CARROTS! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Exactly. That’s why they aren’t opening things up quickly. This whole year has been a social experiment to see how obedient the human race is, and excuses used to push their various agendas, towards limited or controlled freedoms. Can’t believe she actually used that carrot phrase.

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  3. WTF

    Loose tongue

    Someone is going to get told off

  4. As blood clotting is a HUGE side effect of the so called vaccines, the powers that be would discourage travel especially by air. Can you imagine plane loads of corpses landing at popular holiday destinations??

  5. The surprising thing (or is it a very extreme case of sunk cost phallacy?) if how comfy they are about their blatant lies to the point they admit they lied and are pulling all this bullshit to control us and people STILL don’t stop for a second to think. Is it really that much easier to comply than think? Disgusting all the same.

    • Be careful when you use the word ‘fallacy’s that way. Your spelling could make people think you are making ‘willy’ references, lol

  6. I’m sure I heard the Dr. refer to the Obama administration!?!

  7. They are certainly shoving it right our face now. Trouble is, the people I try to talk to can’t have it shoved in their face ‘cos they’re walking around with paper bags on their heads thinking: “everything will be ok if I just don’t look” I despair at times

  8. She can do 1 of 2 things with her carrot. Put it in the stir fry of shove it up her arse. Her choice.

  9. Hi Hugo
    Keep up the good work 👍 Brad & Nicky at are on board and support you top man about time some one who can stand up and be a voice.and you have a funny way of putting your point across best regards bradley and Nicky

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  10. Check out this one Hugo… a doc on the news telling us that 60-70% of those vaccinated will be left INFERTILE. Go to 1.45m in to hear him say it 😑

  11. Hugo, everyone, have a look at The Tiny Dot…… ⁣

    • Wow. How much more blatant an admission can you get? Has she cleared her desk yet?

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