Over 70s Driving BAN and CAR TRACKERS / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. This is also about their green agenda. Wanting to save the planet, thus restrict as many people as possible driving. Eventually they don’t want anyone to drive cars, for us all to live in smart cities and sleep in a mini booth in shared accomodation. This world is getting frightening.

    • Yes and Charlie boy and his dad and son are driving it.

  2. These people have many agendas and none of them are aimed towards making our lives any better.

  3. We will be lucky to make 70 anyway soon.. Bad Morning Britain prepped the already battered, suicidal British public 4 days ago to this news with Johnny Ball defending the old and Dr Miriam StopHard supporting the restrictions!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  4. Enjoy your car and your freedom, it’ll be gone in 10 years. Unless we act.

  5. Hence why there are 2 million Loyal CCP members in businesses and institutions around the world. To implement all these measures. Sky News Australia broke this story late last year.

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  7. Yes and they WEF/government aim to get all Diesel cars off the road by 2030 and will encourage only Electric cars and also driverless cars which will be too expensive for many to buy, one of the the aims of the Great reset is to reduce carbon emissions , oldies won’t drive and young people won’t be able to afford to.

  8. Life is becoming a horror movie, is this for real?!? Take all the joy out of life why don’t they!!! They really think that the masses are brainless. Those ruling over us are control freaks on steroids. Most over 70’s have vast experience and can teach younger generations a thing or 2!
    They can stick their trackers where the sun seldom finds!!!

  9. Boris is like a Roman emperor the people liked at first. He was a bit of laugh and a refreshing change.
    But he soon went raving mad, made his favourite horse a senator and started fucking the cat…

    …every night.

    He just has to go!

  10. I am nearly 70 years old am not even really dead yet.

    I resent the suggestion that I cannot drive to the newsagent without killing some fucking idiot.

    Best regards.

  11. People over 70 are special. They were post WW2 “Swinging Sixties” freedom lovers. Children of the revolution. They think for themselves. Don’t use smart phones (as much). Question the system. The system ONLY wants you if you are hooked up to it with health reporting apps, visiting a doctor each week, & taking prescribed drugs etc.

    Time to plan where you want to live. There are places in the world that even WEF & WHO don’t bother with.
    Remember how America started. It was the dumping ground for dissidents.
    I have my eye on several places. We have permission to travel to our new homes.

    • You are obviously in a pretty comfortable and affluent position, Karen, if you have a choice of overseas boltholes to scraper to. Are you a member of the ‘elite’ but any chance? Is your name Zuckerberg? Permission to travel? Meanwhile, the rest of face a £5,000 fine for attempting to leave the country. The only places I can think of, off the top of my head at any rate, that the WEF/WHO don’t have their claws deep into are very remote, well off the beaten track islands such as the Pitcairn Islands, Tristan da Cunha or maybe that rock in the middle of the Bering Strait, Little Diomede, that much to his eternal disappointment even Michael Palin couldn’t land on. Now, wouldn’t that be a good place to set up a new home. I have always quite fancied it 🙂

    • Oh Karen, please tell me where we can escape to. I have been desperately trying to think of other countries to escape to for months. I certainly do not want to end my days in this hell hole.

  12. It is usually at the point of retiring that a lot of people buy a camper-van and take-up RV-ing (remote vehicle) as the Yanks call it to go much further afield and also tour abroad. I can’t see what use a camper-van with a 20-mile radius will be. Jeez, are these evil demonic entities going to leave us with nothing to look forward to? Because it sure as hell seems like that.

    • Come to think of it maybe it would be better just to fit us all with a ball and chain. At least we would know where we stood. Because we couldn’t move.

    • RV is an Americanism for recreational vehicle surly

      • I stand corrected on that one. I did think it was more likely recreational or something and remote didn’t quite sound right, or stupid even, but since I was too lazy to look it up and have heard Yank friends refer to their camper vans as remote vehicles (unless I misheard a few times 🙂 ) I just went with that 😀 Maybe I should have said some Yanks 🙂 Or maybe it depends where you are in the States 🙂 Or whatever.

  13. Michael Palin was always a middle-class arsehole

    Why else would the BBC have sent him to North Korea?

    • Yes, by bravely fighting of his attempts to land Little Diomede single-handedly scuppered his middle-class sense of entitlement and buggered up his freebie round-the-world trip to boot. Oh, how we cheered 😀

      • I loved the moment when Palin returned to England after his heroic voyage and an srsey cockney vendor,told

        The BBC to,fuck,fff,

  14. I actually quite liked Michael Palin.

    He was fractionally less of a middle class twat as the others while still being an annoying twat, of course.

    But at least he was Not the other awful twat whose name I refuse to remember.

    An England to be proud o!! What a wonderful idea!

    • To be fair to him he hasn’t been promoting the jib-jab, well, at least so far. And his travelogues are admittedly quite watchable. I think Michael Palin is the least of our worries 😀

  15. I Agree, trev.

    So why do you keep have a go at him?

    Underneath all the education he is still just a hard Yorkshireman trying to fathom a bottomless fucking cosmos.

  16. That is no reason not to have a go at him of course.

    Do you think he reads this forum?

    I bet EE don’t


  17. I’ve driven for 58 years & I will know when I’m ready to give it up BUT it’s not yet,I drive all over Europe & the USA,I bet most of the under 40s have never driven in another country,& 80% of today’s drivers haven’t got a drop of basic common sense when on the roads simples

  18. Like driving but I have never understood the spirit and the feel of always travelling on..

  19. The really important question is why did all those GPS and NHS medicos go along with the obvious rubbish?

    And why are they still doing so?

    Clearly, it was never a serious plague.

    I have never felt in any way in peril this year…have you?

    If pressed I would have said the last year has been entirely like every other recent year except that I have been told stay indoors!

    • Just been down the Coop for essential supplies

      I was unmuzzled but the staff were not.

      No problem. No one annoyed me.

      My sympathy was entirely with them. I would not seek an argument in those circumstances.

      It is outrageous that people should be muzzled like that.

    • I have not even noticed a flu season either this year or the last. I have not seen anyone going around with as much as a snivel never mind a cough. I don’t really fear any real and present danger from some ‘deadly virus’. I feel sorry for those going around muzzled with that look of abject terror in their eyes, people alone in cars muzzled, elderly people who can hardly muster enough breathe to walk muzzled. It just shows the power of propaganda. Why do most people not notice the disjoint between what the see on their TV screens, read in the mainstream media and what is happening out in the real world?

  20. Hugo as I posted on here last night I went out the back of my house on my own property and had a rant to try and wake people up and if I’m honest also to vent some anger . I have done this on numerous occasions , the key I find is to pre script it so that in my anger I dont use any bad language as this may draw unwanted attention.
    Seeing as many of us who would like to protest but may be struggling financially with travel costs or live in rural areas would it not be a good idea if maybe you could script something for your followers to rant about on thier doorstep at a set date and time, in order to connect and show thier hand. We would also know if any other non sheep where living in our locality
    A bit like the clap for carers but without the clapping .

  21. Many younger people may also fall into this category too.
    I think most people will know whether they ‘re ready to give up driving a car, everyone, especially older people want to be independent and enjoy their well earned retirement. Leave them alone !

  22. This is age discrimination. There is already safeguards under the driving licence law you must be fit to drive and have to declare any medical condition that would affect your fitness to drive when you renew the driving licence every three years over the age of 70. So there’s more to this than they are telling you. It’s the first of a trial to roll it out on the rest of the population.

    • Doctors will already grass you into the DVLA as do opticians and who knows who else.

      • Oh yeah, the police obviously will grass you in as well. And if you are elderly they are really going to pick on you.

  23. then gradually pull the age group down until all cars are tracked.
    you went out of your quarantine area fine coming. demolition man future… naaargh it’s far worse than that China style

    • The Government are planning on bringing in pay-per-mile. £1.50 a mile to begin with. This would mean the average motorist driving 10,000 a year would be expected to pay an extra £15,000 a year! We all know that the end of the private car is part of the agenda anyway.

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