‘PASSPORTS Only For A Year’ YEAH RIGHT! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Then the next year, the new version of the passport/certificate after the 11 month trial, It’s all BS !

    • I’m in New Zealand. Last night I’m at home. My phone pings. It says its a Google update. its part of Google Go. I open to see the app. Its a giant picture of a coronavirus with words to the effect- contact tracing, health passport vaccination record… So Google sent that direct to my phone. I have disabled it as best I could. i think when this shit gets real I will first start with the faraday wallet and then ditch my smart phone and move to a burner I bought for this exact eventuality. OMG

      • We need to ditch our smartphones easier said than done I know

      • It is easy to ditch a smartphone. A cheap ‘burner phone’ does all you need from a phone. All that is missing is internet access and those stupid ‘apps’. The cheaper phones actually have more features and are less dumbed-down that ‘smart’phones. You don’t have to ‘jailbreak’ a ‘candy-bar’ phone. And who wants to humph a huge phone that costs over Β£1000 around with them anyway, scared that you will drop it and break it. Dumb phones still run on 2G, the first digital network .1G was the huge analogue phones like what used to be called ‘carphones’. We are lucky in the UK that the 2G network is still up and running. Most countries have closed down 2G and have or are in the process of closing down 3G. If you use a dumb phone you are supporting the 2G network and helping to keep it alive.

      • Another thing. With smartphones you only have a choice of two operating systems – Google’s ‘Android’ or Apple’s ‘iOS’. Apple devices are extortionate in price. Apple’s more expensive iOS doesn’t collect and sell as much of your data as Google’s Android but the price you pay for the cheaper ‘Android’ system is that it vacuums up absolutely all of you data and sends it back to the Google guys. A ‘candy bar’ sends absolutely nothing back to the ‘mother ship’. Plus no GPS tracking your every move, facial/fingerprint recognition etc. And the best part is that you can’t run a stupid ‘vax-ceen passport’ app on them either.

      • It’s “funny”, isn’t it? How they can shove this garbage down our throats without any repercussions from “privacy” related laws. The moment I go to city hall, however, I need to tell them the colour of the pants I wore 3 years ago on the 2nd Sunday of May to access “my” data in “their” system.

        Over here, it first became crystal clear with the trains, going on about how the service is shit because there are too many users. Now it’s come to this.

    • Absolutely… Oh the variants are coming, we need to extend this passport system, oh another variant, another year and so it goes on.

      Why would anyone believe these pathological liars about anything? I’d check the date if they told me it… Every time their lips move, they lie, so obviously that even Stevie Wonder could see through it..

  2. Well done Hugo, spreading the truth. Does anyone still believe this LIAR? Every time he opens his mouth he is lying. Look at the last 12 months! Very sinister and evil people in the shadows behind him are forging ahead to pursue their evil agenda. We know who some of them are and they should be brought to justice and jailed. It should be so obvious to everyone by now surely?

    • Jailed ! they want hanging from London Bridge andet the birds eat them .

      • Unfortunately you’ll find that the death penalty has been done away with for treason in most Western nations… How convenient as treason is rampant in those very countries now and has been for decades as Britain and other sovereign nations were sold to the globalist agendas we can all see taking hold

  3. Won’t be going anywhere that asks for a vaccine passport. Simple as that.

  4. It is not only going to be a vaccine passport.
    The platform will be adapted to become a digital ID, and eventually a social credit system.
    I think that they will introduce Universal Basic Income in September, and later tie that to vaccination status.
    The only way forwards is Ghandi style Non-compliance.

  5. Income tax was a ‘temporary measure’ brought in after the Great War

  6. Well done Hugo, people spread the through resist the MSN agenda. Dr Michael Yeadon who worked for Pfizer as scientists advisor has been advocating what the Papers, Bkody BBC, ITV nand SKY hide from all us.. THE TRUTH. YouTube has banned all his videos in which he expose Witty, His fellow crooks advisors and most of all Hancock. Same with Nick Hudson videos. The government blocks or censored anything that contradict their evil plans. NO VACCINE PASDPORTS NOW, NO NEVER, NO TEMPORARY. KEEP UNITED

  7. The only way this will fail
    Is if there is hardly any take up from the public and the pub/bar owners and restaurant owners start complaining there aren’t any punters.Seen a crank on the news saying he welcomes it ,he should be against it the fool because I hope he gets no one in there

  8. Says the Clown that breathed all life out of the eCONomy.. We need to track and trace all MP’s as well as their voting records!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  9. Well done Hugo
    Keep up the good work Remember A Single twig breaks but the bundle of twigs is strong .
    We must never Accept this vaccine passport

  10. ‘Training’ – good word, Hugo! It is evidence-based science, not model-based speculation. We should now have learned the lesson. The government and their advisers are liars. They are not to be trusted. We can speculate reasons behind this but, essentially, we just have to say NO! There is not even a need to have a conspiracy theory. The evidence is they are congenital liars. Just say NO!

  11. The passport is also the key to the cashless society. As Trudeau from Canada has admitted, they want to use the fear of Covid to install the new world order.

  12. BoJo the Bastard can go fuck himself, cause I ain’t having it EVER!

  13. Just had a rant out the back of my house ….again ….trying to wake people up !

  14. We need to all march on Parliament and occupy it, then Downing Street, then the press. Shut them down and stop them operating…
    .None of us voted for UN agenda 21 or Klauss Schwab….None of us.

  15. Telk them all to go fuck themselves.
    Then have Nuremberg trials and send them all down with multiple life sentences.
    Bill Gates included.
    Evil bastard’s the lot of them

  16. Our God given freedoms are rapidly slipping away, the tragedy is that most people are not aware of what is really going on; so blindly follow the masses who have been brainwashed into believing that Covid vaccines & vaccine passports will keep them safe and that they will be able to return to the old life we all once took for granted. How much have we already lost, what will it take for more people to WAKE UP and refuse what is being forced on us? We were born to be FREE not slaves to a tyrannical soul crushing system!!!!
    NO to Covid vaccines, NO to vaccine passports, No to these CHAINS of PRISON, NO to the Hell that is unfolding!!!

  17. In a country run by pedophiles who no one can take to court and who are protected by the police and who put the parents in psychiatric institutions or kill them, and who can already trace you by your phone calls and bank accounts, it is the best idea ever to have a track and trace passport!

  18. To have vaccine passport means to live in a NAZI society or in North Korea/China … I’m eating healthy I’m doing sport I have a strong immune system I worked with patients with covid at the pick of plandemic and I didn’t give I didn’t took…. I’m 100% sure the test has a role in infecting the people with covid and I know what I’m saying…….

  19. Bang on point as usual Hugo. Keep it up. I don’t know about anybody else, but it feels like I’m just waiting until they say I have to take a test and the vaccine. At which point I will tell them to GET F***ED! If I go to work, and they say I have to have a ‘vaccine passport’, I will go and write my notice and hand it in immediately. I’ve done that plenty of times anyway, so it holds no fear for me.

    • I live close to a ‘vaccine clinic’ and every time I pass there is a steady stream of people going in. They are almost running in, barking stuff such as ‘key worker’ to the security bod. I witnessed one old buzzard coming in in a taxi pointing desperately at the taxi driver ‘there, there’ as if he hadn’t been there a million times before so desperate was she to get her ‘vax-ceen’. I am sure that I recognised her from some place before – ransacking the bargain store back in March 2020. The same fear that stripped the shelves of toilet roll is powering the ‘vax-ceen’ take-up.
      It is fear and greed that motivates and drives humans beings. And it is these morons who will seal the fate of the rest of us. As for the rest of us, those who have no intention of voluntarily taking the jab most are just holding out until they ‘have to get it’ – I have heard this phrase many a time – and then hoping for the best. At least by ignoring ‘offers’ and not allowing yourself to be ‘nudged’ and driven by fear propaganda it would force the government into a position where it would have to show its totalitarian hand. They couldn’t say that you ‘accepted the offer’, that ‘you choose the ‘vax-ceen’. And if you ever reach the point that you have to accept a medical procedure to just go about your daily business you know for sure that you are living in a totalitarian society. But that very totalitarian society will have been brought about by and facilitated by the very members of that society, our friends, our relatives, the people we live amongst because they ‘chose the vax-ceen’. Meanwhile, all I can do is look on in dismay at steady stream of people turning up at the ‘vax-ceen clinic’.

  20. Oh woe unto us if we accept this demonic tyranny. How can we live like slaves shackled to an emerging Beast system.
    We were born to be free. Don’t accept what they are coercing us into. How can we call ourselves human if we allow ourselves to be their robots.
    Refuse tyranny. Live to be free.

  21. I’d like to thing not even the sheeple will belive yet another of his massive lies but of course they’ll be bullied in to it with yet more propaganda

    • Yes, they rule by fear. People are afraid all the time, that they’ll lose their job, they’ll go to prison and get ass-raped (a myth), they’ll lose their house and end up on the streets, etc. F*ck it, we need to stop worrying all the time. And support each other, if somebody genuine is in need.

      • I don’t know what you except people to do andy besides turn up some place so that the police can ‘take down their details’ and put them on a ‘list’. People who have a job, rent/mortgage, family responsibilities are not going to so that. Especially people who have children. Not everyone has the luxury of being wealthy/retired owning property etc.

  22. We ain’t avin em at all!!.. never mind a year
    Fk right OFF… to mars bull gates & bogus Johnson.. & of course the RH. MR Whitty et al….. Mind blownπŸ’©πŸ˜·πŸ’©

  23. How can such an expensively educated man as Boris Johnson be be so stupid?

    He obviously knows nothing of statistics, probability or chance,

  24. Perhaps the fat bastard has been got at.

    Who cares or gives a shit?

  25. came across this video last night any ideas who this guy is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDQYRYdnbk4
    EXCLUSIVE 😳 Boris U-turn πŸ›‘ NO Passports For Pubs & Restaurants πŸ‘
    Breaking news from inside Number 10 Support Alex @ PayPal.me/FreeSpeechUK


  26. B Johnson is Not stupid. He knows exactly what is going on and knows what he is doing is pure evil.

  27. A mostly black panel decides that the UK is not racist but Boris decides to side with the eternally aggrieved and thus deliberately perpetuates a most egregious lie.

    What more can Boris do the nation?

  28. To paraphrase ‘dogs are not just for Christmas, dogs are for life’. Vax-ceen passports are not just for a one-off concert or football match. Vax-ceen passports are for life.

    • We all know the destination.

      I resisted the idea of conspiracy for years but the evidence is now impossible to ignore.

      We I.e humanity are the problem to the likes of Prince Charles, Bill Gates et al.

      I am an old man who was looking for a bit of peace in my old age but I find I am obliged to fight for my liberty against a supposed conservative government. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night astonished by the way my country seems to be going.

      It take the opportunity to have a pee too, of course.

      We British have always had a laugh, even when we hurt inside.

      • When I typed β€˜It’ I meant β€˜ I’, of course.

  29. Truth πŸŽ‰ if people in the UK fall for this then they deserve what they get πŸ˜‘πŸ‘

    • They do, as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn remarked in the Gulag Archipelago. It is hard to feel any sympathy. A species so dumb that it will get jib-jabbed with goodness knows what for a doughnut πŸ˜€ Even a farm animal has more intelligence. Whoever is pulling the strings must really hate us. Even the media is openly laughing at us: “Jab for a pie and a pint. But you can watch the footie on the big screen without one” screams with derision and contempt. What sort of idiot is this crap aimed at? Jeez, it is enough to make you physically sick. It is like living in the film ‘Idiocracy’. A species so brain-dead that it seems like it deserves to and serves up justification for being genocided into oblivion.

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