Ireland Should Boycott GAA #passports / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Just like hugo said in this video, but I dug this up early last year, soon after the first lockdown started. They advertised this company’s digital ID for the British football league as early as April last year. It has already been tested in 15 countries before the lockdown started? Their covipass has a V code for the financial transactions which probably named, V code to lure the fortnite games (V buck) social credit system, vaccine status and covid test results. It’s been all mapped out, they are just waiting for the public to accept the tyranny. So boris has planned this from the very start to roll out the vaccine passport but the public haven’t fell in line yet, so keep fighting these cowards, too scared to tell us their true plans, because they know we wouldn’t stand for it, so they have to keep lying and changing their story.

  2. I live in Northern Ireland and our little dwarf health minister Robin Swann along with our CMO the entity called Professor McBride are taking us along with the South in a zero covid desire. We are still in lockdown even though other parts of the uk have eased the restrictions. McBride knows full well how much we dislike him but he’s getting his moment in the limelight.

    • His moment in the limelight will be when you hang the fucker and leave him up there as a warning to others 🙂

  3. Fuckin sick of people saying …well Govts have always been like that …
    Or Theres nothing we can do about it …..Or I’m only having the jab so i can get back to doing normal stuff ….Sad thing is I Class these people I have
    known for years as level headed and certainly not stupid …well until now !
    Also some have children and they are going parents but just do not seem to give a fuck ,just totally blinded .

    • I totally agree with you, people i know are saying the same brainwashed thing have the jab to get back to normal they want this new world order and there passports to go to places F that not me, I’m starting to feel they are treating me as the enemy we living in a more divided country now more than brexit, i fear for our future

  4. It’s unbelievable what’s happening here we have a faggot bastard dictating everything what he is going to do. He is openly saying we are going to replicate Israel. Have the people any idea what is coming down the line. fuck all happening here in limerick everyone braindead. I said it from the start if varadqueer said everyone has to wear a plastic bag over their heads there are a lot of donkeys who would actually do it. They can shove their GAA passports and vaccines up their holes.

  5. I know people have mentioned this, but it is critical everybody listen to James Delingpole interviewing Dr Mike Yeadon, former CEO of Pfizer. It is explosive. He says you can’t trust this ‘government’ and do not take this vaccine. He says if they try to force you to take it, say: “No, that is coercion and thus illegal.” Here is the link:

    • He also says the ‘elite’ aren’t taking it and are flying the world around as usual.

    • Excellent video – Hugo you need to listen to this and everyone else

  6. They are pre-prepping the zombie with the passport debate on the MSM big style at the moment. Wheeling lots of limp wristed MP’s that are supposedly going to make a stand on this issue but we know they will flip flop when it comes to the fake vote and off we go again!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  7. We may need to go on a national hunger strike to shame these control freak scumbags into submission

  8. The weapon we can all wield is to BOYCOTT every service & product that is linked to vax & ‘passports’.
    Ghandi did this. It forced UK to bend. It takes time, but it works.
    Civil disobedience. We are powerful in numbers.

    Hugo …. can we encourage people to make a list of orgs to BOYCOTT.
    Run our own “ads” online with the BLACK LIST & the alternative suppliers.

  9. I live in S.Ireland, the Land of the living Dead. I had occasion to go to a town for the first time since last summer. I rarely go out into a a broken world. I was utterly horrified to see everyone in the town, in the fresh air,on a lovely spring day, in the open, wearing muzzles. Everyone, children, old chaps puffing and shuffling, gripping on to to zimmer frames, about to keel over, faces like beetroots. Even a blind man. I was the only person with a naked face.
    The level of compliance,seemingly, within the herd, is total. This whole phantom charade in S. Ireland is being orchestated by the Taoiseach who looks like a weasel and his henchman Leo Veruka who is a medical doctor and knows exactly what is going on: genocide. They have changed in a year. Their eyes have gone black. How many of us will stand firm and fast and guard our DNA with our lives? In the east the TAU tells of the three great treasures given to most human beings. DNA through consciousness is one of them. What is happening is wickedness on a cosmic scale and is no less than blasphemy. So, no way will they stick a needle in me. They can stick pins in my eyes, insert bamboo slivers under my nails, even, stick a red hot poker up my fundement I will die for this. I will go out a human being, not a half human and enslaved. What say you Irish folk? Where are you?
    Old Mother Dingle.

    • I hear you, Mother Dingle. I also avoid going into town these days, it’s fucking depressing to see the pandemic of stupidity and unfortunately, this so-called ‘pandemic’ has destroyed my faith the the Irish will to fight and struggle and to even use their God-given intelligence. I was shocked to learn about the GAA passport, I don’t watch RTE or the other propaganda machines we have here so I don’t know, maybe it was on the news or something. I’m starting to feel like I’m part of some kind of resistance movement. Pearse and Connolly et al must be doing cartwheels in their graves.

      • I am isolated in rural Co.cork – I really believe that some form of orchestrated resistance should be organised.Things are happening at great speed. We must band together. Those of us who see fascism rolling out before our eyes with free minds are inventive. We need to orchestrate a network of like minded people to sort out food sources and ways of circumnavigating travel restrictions. I obviously have not found such a movement as, by its nature is it is hidden and covert. First they will stop access to money, then kill our pets and then ourselves. That’s how totalitarianism works. Remember the gulags? How alternative writers, scientists and thinkers were stifled and snuffed out after suffering years of torment and privation.? Its coming to us, folks!. Lets hope that the wonderful Hugotalks can set up a forum for us to get together to survive the dark black clouds that are fast approaching.
        As for Ireland, I weep for my adopted home country
        Old Mother Dingle.


  11. Hi from Dublin Hugo, thanks for the great work, new subscriber here. The GAA receives multiple millions in funding from the Irish State, so they are just falling into line like everybody else and counting on the stupidity of the masses and the fear of having their ‘Bread and Circuses’ taken away. My father, God rest him, even years ago used to say, “We are turning into a nation of sheep.” If he could see the mass insanity now…

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