these genetics, are they not? This is my conclusion, they are playing God, which nobody has given them the right to do.

      • My own opinion which may be bollocks is that Humans are different to other animals. They have whats called the reptilian brain which is the fight or flight mechanism, the “stayin’ alive” brain. They feel hungry, feel thirsty, feel scared, feel horny, feel tired – it’s all feelings, they are driven by feelings and therefore live in the what do I need right now.

        We have an extra layer that appeared in the last 200,00 years or so (proven) of cognitive function, we can analyse data, take old data and extrapolate it to likely future outcomes, think in concepts, ideas, music, art, etc.

        Thinking is different to feeling, so we ponder the past, and the future and ironically spend more time in those 2 places that don’t exist, than in the only place that does exist – right now. Which is what Mindfulness, Budhism, Stoicism, etc is all about – bringing us back to now.

        It’s also proven that a black baby is happier when confronted by black faces, white baby white faces, asian baby, asian faces etc.

        Hormones and seasons determine when to breed. I think it’s not as complex as there needs to be a guiding hand, it’s just nature at play, we have decided we’re so smart there must be a higher purpose for us, all because of that extra cognitive layer or brain makes us overthink and look for special purposes in everything.

        I mean if there is a guiding hand it must also be guiding a virus or a bacteria or an amoeba.

        Or are they not so important as us?

        If you see what I mean.

      • I’m afraid people are giving them authority, this is why you have to sign your name to receive the vaccine. There is a reason it is not mandatory, through vaccine passports and huge peer pressure from the vaccinated (once they are in the majority) it will become very difficult to stand firm. When Jesus was asked by his disciples what were the signs of his return he told us to take heed that no man deceive you. This deception is world wide and is orchestrated in each country along very similar lines. I pray for any of you that doesn’t believe or has doubt that you open your hearts and ask God to reveal himself to you. God Bless you all.

  13. What fucking idiot would let these fuckers inject this shit into there children!!?? God help us all

  14. I know the whole situation is not funny in the slightest, but your comments about the people in the park cracked me up.

  15. Please don’t lower the morality with comparisons against Downs, I’ve an amazing relative who was born with an extra chromosome.

    AndyC yes – there is a hell, I’m a medical professional yet have had an encounter with God when I faced death. This was before I accepted the Truth of the Gospel, the whole point Jesus came wrapped in human flesh was to die for your sins and mine, God raised Him from the dead 3 days later, as death, hell and the grave could not hold Him.

    He’s the sinless, spotless Son of God, who walked into heaven’s law court and paid our bail with His Blood. The wages of sin is death but the GIFT of God is eternal life IN Jesus Christ. We are all guilty and miss the mark but Anyone who calls upon the name of Jesus shall be saved.

    Jesus warned about hell more than anything, He came to save us from hell.

    I’ve seen and experienced more than you could imagine, God has saved my life many times, He is risen indeed. Why do you think Christianity is the most banned and persecuted faith? There is Power in the name of Jesus, He is the Way the Truth and the Life.

      • Sorry mate, I’m gonna have to go to bed, but it’s been a great discussion. This type of stuff goes back to the dawn of man! Quite amazing. In 10,0000 years they’ll be saying the same stuff, lol!

  16. Thank you for your reply. It seems very timely, as I believe a lot of people are thinking about this. (I apologise with the joke thing, but people are literally killing themselves, I don’t want to start brow beating more people, and telling them their evil for a slight joke). Anyway, this whole shitshow has brought me closer to Jesus Christ. I’ve ordered 2 gold cross pin badges today, one for me and one for my mother.

  17. This is Post is NOT hate speech is not meant to offend instigate any violence, looting or any negative force in anyway. It’s is purely a work of fiction for entertainment purposes only.
    If you are hearing/reading this you are the resistance stand with us before it’s to late.
    We are in the 11th our and the darkness is upon us. Hope is out there a light in the darkness a voice saying don’t worry we are with you just stand up don’t be afraid.
    Right now they have us isolated, separated feeling alone and many afraid.
    Censoring everything to make it look an feel like your completely alone in your beliefs that somethings not right.
    Manipulating us to believe we have to buy back our freedoms, begging for normal again. Get off your knees and stand tall.
    They are keeping the fires of division burning furiously gender Vs gender race Vs race religion Vs religion politics Vs politics country Vs country north Vs south and east Vs west a never ending barrage of separation. Together we stand or divided we fall your choice.
    People are waking up they know deep down something is not right but the constant bombardment from MSM has given them a herd opinion they are scared to speak out about their fears in case of ridicule. So it’s time for you to stand strong like so many of your forefathers before you across the globe men and women whom weathered the storm and many gave their life to face tyranny to give you your god given right of freedom and the right to speak it.
    So saying that it’s time to be smarter and use their own tools against them. Don’t break the rules go round them.
    People are waiting for a leader someone to lead the path but leaders can be corrupted setup or even just disappear. What we need is a symbol to show people they are not alone and it’s time to stand your ground. As we are in the 11th hour that shall be our symbol 11.11.
    Get it seen on TV call into radio stations put it on your social media FB Instagram YouTube comments Snapchat tick Tok across all non main stream media platforms message platforms scream it from the rooftops wear it on T-shirt’s baseball caps hoodies the ideal hand gesture to represent our symbol is the original peace sign ✌️ representing two times 11 get it out there. if your out protesting for whatever reason have it with you. Put it on a home window/car window Cut it into your front lawn if you like just get the word out this is our symbol of freedom.
    1. United people for the people
    1. Race the human race
    1.World our world everyflower every tree every field every mountain and every river is ours as our birth right and nothing and no one will ever take that away.
    1. Love for everyone no matter what race, religion, gender, country or view point.
    What unites people across all spectrum and locations of the world and brings them together music so let’s start there.
    Starting this Sat at 11.11am in your location. We want you to open your home windows, roll down your car windows unplug your ear phones if on the tube. Play it over the sound system at work let others know we are together and together we stand.
    SAT 11.11am – Were not going to take it by twisted sister.
    SUN 11.11am – Do you hear the people sing – from Les Miserables
    MON 11.11am – Times they are a changing by Bob Dylan
    TUE 11.11am – One love by Bob Marley
    WED 11.11am – Fortunate son by creedence clearwater revival
    THURS 11.11am Imagine by John Lennon
    FRI 11.11am I am not afraid by Eminem
    Play loud and play it proud they will stamp on us no longer.
    If you are somewhere you can play music post it to ur social media
    If that’s not available just hold up a peace sign ✌️ show the people round you that your a free person and none is ever going to take that away. You have a voice use it.

  18. When ever I am challenged about the vaccine, I just say “I don’t support criminals.” They look with disbelieve and then I point out all the history of each one and the damage to children, the damaged to children, always gets their attention.

  19. When ever I am challenged about the vaccine, I just say “I don’t support criminals.” They look with disbelieve and then I point out all the history of each one and the damage to children, the damaged to children, always gets their attention.

  20. They can all piss off I don’t trust anything the government says or this poison jib jab

  21. Does anyone else really believe that they have given out 37 million jabs?
    They have lied about everything else, so I think they are also lying about this.

    • They lie about how many have been tested, thats for sure! 3 weeks ago they were supposedly testing over 7 MILLION people a week yet EVERY video of testing stations ( they look like field hospitals, all security and white tents ( more fking BS !) ) shows that tthere is more life in a morgue! Lying Bastards!

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