14 Comments on “BELGIUM LOCKDOWN RULED ILLEGAL / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Following the Belgian news. They are planning on vaccinating 12 to 15 year olds before the next academic year.

  2. Any parents that allow this are unfit parents in my eyes.(ABUSE that’s all it is)
    WHY isn’t our Human Rights Team doing the same as Belgium ???
    WHY ???

  3. €5000 EUrine a day fine is nothing to a government.. and giving them 30 days is also suspect as they have had too many already! Could be just another can kicking exercise. Guess we will know by May Day…
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  4. BBC news website, ‘will your pet need a Coronavirus vaccine’ maybe worth doing a video about.

  5. Yeah,this does seem like they are just trying to convince the plebs that someone has their back,when we all know they all feed from the same satanic trough.

  6. Just got the new BBC series on of Dragons Den ,airing tonite.
    As soon as someone pitches something to do with Covid I.E facemasks etc ,its going off ,I’m not holding my breath .
    1ST pitch for tea … antyfans if this show who knows the set up they did have a socially distanced glass screen
    Screened lift on the way up even though when they pitched they were fuckin stood next to each other……..
    ……Tschhhhh ,beggars belief .

    • Think about knocking the TV ‘licence’ on the head. Trust me you’ll feel liberated. I did it a few days ago – no more Clive Myrie, George Allagiah, Sophie Reyworth, Victoria Derbyshire, BO JO, Twatt Mancock in my living room. It’s like removing a cancerous tumour.

    • The lift is fake. It is all on the one level. It is a studio set. It is not set in a disused warehouse with a broken clock lying on the floor. This is how your perception gets managed and you get easily fooled.

  7. ….A Hand cream for health care workers etc has been pitched ,Dragon
    Tucca Suleman expressed concerns over the longevity of the product stating
    ” You have only had the growth over the last 12 months because of this
    THING called COVID”
    At this point It switched off and played my fav DVD of Monster Trucks .

  8. With you always Hugo, totally on our wavelength…. I’m sure you have checked out WHY MATT HANCOCK HAS THE RIGHT TO REFUSE THE JAB in the Telegraph…. what a joke, Crimes Against Humanity coming sometime I feel, and feeling positive!

  9. You only have to worry when infantrymen come to beat down your door.

    Until then you tell every fucker who rattles your knocker to fuck off to hell.

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