Clothes Shops Not Happy, NOBODY IS HAPPY! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. one passaport each ? no … two each one for each cheek.

  2. Only one passaport each ? no … two each , … one for each cheek.

    • Has the bloody government gone completely mad. Were dus that fit in. With there fack flu.Thay have lost the plot. 85pc are against anything the gov have to say. Let’s have a passport for neate and tidy hair. Then borris won’t be able to go anywhere. Ha ha ha

  3. I will not entertain this Covid Passport BS I would rather buy a tent and go live in the woods Why cant some of you people see what is going on it’s a TRAP and once your in the trap there is no getting out BJ claims its a trail for a year crap ! Cant you see that What will happen in the so called year trail is more and more things about you will be added to it your privacy will be GONE is that what you really want? Think about it long and hard and open your eyes.

  4. I still don’t get it. How is having had a vaccine proof of immunity when they are not sure about transmission?

    • The ‘vax-ceen’ does not make you immune. You can still catch or pass on the ‘virus’. The ‘vax-ceen’ supposedly may lessen the symptoms if you do catch the ‘virus’.

  5. The whole thing relies on the belief, which is clearly and demonstrably false, that this is the end of the world for humans if we don’t take action, but people just don’t seem able to think rationally.

    The Spanish Flu infected (i.e people were REALLY ill) 1/3rd of the world, 500 million people out of 1.5 Billion people, and killed c. 10% of them, c. 50 million people.

    We now have 7.8 Billion people living more densly populated, travelling more each and every day, working more closely together – if this was Spanish Flu like there’d be a minimum of 260 million dead, probably because of our close proximity to each other 2 to 3 times that.

    There are 2.8 million in well over 12 months and that’s using the dodgy tests, dodgy death measurements, etc.

    This is 1/100th to 1/400th as bad as the Spanish Flu.

    And they’ve shut the world down for it. If you can’t make head or tail of the politicians, and you don’t know who to believe, for Gods sake surely you realise maths is just numbers and they are the truth.

    Please WAKE UP BEFORE It’s too late.

    • The Spanish flu started in a US Atmy base from an untested vaccine. The men dropped like flies. The army were guinea pigs and Spain got the blame 😑


    • Anyone out there, fancie living in a field.. ♥

  7. These passports won’t work, totally illegal. Trying their best to frighten people into believing they must get one but don’t fall for it. Just say NO to it all. #SayNoToThePricks 💉

  8. rachrbeau – sadly most people will just say yes, because it’s easier especially if they think everyone else is just saying yes. Charles Makay said – people think in herds, they become mad in herds, but they only recover one at a time. Sadly we have a country full of herd madness and by the time they wake up it’ll be too late. It needs a massive campaign on the scale of the ones being delivered by TPTB. But since we can’t do that, since we are banned from the media, social media, etc, there will only be one outcome, which is compliance and the ushering in of the new world order of serfdom.

    • You’ve obviously never been to ANY of the London demonstrations then. The first one alone back in August had over 40,000 peopke there not hundreds like Sky & the rotten BBC reported and have been bigger EVERY TIME. Last one on March 20th was amazing, never been so proud to be British.

      Not everybody is a thick as two short planks mate, some of us have brains and use them wisely. Maybe you should stop being so negative and get off your couch and join a demonstration or two.

      • I am with you on this, but what exactly have the demonstrations changed?
        They are not slowing down the euginics agenda, although they may have empowered more people to say no to the depopulation vaccines.

  9. Dr Mike Yeadon states that if enough people don’t take the shot or go along with this passport shit, it cannot work. Just don’t take it. What are we worried about? Seriously. Screw the pubs, the ball games, the ‘concerts’ – screw it all. As the good doctor says: “If they say you have to get vaccinated, say that is coercion and illegal.” Which it is.

    • Just thinking out loud a bit, but I think we should EMBRACE being a rebel, the resistance, not be scared, let’s ENJOY this shit! What can be better? To be a sheep, getting jabbed, tested every damned day. No, let’s take this whole thing down, lets take it down to Chinatown!

  10. F these clothes shop’s that have vaccines passports, i will never go in them hope they broke and lose there jobs.
    Order online and not see the sheep standing there with face nappies on waiting for the Nazis on the door to let them in with there apps or papers and pay contactless, F them all

  11. Thank you Hugo, you are doing a fabulous job here! Thank you for telling us all about this passport stuff and what it all means. I definitely agree with you, and I won’t be having it. What the Government is doing is blackmail. The Tories are the Nasty Party who are now showing their true colours! Wake up everyone, don’t fall into their evil trap!

      • Kick the main same cheeks parties out at May elections everywhere in the country, us as Londoners we need to kick evil Khan out vote for David Kurten who’s against all this BS

  12. I had some ideas, I think we should print off some business cards of your channel and start putting them in random places in towns and building, staff rooms etc. Kind of underground tactics. I also thought it might be good to go out at midnight/ early morning with signs and messages at roundabouts, lamposts, walls, with our messages of resistance and the truth, but we need a co ordinated message. Just think of the impact when people wake up. Maybe get farmers on board with crop circles that can be seen from the air. Also maybe hide loud speakers in places in town centres, and remote talk from a distance. I have lots of creative ideas. We must mobilise and be clever. What do people think? I may do a video on bitchute with my ideas.

    • Sounds like a good idea, I saw someone putting stickers on the top of handles of supermarket shopping trolleys, they’ll get seen

  13. So Stage 1 Travel Abroad, Stage 2 Clothes shops, Stage 3 Gyms I’d bet, Stage 4 Pub’s, Stage 5 shops.

    Where do you think the UK public will fight back? I don’t think they will, we are just labelled as conspiracy nuts. 🙁

    Got someone on another forum, blaming me for it’s spread and why the lockdown has killed his business but at the same time he wants the lockdown as he’s scared of the Covid, you can’t teach stupid people basic logic 🙁

    Got a mate who’s refused the jab, on his records social services involved, hospital refuses to treat him until he’s been jabbed. Already begun!

    • Then that is illegal. Listen to Dr Mike Yeadon, as I’ve mentioned on other posts. That is coercion and illegal.

  14. Why didn’t my comment appear, I suggested putting signs up at midnight amongst other things for mass disobedience. It was a long message.

  15. Hugo, You talk of going to an island etc- this is so 1984 (proles) or brave new world (the savages) and Fahrenheit 451 (the drifters). That’s probably what they want. But I believe we can still live in this world but outside the system, creating co-ops, sharing and trading skills and goods, food etc. Home schooling, living under common law.

  16. Some news from across the pond:

    ‘No American will be forced by the government to obtain proof of vaccination, the White House says.

    The White House has flatly ruled out national Covid-19 vaccination passports for Americans, saying citizens’ privacy and rights should be protected.

    Schemes to introduce such passports have been touted around the world as a way to enable safe circulation of people while fighting the pandemic.

    The US said it did not and would not support a “system that requires Americans to carry a credential”.

    America has lost more than half a million lives to the virus.

    Nearly 31 million cases have been registered, making the US the country worst affected by the pandemic, figures from Johns Hopkins University indicate.

    Addressing reporters, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said: “The government is not now, nor will be, supporting a system that requires Americans to carry a credential.

    “There will be no federal vaccinations database and no federal mandate requiring everyone to obtain a single vaccination credential.”

    “Our interest is very simple from the federal government, which is Americans’ privacy and rights should be protected, and so that these systems are not used against people unfairly,” she added.

    Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has brought forward to 19 April the date by which all American adults will be eligible for a Covid vaccine.

    “We have to ramp up a whole-of-government approach that rallies the whole country and puts us on a war footing to truly beat this virus,” he said.’

    • And why is this even in the article? ‘America has lost more than half a million lives to the virus. Nearly 31 million cases have been registered, making the US the country worst affected by the pandemic, figures from Johns Hopkins University indicate.’ Answer: to imply that not having a ‘vax-ceen passport’ is a bad thing. Auntie Beeb just can’t help herself it seems 😀

  17. Pardon me if i’m wrong but don’t they vaccinate and certificate sheep?.Who the fukc wants to spend time in a venue thats full of people that have been vaccinated and bar coded FFS.I mean its not like you are going to get an intelligent and challenging conversation in there

  18. Please can I come with you to your island? Can I bring my dog please? I can’t stand much more of this tripe!
    How stupid do they think we are?
    You are always spot on with your videos. Keep up the good work!

  19. Go LEWIS – and others like him.
    Vive la RESISTANCE. Civil disobedience!

    WE have the power in numbers.
    We can:
    1. BOYCOTT all vax & passport businesses, goods, services.
    2. Never have the Vax.
    3. Create our own counter ‘ads’ & advice, support on channels (like LEWIS) & connect with & openly support each others’ channels.

    The deaths & severe injuries are mounting daily! Only 1% are reported, so multiply those numbers x 100!
    Only non-vaxxed will be alive &/or well & fertile. The more of us the better, but there will be millions of us alive on earth (only 94 of 195 countries are participating in this Covid insanity). We will prevail.
    The non-vaxxed will be the only healthy people & viable breeders.
    And ….. when the time comes, we must deal with global elite who engineered this.

  20. Hugo

    Please go ahead & enable us to join into groups via your website.
    I’m keen to devise acts of resistance/civil disobedience.
    We’ll all have ideas & experience we can share. Specialisation within groups us what lifted us out of the Stone Age. Let’s begin sharing …..

  21. I will never consent, and i do not consent now to wearing a mask – so i have not been in a shop since last year, i buy everything online and have my groceries delivered.
    I do not believe the cabal heads are going to win, they cannot win, more and more are waking up and even if they dont they are FED UP!
    Fingers crossed it wont take too long now 🙂

  22. It is indeed sad that there are still so many people who do not want to see it yet. What else needs to be done before their eyes open?
    Greetings from the Netherlands.

  23. Big Brother Watch have started crowdfunding to start a legal challenge, worth supporting if you can. Next demo in central London Saturday 24th April, this one needs to be so big MSM cannot ignore it. Biometric passports have been the plan from the start, we are now in the heart of the battle to preserve our ‘freedoms’ Do not comply with any of these controls, bullies cant handle people who stand up for themselves.

    • Unfortunately the msm will play it down and ignore it again as before.
      They can’t possibly tell the truth the sheep might start waking up and wonder how they got to the abattoir !

  24. Did you hear about the comedy club in Liverpool who were going to trial a “covid passport” comedy night but had to cancel due to online condemnation from level headed “normal” people like us

    • Did you hear the one about the comedy club that was going to trial a ‘vax-ceen passport’? The punters boycotted it and it had to shut up shop 😀 It’s the way I tell ’em 😀

  25. Would you be happy to give a random stranger on the street access to your medical records? That’s exactly what you’ll be doing if you go along with this stupidity.

  26. Hugo u do a great job and I will not comply with these horrible monsters ever.

  27. Hugo I live in Lancashire and I’m on telegram with wake up Lancashire. I find the people on there quite selfish.
    Is there a private group I could join away from using telegram.
    Hugo send me an email so I can support you as I’m not gud with technology to be honest. Thanks for all you do.

  28. It’s just more deliberate psychological “Boiling the Frog”. Throw stuff out to gauge the public reaction. If a backlash, take a step back and backtrack, then, when Sage have used that to shape the next step of the brainwashing, start creeping forward again, as they did with pub p.p.

  29. They can “boil as many frogs” as they want. We’ll wrap up ’em up and send them to the French to eat. The more frogs they boil, the happier and better fed the French will be. It’s a win/win. We have to laugh at all this stuff, because it is laughable.

  30. Hugo, I’d like to create a list of like-minded UK small businesses and individuals who offer services and goods either online or have a physical premises. The list would specifically be for consumers who are opposed to the jib jab, passports and so on to be able to find people / businesses who do not insist on mask wearing etc, and it allows consumers to support small businesses who are there for them. Btw I am a naturopath / nutritional therapist. I also have a small wholefoods / baked good mix business for people with specific dietary requirements and lifestyles. Hugo, if you are interested in supporting me to do this, or anyone else is out there who would like to help please contact me here in the first instance.

  31. What about primark’s use of sweatshop produced products,! As for passport access only, is stupid because they have not been issued by the NHS. More like prattmark. This is the stupidest business plan ever devised , by human kind.

  32. Just saw via a post from AllegiencetoLiberty showed when the authorities came to shut down a restaurant. Everyone started shouting, “GET OUT…GET OUT, GET OUT!” They left and everyone carried on with their food!

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