Good Friday Lockdown News ROUNDUP / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Keep going Hugo! You are doing an excellent job. Thank you.

    • Protests by kill the bill are I believe financed, the same adjenda as de fund the police in the US, I smell Soros.
      Protests take a lot of organisation & with loads of financial support its streamlined. Kill bill are an organised crew prob antifa by another name… Just look at the new Nike’s…

    • Agree, listening to this keeps the determination going never to give in to the blackmail.
      What is the piece of music at the end of the video, I really like it.

    • I agree with you totally. These far off dates are slowing us down and in the process get complacent. Yes, protest should happen at least weakly on top of other initiatives as protesting is not enough.

  2. Ramadan starts on April 13th. They won’t dare lock them down, prevent them from worshipping Allah. They actively want to destroy Christianity though. Funny how all of these churches, especially in France keep getting burned down. Just a coincidence I’m sure.

      • Well said Hugo, right on point as usual. Just look at that poster – “Vaccine passports will mean you NEVER get your liberty back”. It’s subliminal. That is a rule of black magic, you have to warn people what you are going to do before doing it, if the victim does not fight or flee, you can proceed. That is what it wreaks of to me!

      • Fox isn’t 666 in the numerology I do?

      • “FOX=666 confirms English gematria as valid. “FOX” is the shortest and neatest word with a value of 666 in English Gematria because F=6, O=60, and X=600. This word occurs only once in any English New Testament. It’s in Luke 13:32, where Jesus has just been warned that King Herod seeks to kill him, and Jesus says, “Go and tell that fox…”

    • They not after christianity they after everyone. I think you forgot they locked down all muslim populated areas up north in eid. What you’re talking about is divide and conquer. Right now everyone has to be togather to fight these evil people not make division

      • What about the burning down of churches? I’m not blaming muslims. But it is a real thing. Can you explain that? Do we just let every church burn down and then say, if you oppose an ancient church being burnt down, you’re dividing and conquering? Is that the argument? Lets just burn and destroy Christianity, but come together at the same time? This is David Icke tier stuff. If you believe they’re not after Christianity, I have bridge on the moon, made of cheese to sell you.

  3. People have to travel and budget. I got a ticket down from Manchester last time £60.

    On the 24th April it’s £95 and I’m self employed and have lost income.

    If you live in London, fair enough, but a lot of protesters have to travel in and that takes money and organisation.

    • A better alternative I’d suggest is to donate that money to somebody who IS fighting and on the front line. Then, every £ is a bullet, so to speak. Wandering down streets with cardboard signs saying ‘End the lockdown’ is completely pointless. It achieves nothing. I mean no disrespect to people who have done that. We have to wake up to reality here people.

  4. Save our rights are very suspicious, Vince has been seen talking to Police moments before thay attack the demonstrators as Vince and his side kick disappear. Im very carefull about posting this message as mindful about gossip and division but with confidence I say “They are Rogues who have fooled lots of us” !

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  6. Hugo you are right we have about 3 months to save our country and its people and we waiting 3 weeks to protest. This is madness and smacks of government intervention. We need a leader with urgency to bring the masses together and stop this dangerous nonsense.

  7. Very Good ? Hugo.. who picks these dates and why do people enjoy spending so much money on something that has never worked so far and may never work without real media coverage? It is down to YOU and YOU doing it every day. We are obviously nowhere near the 99% with the amount of people taking a first Shot… Which is down to the media deception because enough people are still not openly showing resistance in their local area!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  8. I think I’m sometimes being shadow banned on You tube so I’ll leave this comment here:

    The thing is this……so you go on a march and demonstrate against the slide to a social credit system…….and then you go home. Then they bring a Bill before Parliament and the scumbag MPs vote in favour of vaccine passports….without doing what they all should do….RESIGN and have a national election and let the people decide. So the voters are left with only one option as I see it…..and I hope in a nation of 68 million people we have 651 people who will pay a visit on each and every MP and do the right thing….. perform a citizen’s arrest against EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THOSE WHO WOULD COMMIT TREASON AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED KINGDOM OF ENGLAND, SCOTLAND, WALES AND NORTHERN IRELAND. It should be plain to anyone, that any MP who votes in favour of such a Bill, is by the very nature of it, committing treason. It worries me deeply that we have a Parliament that appears only too happy to sell its citizens down the river.

  9. It take time to organise legal protest

    Lawrence Fox the new Nigel Farage

    Vaccine passport are illegal under civil liberty

  10. Stuff the vaccine and the passport, and I’m not even on the UK. The ‘pissport’ excuse the pun, doesn’t appear to be an issue here. Yes, the best solution is to say ‘no’ to all of this. Sadly, however, most of us haven’t learned to think and fend for ourselves. It’s equally unfortunate that those who are controlling this agenda know this all too well.
    I’ve enjoyed watching movies starring the Fox family, but, yup, that’s all they are – actors.

  11. Hugo talks: resolution 2361 from European council states that vaccination will not be mandatory and there will be no discrimination against those who choose not to be vaccinated. This was passed towards the end of January (26th?)

  12. Peaceful demonstrations don’t work at stopping the avalanche because everyone continues to accept whatever govts dish out. They all know that we are tolerant while we’re still ‘comfortable’. We need constructive civil disobedience. There are numerous examples in history that have worked. I can think of 2. Indian mass (Ghandi style, in millions) demonstrations work when they obstruct transport (rail, roads, etc). The bulk of men stand or sit and stay for weeks. All surrounding villagers/people feed & water them, (provide replacements for breaks) and support them in every way with tents/shelter etc. If all London transport was blocked for weeks THAT would be a statement they cant ignore. For every ‘sitter’ – and we need another million – (get the school kids involved!!!) for a buddy support system. They can’t lock up a million people . WW press!!!! But we have to STAY there. No giving up!!
    Second method: govts have broken many, many laws. The list needs to be comprehensively compiled and take them to court. If they block it …. Oliver Cromwell and/or Mr Fawkes might come back from the dead?
    Working on both methods (and others) at the same time would be ideal.

    On another note … it’s Easter. I wonder what Jesus would have to say today???

    • Like I have said before on here people are like fatted cattle lolling around in a lush field of consumerism/cheap credit – ripe for the slaughter!

      • Hi Trev
        Im frustrated and want to meet with smart, brave persons where we THINK of clever interruptive acts that we can execute in small groups. May need to work as small cells using analog communications & codes.
        I noticed a well-planned act of rebellion (no injuries or deaths) in Vancouver on 1 April. Sends a clear message. I’ve studied the methods of Stalin, Mao and especially Hitler for decades. We should’ve acted sooner. We need to act now. They need to start being scared of us. Perhaps I’m alone in this regard.

    • I learned a valuable lesson at school, Karen. On occasion the school bus wouldn’t turn up. At first everyone was all ‘bolshie’ at first saying that they wouldn’t walk to school. But slowly but surely but surely everyone ‘broke ranks’ drifted off to begin the walk to school. Always the girls first. “Because we don’t want to get into trouble” was the sorry excuse. I was always one of the last men (no girls) standing. Of course we all received the severest of punishments the next day. Another example is a ‘rent strike’. I remember my parents resolutely refusing to pay, that is until she learned that the neighbours we sneaking into a council office a couple of miles away to pay their rent! You don’t have to be a student of human nature, or to look at what happened in Hong Kong or other countries to know that your suggestions are a non-starter. From you comment, I also get the impression that you want to sit back and let others (men) do the ‘heavy lifting’. Feel free to correct if I am mistaken. Our problem is that those who control us understand human nature fully. We are our own worst enemies, and our own downfall.

  13. Qui bono – follow the money” ( banking system)
    Get out through the cryptocurrencies- it is one of the ways to nulify their confidence and financial ability to steal your money

  14. I’ve liked your work so far, but this is a disappointing video.
    Your point on the lateness of the protest is valid, but you are attacking one of the few loud voices on the side of anti-lockdown anti-vaccine passport (Lawrence Fox), who in his mayoral campaign had made it clear that he will unlock London. The officialness of the vaccine passport is new (only a few days) and people have not yet got to grips with it.
    This smacks of the circular firing squad on the anti-mask, anti-lockdown side, and needs to stop.

    • So you launch a campaign to become London Mayor, and your the main angle of your campaign is how you are going to unlock London, while at the same time knowing that the London Mayor has no powers to do anything like that. Isn’t that deliberately miss-leading people? Is that not portaying yourself in a false manner. Yes it is.

  15. Correct me if im wrong but whitty has said that covid19 has been downgraded to something akin to seasonal flu and that there will be no more lockdowns – so how now will they justify a medical passport. A passport for a flu-jab, its too ridiculous and wont stand.

    • Yeah but he said in a few years not right now, they’re going full steam ahead with this vaccine & passport crap, we have to say no & stick to it or we’ll be next in line in front of the death panel.

      They DNR you for any reason these days, avoid the NHS as much as you can.

  16. Their are many expert mind control people in the Sage Elite just working on Propaganda techniques and you are 100% correct. The only way resistance can be achieved is to adopt non compliance at every turn and make it clear that the people with an ounce of common sense cannot be worn down. Protest in every town and city every Sunday on masse..

  17. Hi Hugo, have you listened to the recent interview by James Delinpole? Its Mike Yeadon, absolutely explosive. Keep up the good work. 

  18. Those who still believe all the nonsense at this stage may be impossible to “convert”. As another commenter mentioned, there are mind control experts working on the government propaganda we’re being bombarded with daily. Those of us who have not been touched by it have to look after ourselves now. Confident non-compliance all the way.

  19. Lawrence Fox has started a new party to go against wokes and lockdown and passports. As mayor he wonr be able to do anything but the new party has to start its presence somewhere.

    • That’s fine, but don’t launch a campaign for London Mayor stating you will unlock London, when you have no powers to do so.

  20. The bible said in Matthew 24 when we see these thing began to happen we should look up our redemption drewth night ,there are the sign the lord speak of which would take place in the last day my friends Jesus is coming for his world ,we are living in perilous time ,Jesus is call us to repentance and turn to him and accept him as our lord and saviour ,my friends it’s going to get worst and things are go to get bad ,but there is only one person can help is Jesus ,one you give your like to him you don’t have to worry over what’s going on he will proceted you ,give your life to jusus and you be ok trust me .be bless

  21. Maybe 24th April is ‘after the fact’ as I understand Brits say. What gave me this idea. I watched an old film about the infamous Derek Bentley/Christopher Craig case just recently called ‘Let Him Have It’. In one scene we learn that it is has been decided to hold a debate in Parliament AFTER the execution has taken place. Derek’s mother passes out in the lobby of the House of Commons when she hear this devastating news. Would we be protesting ‘after the fact’?

  22. 🤬🤬 yet more proof that non of this is about a “virus” how the fk will a piece of paper certify you safe when vaccines are never 100% … This is mass condition ing… mind blown…

  23. Hello Hugo,

    This is the text that was written on a forwarded video from Videodump:

    Canadian police tried to shut down a POLISH church on Easter. The Polish have a PROFOUND understanding of totalitarianism (fascism, communism) and sent the police away! #COVID1984

    The same VIDEO appears here:

    Standing ovation for the man who took a stand and rousted the cops. May his example inspire many more of us.

    Daniel Labounty

    Poriya – Neve Oved 1521000


  24. Protests organised on the internet are meaningless. TPTB know when they are happening and can choose to let them go ahead but under controlled conditions, tactics already in place.

    Besides that, when was the last time a protest actually resulted in anything worthwhile? Probably when that suffragette chucked herself under that racehorse. Protest all you like, they ain’t listening!

  25. Just seen more met constables making up laws, as they go along. Can you tell me what is the definition of a group of 6? I bet there is no official definition. As for these Mickey mouse rules, use their own stick to beat them.

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