Enough Is Enough / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. I stopped listen to these so called politicians ever since Tony Blair lead the UK to a terrible war we had no right getting involve in.

    • Yes, Blair was a convicted sex offender before going into office, under the name Charles Lynton Blair, as I remember. Hence, the name change to Tony Blair, to cover his tracks. Thus, he is compromised, like they all are. They then do as they’re told, are free, get rich and so on. This is the world we live in. Completely controlled by evil,.

      • Yes he got caught purloining in some toilets his full name is Antony Charles Lynton Blair so when went to court used his two middle names..
        For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
        No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

      • Also, Blair is a Knight of Malta, was/is a member of the ‘Committee of 300’, and all the rest. A High Level Freemason. Apparently, when you take the initiation ritual into Freemasonry, a demon is attached to you, and then there’s no going back from there. Same thing when you engage in homosexuality, etc – you’re inviting demons into you. That’s why all of this stuff is pushed so heavily. And then you get these ‘celebrities’ bitching and whining about ‘their demons’ – which they’ve brought on themselves a lot of the time – not always.

  2. Its sickening that the masses still tune into their garbage let alone believe it!
    The situation is now dire with many of our friends taking a shot tempted with dodgy incentives such as holidays, pubs etc. Weak I know, but the power of the MSM is still too Great. The RAF saved us once, maybe we can do it again so we need to fully launch our very own Blitzkrieg (lightning war) on them…

    Visit https://silentmajority.co.uk/raf.html and use promo videos to try and wake friends before they take another shot. Full unedited videos covered in promo videos can also be found at site address above.

    Direct Operation / Promo vid links.
    Melt – https://rumble.com/vcocbk-operation-retard-melt.html
    Fool – https://rumble.com/vcry5t-operation-retard-fool.html
    Crumble – https://rumble.com/vcxldj-operation-retard-crumble.html
    Fruit Cake – https://rumble.com/vejoj7-operation-retard-fruit-cake.html

    Join the RAF Today – Use videos for your own entertainment / research and select a subject most likely to wake a fallen friend up to the insanity they have blindly been following!!!

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  4. Yep. Switch off media. Go outside & meet friends (& new friends) in the park. Have a picnic. Chat. Laugh & don’t follow any of their rules. Ignore them! In groups you’ll feel stronger.
    Shop together WITHOUT masks. It works; groups of 20 women with kids have shopped this way & are totally left alone.
    Ignore the rules.
    Remember the old school days when kids rebelled & schools/teachers had to adjust the (stupid) rules because kids refused to follow them?

    When I go into schools in Brisbane, the kids totally ignore hand sanitisers, masks & distancing. Couldn’t give a toss. Some teachers try to enforce it & the kids roll their eyes, move a small amount, then 5 mins later they’re in close contact again (hugging in school grounds) and totally unafraid. I love it!
    Just ignore them & don’t engage.

    We can wear THEM down.
    Civil disobedience is called for at Every opportunity.

    We have to stop them NOW & come out of Lockdown ourselves. Even in small groups. Breaking lockdown is the key to this being OVER. No lockdown = no more jabs & No ‘freedom’ passports.
    Must end Lockdowns now.
    Pretend you’re a school kid from the 60s, 70s, or 80s.

  5. I have sad to many people that I know
    that all political heads of all the nations
    are following UN mandate
    The UN is the one World order
    I tell them that just like George Orwell‘s 1984 in which George Orwell mentions wars are not meant to be won, that why we have different countries cornflakes just to Key people divided and controlled.

    We are f##ked , there’s to many sheep‘s and they will pick off resistance one by one anyway is it worth defending Sheep’s when they rob you off you groceries if there was a food shortage like a animal.

    I don’t blame the elites

    You have to look through the elite eyes to understand what is, they see .

    • As the ‘elites’ look down on us from above stripping the shelves of toilet paper they must really hate us. I was in a supermarket the other day and noticed that the bean, tomato puree and vegetable oil aisle appeared to have been ravished. I thought, jeez, not this again, but then reconciled myself but thinking it must be because it is late at night and cast the thought to one side, because the thought of fighting over a packet of pasta was just too unbearable. This ‘pandemic’ has really exposed us as a species – somewhere south of a chimpanzee – in all our naked ape egotistic, self-centred selfishness. It gives you a taste of what things would be like if there ever was a food shortage. Got to keep the ‘bread and circuses’ going as the Ancient Romans and all politicians right up to the present day know. It would be too bad if the wheels ever came of the bread and circuses wagon though. And the funny thing is that one of the reasons we are given for taking the jib-jab is to ‘protect the community’ 😀 What community? The same community that would slit your throat for the last can of beans if it came to it. The ‘community’ can do one. I won’t be putting my life at risk by taking the jib-jab for no ‘community’. And at the end of the day all we are really justifying, if they even need it, in the eyes of the elite is our own demise. What was it David Attenborough recently called human beings? A stain on planet Earth.

  6. The tweet at the end was spot on. I am the calm type, take everything in my stride, like to go with hubby and a flask of tea and sit under a tree in the countryside or a woodland walk but even I have difficulty at times now. You must keep your thoughts as “normal” and non-c*vid as possible. Conduct your daily tasks as if it doesn’t exist. It is hard sometimes, but very important.

    • It is like Plato said if you stop thinking about something it doesn’t exist any more.

  7. Thankyou Hugo, I wonder how many people are going to finally see what’s happening, time for the sleeping masses too awken, me thinks.

    • Think Tavistock. They are the brainwashing arm of the deep state Council of 300 responsible for all major wars/conflicts in the last 100 years. Think Bolshevik Revolution think Tavistock. WW1 =Tavistock, NATO/Club of Rome=Tavistock etc etc etc. Polling is one of their key weapons-IPSO MORI (Rothschild owned) being a key part of it.

  8. One of Stalin’s techniques was to wear down the populace with stupidity. And this is all about wearing people down. That is why I intend to ignore most of it, save for keeping one ear open for any significant pronouncements.

    • This whole nonsense is only of worth as part of a study course in propaganda techniques. You must treat media like a dangerous poison. When you open it to listen and watch you must remain dispassionate and remain of a clear and analytical mind. You must not believe in or take heed of any of this nonsense to any degree whatsoever. It is only the very strong of mind who will remain uninfected by coming into contact with these toxins. For the normal person it is best to leave well alone.

      • Yes you are right . I check to see what they are putting out in MSM but then it gets to me so I probably need to stop looking !!

      • Do you think the people who are putting out the propaganda would read, watch or listen to the crap they put out?
        Do you think that the propagandists who appear on TV go home and watch TV? Of course they don’t! It is as preposterous a suggestion as Fuckerberg spends all his time on Fakebook 😀 The Google guys spend all day on YouTube. It is the last thing they do. People who work in TV/radio/print media don’t consume TV/radio/print media. It is their work. By consuming the propaganda you are consuming someone else’s work. In any case, the propaganda is put out for the ‘profane, the ‘lower orders’ to consume. The ‘elites’ will be out hiking trails, having a picnic in the park which is what the rest of us should be doing and just ignoring their crap. If something is getting to you it is stressing you out and is not good for your health. There is nothing more important then your health. Anything injurious to your health such as vax-ceens, junk food and toxic media should be kicked to the kerb. It is best to tune out and just keep the one ear ever so slightly open.

    • Yeah you are right .. it’s all part of the brain washing to make you think you are in the minority & out of step . Have to just park it sometimes or it gets me down if I see too much of it .

  9. Surprised you haven’t given up Hogo! Salute you mate. STILL RIGHT BEHIND YOU1

  10. We need more Hugo’s!!!
    Keep going 💪
    We derive a lot of comfort & strength knowing that we’re not alone in this insane difficult world. The comments are encouraging, as most people (not all🙏🏻) we know have been jabbed & see us unvaccinated as crazy and thus avoid us!!!

  11. Hi Hugo, Thanks for all your hard work and video prep 😊

    Not sure if you follow the ice age Farmer but he has masses of enlightening and frightening information( U tube and Telegram). This is particularly awakening re the true meaning of Zero Carbon plans filtering into the MSM…. Your reach is far greater than mine if you wish to share Many Thanks



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    • Feet first into an industrial meat grinder would be my choice for Tony Bliar.

  12. Greetings Hugo,
    Times of crisis, constructed from top down fascism directing permanent bio-terror pandemics, are both incredibly dangerous and immensely important.
    Dangerous for the unconscious slaves who have no courage to take a stand and rebel against the criminal politician’s bogus propaganda and lies.
    Unable to explore new intelligent dimensions of freedom and truth, they are bound to fully disintegrate into different kinds of madness, because their obedient collective mind was made by this society.
    Now the fabric of society is disintegrating fast, their subservient mind cannot remain, its roots are in the society.
    It is constantly nourished by the society, now that nourishment is disappearing.
    Because the society is disintegrating, a great suspicion, a doubt that was never there before, is bound to arise in the masses.
    And if they were just compliant people who have never gone beyond any limit that the politician’s have decided, who have always been respected, honorable citizens, in other words, just mediocre automatons, they will immediately go mad.
    But times of crisis are of tremendous significance for those daring and rebellious souls who have never bothered about society’s respectability, its honors.
    Who have never bothered about what others think about them, but have done only that which they felt right to do.
    Who have in a certain way been always rebellious, individualistic.
    For these people the times of crisis and rebel culture are just golden, because society is rapidly disintegrating.
    These daring individuals can use this opportunity to go beyond the old mind, because now the society cannot prevent them, cannot hinder them.
    Now they are free.
    There has never been so intense a search for spiritual growth, for freedom, for meditation.
    But there has also never been so much madness either.
    Both are happening because the status quo is no longer powerful, it has lost control.
    Though this government created crisis is a truly terrible psy-op, there are golden opportunities too.
    Many politicians, planners, enforcers and collaborators will have their masks ripped off, and will be actually seen for what they really are, neurotic and psychotic fascists, but at least now they will be true and now they will be honest, they won’t be able to hide it anymore.
    You may think they are mad, they are not mad, they are simply exposed by the great revelation.
    They have believed too much in the rotten old mind, the old power stucture and it betrayed them.
    But the best of the new courageous rebels will reach to heights unknown before.
    We can conceive that in this atmosphere that the uprisings will create, a thousandfold more awakened people, enlightened people, this will become easily possible.
    As the new mind prevails then life can fully become an enlightening process.
    And enlightenment will not be something rare, that it happens once in a while to somebody very special.
    It will become a very ordinary human experience, that only once in a while some really idiotic person misses.
    To find the witness means to find one’s own innermost core.
    Find the witness and then everything will follow.
    You have found your own inner being, and now that being can direct you.
    Be a witness to your experiences and you will know that the whole world is just a reflection of you.
    It has not penetrated you.
    It cannot, it is impossible.
    It can only be reflected, a consciousness reflects.
    The witness is one.
    The witness is not given to you by the society, it is the awakening of your soul, it is pure awareness.
    Be a witness.
    Remember this word ‘witness’.
    If you can understand this word and practice it, you don’t need anything else.
    This is a master key.
    Any stupid lock can be opened by it.
    And society gives you very stupid divisive ideas and you will carry those ideas your whole life.
    Unless you make great efforts to awaken yourself you will remain enclosed in your ideologies, they will divide you.
    This is a social strategy to dominate you.
    The society does not want conscious people at all.
    They are too rebellious, they are too dangerous for the status quo, for the establishment, for the church, for the state, for the nation.
    They are too dangerous because they have gone through a revolution and their very vibe creates revolution in others.
    Truth has a magnetic force in it.
    It always attracts, particularly those who are young and fresh, particularly those who are not burdened with old rubbish and garbage and junk, but who are receptive, capable of seeing, understanding.
    Now, enlightened rebels are waking up the whole earth.

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