UK SUSPENDS Oxford Jab For Under 30s / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. So everyone over 30 can go fuck themselves according to the government…

  2. Hi Hugo,
    Love all your posts!
    Re the suspension of the AZ for under 30’s – Could it just be a ploy to get the jabs out to the more hesitant and wary age groups – The younger the age the slower the take up. If they mainstream this issue as they are and provide say Moderna, Pfizer or JJ jabs in lieu aren’t they likely to accelerate the take up amongst that age range? Also the younger you are the better it will be from the NWO perspective to jab an mRNA ‘vax’?

    • You are spot on. The youn people are more likely to watch alternative media.

    • Yes Chris, that is the whole plan

      60+ Pfizer biotech

      30+ Oxford Astra Zeneca

      18+ Moderna

      1+ Johnson and Johnson

      If you ever wondered why so many different vaccine and the timing of them been approved . Like clockwork and it’s the same in many Western countries

    • Indeed.

      The objective (one of the primary objectives) is to apply the weapon against a particular age group in which has the highest (at least higher) propensity to procreate. This is the last thing **they** want, which is “more useless eaters”.

      How do they achieve this?

      Bait and switch.

      I assert it has always been the intent to deliver the knock-out punch by way of chaos, in that by having variety, all of which are different “recipes” in which have different delivery mechanisms (or share similarities) and or require different means and mode of transportation and storage, creates for a scenario of wide variability which is essential when running an operation (and a series of operations).

      These variables allow you to create scenarios such as this to finesse the minds of the impressionable into complying with the most desirable path to produce the best outcome (their outcome as per their agenda).

      People will reason-themselves into making a choice thinking this objectively reasoned about by their own doing and not one that has been manufactured for you.

      You may have already noticed social discourse heading this way, talking of “when will they make X available to us over Y…?” and other combinations there of and I don’t mean the shillers that are shilling for a living, I am talking about quantifiable people, some you may know, speaking this way, thinking this way.

      To think they were able to create solutions to this problem by smashing together the greatest minds in the world and billions and squillions of dollars as the faithful clamber on about to justify the “faster than light” development of “the cure” but yet each manufacturer produces their potion differently, having different delivery mechanisms and storage (among other attributes) requirements and so forth is baffling if you extrapolate the logic.

      IF this situation is so serious, so SERIOUS that it warrants a race to create the juice to save humanity for an assured annihilation otherwise then where and why has there not be collaboration to produce the the juice from the same recipe, at large, world wide, where is the cooperation?

      Throw profits to the bin, this is about saving humanity. where is the collaboration (rhetorical, by now).

      >> “Oh they can’t do that because they don’t have the same infrastructure?”

      Build fabrication plants then that do. You can find a cure quickly, you can build the necessary infrastructure (yes it can be done, absolutely).

      >> “Oh they can’t do that people will react differently and we need juice for different types of age brackets”

      How the f**k do they know that let alone you if they already haven’t had, you know, a solution up their sleeves ready in the wait for the pandemonium?

      And so on.

      People cannot recognize danger.

      Real danger.

      Everything you see is done so as to create maximum chaos.

      It is through chaos, you find order, in this world, a new world… Their world.

      Your role, if you see this for what it is, should be to expose how they are applying “the plan” to realize their goals.

      All sides are being played, by design, as it is the only way they can achieve success which is through everything (every single thing) you see before you now.

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  4. BTW, I am over 30 and saying it is a ‘no’ from me. Quite enjoying ‘humble pie’ speech.

  5. Like you said who is it safe for??
    I was told a liar always gets caught out!because you need a fantastic memory to not show up the lie…Government are spilling the beans all over the place,sadly we are the only ones the Wake people hearing it ,Seeing it come on sheeple be lions.Hugo 😘

  6. Hi Hugo, have you seen this new mask the WEF are promoting?

    Here the link from RT news…

    ‘They want you in masks forever’: World Economic Forum’s smart ‘mask of the future’ tweet spooks Twitter users

  7. A young guy here in town just died of blood clot…was jabbed 2 weeks ago….friend of my father’s son.☹❤

  8. Hugo, I put this on your last video, only a little while ago, so posting it here as well. I hope that’s ok.

    I’d like to create a list of like-minded UK small businesses and individuals who offer services and goods either online or have a physical premises. The list would specifically be for consumers who are opposed to the jib jab, passports and so on to be able to find people / businesses who do not insist on mask wearing etc, and it allows consumers to support small businesses who are there for them.

    Btw I am a naturopath / nutritional therapist. I also have a small wholefoods / baked good mix business for people with specific dietary requirements and lifestyles.

    Hugo, if you are interested in supporting me to do this, or anyone else is out there who would like to help please contact me here in the first instance.

    • Fantastic idea Ziggy! We and many others would buy products and food through this scheme!…
      I, m no techie but I thought of a website where the organics like us agree to boycott companies who all enjoy our money but are complicit in the narrative!

      • That sounds good George, but I was thinking that it might be cheaper and more accessible to create a directory for consumers to use with a short bio type thing. What do you think?

  9. I was thinking. This whole thing has been in the planning for a long time, with untold billions spent on it. We can see how fervently ‘politicians’, the ‘media’ and their minions are implementing it the world over. They’ve ‘war gamed’ every scenario. So, Gates has said there will be a second scamdemic. What if it is a real deadly virus though this time that does require a vaccine? Like I say, they’ve spent so long on it, even doing the predictive programming in films, TV, music, etc, they’re not going to just drop it. Do you remember a year ago when at the start of all this, that bloke in London was working on that temporary hospital, with 2 crematoriums! – people thought it was for the virus, which it obviously wasn’t – part of the psy-op. There’s huge camps in Saudi Arabia that have been there, empty for years, there’s kids being held in cages at the Texas border. I remember a few years ago, Jordan Maxwell would always say: “I know what’s coming, concentration camps, people being held in cages. I’m just glad I won’t be around to see it all.” I’m not trying to scare people, but look at the scale of this thing.

  10. Apparently the benefits of getting this poison still heavily outweigh the side effects ,🤔….for a virus that is like having a cold for practically anyone under 30 ……Its all unravelling we just got to stick with it .

  11. So now they’re going to give the kids Moderna or one of the others that they know even less about!

    • It’s all about the jab. Everything they say or do has a bottom line – jab the entire population! So no matter what we hear or read the agenda rules the day.
      Population cull and total control of the remaining Humanoids.

      • Yes, and as I mentioned above, they’ll have a plan for every scenario. Which may be releasing a real deadly virus that demands a vaccine. Last November, at around 7pm on my way home from work. I arrived at Rochdale Train Station. An alarm was going off at the Station, an alarm I’ve never heard before. I got onto the platform, and 2 blokes were there wearing white Hazmat suits and black gas masks, with these kind of like sprayer things on the floor, with steam coming out. (Like you saw in China last year). They’d just finished their ‘exercise’ as they then took the gear off and the alarm stopped. Gates said the second scamdemic will be some kind of bio-weapon. So, they’re already preparing for this bullshit.

      • …..and my money is on the next viral release (scandemic wave 3) will be the variant that takes out all those muppets that took the first lot of jabs. They talk of the dangers of meeting the wild type virus after the jab (and it’s spike protein affects) but all they need to do is release Covid-20 that reacts with the altered dna in the sheep’s body and booom! Down they all go. Oh dear it’s a deadly variant (no it’s not it’s part II of the cull agenda. It’ll trigger all manner of illnesses, spreading the death causes so they can say… nothing to do with us mate! 500,000,000 left by 2025?!

      • Yes, it all feeds into itself. The masks too. People will start dropping like flies and they’ll say you need this shot to prevent it, then more draconian lockdowns, coppers off their heads on a power trip, army, etc. And they’ll just keep going as it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving. On the mask thing, I look at the people at work who wear them full time – their noses are full of blackheads. It’s disgusting – that is the bacteria they’re accumulating as the masks are moist. That is visible, what they’re breathing in is invisible but a whole lot worse.

      • Yeah, the mask wearers are totally thick. At what point do they assume A: it’ll protect them. B: it’s a great idea to breath exhaled air. The body is designed to intake good and expel bad. Warm moist carbon dioxide – and that won’t poison you? Idiots! And that’s not counting the dangerous sterilising solutions they are rinsed in, or the scary nano worms that they inhale and make their way into the body and no doubt blood brain barrier!
        Ooooh but the mask saves me from the deadliest virus in the world ever!
        Personally I’m so wanting to see the masked sheep get ill – just so I can say – seeeeee?!!! Wankers.

  12. Read Anna Brees yesterday … loads of doctors from different field have all got together and disputed the EMA they required a response…
    Asap an enlightening read I suggest everyone read it
    Dont believe msm but alot of people are glued to it …. wearing a mask in a car unbelievable on their own aswell … wearing the bloody things while going for a walk for fs
    Keep the word coming Hugo it’s about time these brainwashed people woke up before it’s too late

  13. Ah they sent Vat Man out to tell the CLOTS that the Astrazeneca ‘weapon that kills’ is not too good for them? However on main stream today they wheeled out lots of professors to back this Shot fully and reassure the dumb public of its effectiveness and minimal side effects. However they were getting excited as today the ModeRNA arrived in the UK and they all said there was no problem mixing your shots if the Astrazeneca goes short or gets pulled from this obvious experiment!
    Join the RAF – Use promo videos to wake an injured friend!
    Before they get Shot Again…

  14. Yes Chris, that is the whole plan

    60+ Pfizer biotech

    30+ Oxford Astra Zeneca

    18+ Moderna

    1+ Johnson and Johnson

    If you ever wondered why so many different vaccine and the timing of them been approved . Like clockwork and it’s the same in many Western countries

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