Why You Must SAY NO To Vaccine Passports / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. The sad thing is that, just like he obedience muzzle people will just shrug their shoulders, bend over and comply. Half the people I know don`t believe in this shamdemic, but they just go along because it`s easier. The government know it, and they know they can get away with it, I feel fury inside most of the time now, I will never comply, I will never be jabbed, and I will never forgive.

    • Me to never follow any guidelines unlike the sheep who want the new nor, stuff there jab where the sun don’t shine ☝

  2. We cannot allow the dictators to impose these “passports” on us. Time to resist, people.

  3. People need to watch the “Living with Hitler” on TV – ow his Propaganda worked on the German People.

  4. Not on this Gods Earth am I going to do any of this even if it means never going to a shitty over priced pub again

  5. We’ve had the anti lock down protests the kill the bill protests (real or not) we need to organise massive anti passport protests every week or even every day till they realise we’re not standing for it.

      • Sadly, at this stage there is no knight in shining amour that will ride in and save us so we need to stop waiting for one. We must oppose this ourselves and resist this dystopia for our children and grandchildren’s sake

  6. I will never agree to or comply with this utter BS. The people that do comply are either sheeple or virtue signallers. Either way, scum of the earth.

  7. Don’t comply!
    The biggest trick in human history is that the devil convinced everyone that he didn’t exist.

  8. Great work Hugo
    I have join our network of Normal people and not part of the sheep believing the government and MSM cowards.
    I never follow any crap rules and refuse to wear muzzle’s and will never have the poison vaccine and F there passports will never accept them.
    I have email mp’s and Lord’s against this BS and no reply.
    They are the enemy against us the normal people

  9. YouTube banned my comments about covlieds last December, us the 🐑 complaining about my salty comments, I’m glad to be with humans who think the same views keep up the excellent work Hugo and my fellow Human Beings

  10. Spot on Hugo! the amount of people already warned last year that have been coerced into the 1st jab is shocking. They have mainly fell for this due to the holiday / flight situation. I guess the next wave of flip floppers that initially said they would never go along with it will fall for the Pub / Event fake requirement.
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  11. Way beyond outrageous. We need mass non-compliance and protests everywhere and we need them soon. To stop it in its tracks will take a massive number of businesses and ideally all business associations, to just say NO WAY am I participating. Shove it. This has been the plan from the very start. The evil cabal is feathering its nest and creating a dystopian world for all our future generations to suffer in if this is implemented. They’ll rename Earth to Prison Planet.

  12. My God I watch Hugo talks everyday so I won’t be getting any money from the bank! I’m supposed to be going to karaoke in May but when they ask me to scan in with the NHS track and trace app I’m not doing it. I’m not paying any business to keep a track on me. We have to take a stand now no matter the cost before it gets even worse than it is today.

  13. In newspapers this evening prime Minister Blow Job has has announced as of next month the vaccine passport is going to be roll out in stages, first stage theatres and sports venue. The train has left the station and no one can stop it, not even if you protests, no protest in history ever bought back change.
    Prime Minister is just following order just like every country leaders, got the Picture. Governments are a Front and there Master lives in a Country/Ireland that not even on a map, just joking, maybe not.

    • Yes, they will begin with the top-tier/discretionary/inelastic venues/areas such as a fortnight in Spain and work their way down to the bottom tier/non-discretionary/elastic areas/venues such as supermarkets. I heard an Israeli responsible for implementing this crap in his home country saying that these measures were “only temporarily”. I think he may have meant to say “permanently temporary”, but thanks for the laugh 😀 Once the infrastructure is in place and up and running and the sheep have become habituated and conditioned there is no going back;on the contrary it will only be added to i.e. ‘function creep’.

  14. Fear, emotional blackmail, bribes, false promises and now exclusion. What is it going to take for you to comply? None of them have worked on me, as yet, but I’m in for the long run. The conspiracies are no long theories, I wish they were, but they are emerging as the terrifying truth day after day. If you’ve had the “vaccine”, it’s not too late, you can still save your children from the future they have planned for them. Reject the “vaccines” for your children and boycott any establishment that discriminates between the “vaccinated” and non “vaccinated”. They have done everything in an attempt to divide us, because they know that if we are united we can stop them.

    • It is the sheep willingly herding themselves into the ‘vax-ceen clinics’ that is deciding the fate of the rest of us. You can only do your bit; ignore your vax-ceen ‘offer’, bin the BBC ‘licence’ fee (like you shouldn’t already have done that years ago in any case), do not support any media pushing the ‘narrative’.. But at the end of the day as Hugo so rightly says the people will decide… for you. When you are faced with an immoveable barrier you will be left with no choice but to comply. It will be game over! But if things turn out badly at least you will have a clear conscience as you will have done your bit and as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said in the Gulag Archipelgo we will (as we burn in the ‘vax-ceen camps) (collectively) truly get what we deserve.

  15. Hugo Please please do a serious article on IVERMECTIN tablets ASAP THEY CURE Covid fast are as cheap as chips. IVERMECTIN has been used Worldwide gor 40 years is fully tested & proven. WON THE NOBEL PRIZE FOR MEDICINE IN SWEDEN IN 2015 Should be up there with Aspirin & Penicillin. See more below Check out Prof Dolores Cahill &

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  16. It’s very long. Ivermectin is the perfect answer / Cure for Covid. It’s very very cheap in pill form used all over the World, has been for 40 years for various things (parasites mostly in animals but not solely animals, a multi tasking proven drug) that Won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2015 in Sweden Ivermectin (has nothing to do with Bill & Melinda Gates so should remain very reasonable) it has virtually no side effects unlike Covid vaccinations which have killed & harmed many. Listen to Dr Tess Laurie talking about it above. Humans only need the IVERMECTIN tablets. Ivermectin Injections are used sometimes on animals. Only pill form used for humans keeping it simple very very reasonable absolutely safe & brilliantly effective. So Fauci Whittey Valance Boris get on eith it. We could all be safe in two weeks. Cheap as chips no poxy fake lock downs, no DNA’s harmed, no foolish dreamer up health passports for a flu virus that has very little likelihood to kill 99.04 or less of the world population. That’s down to all the scare mongering, bullying manipulating, media (particularly the BBC) poison synthetic non Vaccination which has not yet covered its trial terms until 2023 Also fear of Government threats & police violence. All totally illegal under the Nuremberg Code which is being followed up. The guilty Will be held to account.

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  17. I buy craft beer online now and don’t miss the crap overpriced disco fizz they sell in the boozer. I’ll live without going to the pub, ta.

  18. I have said for a long time the mask is conditioning for the vaccine, the vaccine is conditioning for the mark of the beast!!! The new world order is coming – one world government, one world religion, one world currency and the rise of the antichrist! The only one that can save is Jesus Christ – John 3:16. God Bless you Hugo, I have been praying for you.

  19. Apparently men can by cured of COVID by being injecting with female hormones now🙄depopulation by all means

  20. I much prefer Hugo’s advice to Stay Strong, than the matrix mantra of ‘Stay Safe’

    • I totally agree stay strong, i never say the brainwashed government and MSM control catchphrases.
      No social distancing for me or muzzle’s and no new nor.

  21. Anyone remember Margaret Thatchers Poll Tax ? That was side lined with resistance ! But what I am seeing & hearing from virtually all the people I know & trust me I know a few is they have been brainwashed & compliant. I point blank am refusing the jab & the consequences of it but with the exception of my one son who is on the fence about taking it that’s it. Even my Wife has had it !!! All I keep hearing is “Had your jab yet ? “ when I tell them No all you hear back is what you won’t be able to do !!! My response back at them now is to Baaaa like a sheep & that shuts them up. Where has our fighting spirit gone in this great country of ours in such a very short period of history? It makes my piss boil. I worry constantly about what sort of world we are leaving for our children & beautifully innocent Grandchildren 🙏🏻 God Bless all on here & Many Thanks Hugo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  22. Hi. I have written an article on the Covid situation and wonder if you would like to consider it for publication. I think the article fits well with your analysis and provides a perspective your readers may like.

    Please let me know.

    Kind regards

    Brian Hammond.


  24. hi did you know that all these swabs that they do the testing with her all still plastic where they told us cotton buds and stuff must not be plastic anymore the billions of tons of plastic under the tip when they finished they have mentioned that ugly plus I think a lot of people around where I live are very brainwashed already I don’t think it’s going to be much help of anybody changing your mind here just hope they might change your mind around the rest of the country nice to hear about all the things you put on the internet and forward to some more thanks Andy

  25. An Open Letter To Matt Hancock, SAGE And The Davos Ghouls
    A political mind always wants to change the world because you cannot think that you are wrong, it is the whole world that is wrong.
    The politician never reaches any end goal because the world is so big, and in reality the world is not the problem.
    Politicians are the problem!
    You create more problems through your pseudo medicines, many more diseases arise which were not there, so through your efforts you create more misery.
    Politicians who try to transform the society are the mischief-makers, all sociopaths who try to change the other are always dangerous.
    So please don’t advise anybody.
    All your advice is dangerous because you don’t know what you are doing.
    You do not know who you are?
    You were not born with a soul.
    There is nothing inside you, there is nobody inside you.
    You have no soul!
    There are millions of psychopaths like you walking on the earth who are all soul-less.
    Everybody like you is always trying to escape, escape from themselves.
    This fear has to be understood.
    Because this fear exists, whatsoever you do will not be of much help.
    You may think that you want to know yourself, but when this unconscious fear of yourself is there you will continuously avoid, you will continuously try to hide, deceive.
    On the one hand you will try to know yourself, and on the other hand you will create all sorts of hindrances so that you cannot know.
    Why are you afraid?
    If you really penetrate within yourself, your image that you have created in the world will prove to be false.
    Your whole past will come to mean nothing, because it has been like a dream.
    You have invested so much in it, you have lived for it, and now to know that it has been a false phenomenon you feel hurt, then your whole life has been wasted.
    For you self-knowing is the most difficult thing, not because it is difficult, but because you are too scared to know about yourself.
    A deep fear exists.
    Self-knowing happens through no-mind, not to a mind filled with knowledge, not to a mind filled with judgments of good and evil, not to a mind filled with freedoms and slavery, but through the state of no-mind that is without words and thoughts.
    Self-knowing is revolution, not knowledge that you gather through the mind, but a knowing that you come to possess when you encounter yourself.
    Self-knowing is a transforming force, nothing else is to be done.
    But you always go on looking on the other as darkness.
    This may give you an illusory feeling that you are light, but this cannot give you light.
    Why do you miss a living Christ?
    This has to be understood, because it must be something very deep-rooted in the mind, in the very nature of the mind.
    It is not an individual error, it is not a mistake committed by this person or that person.
    For millennia it has been committed by the human mind.
    Your mind has to be penetrated and understood.
    One thing is that the mind has no present, it has only past and future.
    The present is so narrow that the mind cannot catch it.
    The moment the mind catches it, it has already become the past.
    So the mind through memories can remember the past, can desire through imagination the future, but cannot see the present.
    The past is vast, the future also is vast.
    The present is so atomic, so subtle, that by the time you become aware, it is gone.
    And you are not so aware!
    An awakened person is one who accepts this very moment, whatsoever the case is, and through that acceptance they are born anew, the dead is resurrected.
    This is a rebirth.
    But you are blind.
    Your mind is drunk.
    You were not born with a soul.
    You cannot see the present, that which is before you.
    Remember, a person who can see directly never thinks, he simply sees the fact.
    The very look reveals.
    It is always there, you only need a clarity of no-mind to perceive it, so that it can be reflected, you need a mirrorlike awareness so that the reflection becomes possible.
    Once this happens, only then you can help your neighbor, help the world, never before.
    One who is enlightened never thinks, they simply see, they have the eyes to see.
    And the very seeing reveals where the way is, where the door is, and they go through.
    Don’t ask a Christ about the future, because for a Christ no future exists.
    The whole eternity is present for him.
    Eternity is vertical, that’s why it is eternal now, there is no future to it.
    And for a Christ no hope exists, because all hope is a future dream.
    For Christ, only truth exists, not hope.
    Hope is a deception, hope is intoxicating, hope is unconscious.
    Yet, if you don’t have any future, what will happen?
    Suddenly you will go berserk.
    If you don’t have any hope you will go mad.
    In eternity there is no future.
    The future is part of the present, but because of the narrowness of your mind you cannot see the whole.
    Existence remains existence.
    Non-existence remains non-existence.
    Only your mind moves.
    And you cannot see the whole, that’s why division is created.
    A Christ lives in the whole.
    We are accustomed to dividing time into past, present, and future.
    But in reality these are not the divisions of time, these are divisions of our mind.
    Because past does not exist anymore, except in our memories.
    And the future exists not yet, except in our imaginations.
    Time means mind.
    Time is a projection of mind.
    It does not exist, it is only an illusion, although a convincing one.
    Maya is a dream faculty of the mind.
    The state of hypnosis that all human beings together create throughout the world.
    A Christ becomes a destroyer of all your dreams, and you have invested so much in them that it is difficult, it is very difficult to let go of them.
    Dreams bring misery, existence is pure ecstasy.
    Christ lives here and now, that is the only existence for him.
    That’s why I say it is very difficult for Christ to meet you, because you are always in the future and he is always here and now.
    How to meet?
    The distance is vast!
    Christ is such a rare phenomenon.
    The penetration of the unknown into the known, the penetration of eternity into time.
    The meeting of a Christ with you is such a rare phenomenon that it exists only in certain moments and then it is gone.
    You miss, because you don’t have the presence of no-mind.
    Christ is a fire!
    Christ is a discomfort.
    To meet him is inconvenient because he shatters your complete adjustment.
    He makes you aware that you have been absolutely wrong, you have missed the mark.
    He makes you feel that your whole life has been a wastage, that you have not reached anywhere.
    Your soul has to be created by great effort.
    It is the ultimate luxury.
    Only very rare people have been able to create it.

  26. Anybody who complies with this vaccine passports crap. Is a government bootlicker!!!

  27. Published in Politico.eu 1/4/21

    The U.K. is preparing to make the vaccine mandatory for care home workers by the summer. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to make a statement around April 5 and launch a consultation on how to make jabs a condition of employment, with a change in the law likely by mid-June.

    Seems plenty still up their sleeves and lots of forward planning, we are only told what they want us to believe when they want us to know/believe it!!

    I will be watching to see if this transpires according to the dates stated…

  28. Just a heads up Hugo. I watch your posts on brand you tube, (carrots and over 70 driving ban)…to name just a couple.. when I like and go to comment…it comes up as error. When I go back to the post, it comes up as the dreaded 404 page does not exist. Funny that, dont you think?

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