Ex Pfizer Vice President On VACCINE and Matt Hancock March 2021

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25 Comments on “Ex Pfizer Vice President On VACCINE and Matt Hancock March 2021

  1. I urge people not to comply with this government madness. I am very afraid right now. I will never have the jab. Will they drag me off to prison, it’s very possible.

  2. You know when people are telling the truth just as you can tell when some people lie. Trust your instincts.

  3. There is NOTHING, that is not a complete lie from start to finish… The virus, how you catch a virus, social distancing, masks, tests, lockdowns and vaccines!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

    • Without a doubt another agenda going on here and it’s world wide .

  4. I’ve been traw!ing through pages of medical/ scientific papers from experts who have disected all the info on the origin of covid And in short that Dr Shi,the Chinese batwoman!! She is responsible for creating the Covid19 virus,,it is not a natural virus 100% the lengths they went to in genetically modifying a bat virus would would bind to ace receptors in humans was nothing short of the devil’s work !!! to say nothing of the lenghts they went to knowing that equally super intel!giant scientists would be on her work like a ton of bricks when she crossed the !ine making a virus transmissible to humans! Where is she now ? Dead ? Who knows but I would imagine she would be the source of a cure,,,!Maybe the elite already have a jab that makes them immune ? Who knows ?

    • There ARE tested and peer reviewed and proven cures already. H c q, etc, the problem is they are oppressed, in order to maintain that only the V is the only cure and maintain the draconian restrictions and powers in place.

  5. The size of the Track and Trace scam is almost impossible to wrap your head around. It’s far bigger than say the Millennium Dome scam 😀 The potential size of a ‘vax-ceen passport’ scam would make your head explode just thinking about it. This is why it is being pushed so hard.

  6. Our strength has got to be in our numbers. If enough people are vocal and refuse the Jab based on the government’s unfounded rhetoric, then our voice will be strengthened. We are millions, the controlling forces are just a few.

    • We are against a satanic cult. Only the Lord Jesus Christ can ultimately vanquish the cabal. Everyone who seeks strength in man, will eventually be crushed, because the devil is stronger than man.

      • Amen.That is the truth that lies behind this,know your enemies
        No middle ground

  7. I believe the vaccine is designed to destroy our immune system so that the flu will kill us all! And then the government will say “oops!” and deny responsibility. It is a depopulation programme by Bill Gates!

  8. Dear Hugo , thank you for all your research you make perfect sense to me been following you for a long time .
    Have you on telegram not always been able to listen to the videos on this platform .
    Would love to be able to continue listening to you through my emails .

  9. Recently found this interesting piece, sharing here

    Daylight killers… The masks begin to fall off! “The Chinese biological laboratory in Wuhan is owned by Glaxosmithkline, which (accidentally) owns Pfizer!” (the one who makes the vaccine against the virus which was (accidentally) started at the Wuhan Biological Lab and which was
    (accidentally) funded by Dr. Fauci, who (accidentally) promotes the
    vaccine! “GlaxoSmithKline is (accidentally) managed by the finance
    division of Black Rock, which (accidentally) manages the finances of the
    Open Foundation Company (Soros Foundation), which (accidentally)
    manages the French AXA!

    “Soros (accidentally) owns the German company Winterthur, which (accidentally)
    built a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan and was bought by the German
    Allianz, which (coincidentally) has Vanguard as a shareholder, who
    (coincidentally) is a shareholder of Black Rock,” which
    (coincidentally) controls central banks and manages about a third of
    global investment capital. “Black Rock” is also (coincidentally) a
    major shareholder of MICROSOFT, owned by Bill Gates, who
    (coincidentally) is a shareholder of Pfizer (which – remember? Sells a
    miracle vaccine) and (coincidentally) is now the first sponsor of the
    ‘WHO! Now you understand how a dead bat sold in a wet market in China
    has infected the WHOLE PLANET! ”

    Joining the dots it isn’t difficult to see how the biggest fraud of the 21st Century is all connected and it’s nowt to do with health! Please share

  10. Awesome video, very encouraging. Just goes to show there are good people in prominent positions with consciences . We need to support and encourage people like Dr Yeadon and let him know we have his back. That would encourage and give confidence to others like him to do the same.

  11. I can’t even find the words for what I want to say, except that what is and has been done is pure evil.

    Keep up the good work Hugo, God bless

  12. Thankyou Hugo for all your input on getting to the truth. I am so glad i never took my jab. Best decision ever.

  13. We all know Matt Hancock is a lying toe rag. Would love to see that guy taking an old-style machine polygraph test. I can imagine the needle going up and down like a conductor’s hand waving a baton. However, I feel I may never recover from the amount of my fellow UK citizens who have been sucked in by all the lies and media trash.

  14. W.E.F, Klaus, Bill Gates and the rest of them, if people do not see this by now then they will be the ones regretting what is to come first! Those that see this are prepared in one way or another. People have become weak over the last ten years with the weak millennial culture, anything for an easy life!

    I’m based in France, originally from UK and spent many years in the US and South America.
    France a country devastated by two German occupations no matter what political paths where taken to create this in the first place and we’re letting yet another German ‘Klaus Schwab’ and his band of assassins do this again.

    The French are going to do nothing about this, locked ‘IN’ again for a month and no one seems to worry about it blinkered by the media, last time we had this shite the Nazis where here and Macron a piece of crap himself is backing this all the way! Millionaire banker.

    Go to humansarefree.com and read some of the articles there! Articles by specialists that the Gov’s and their pathetic medical advisors and most of the people I know would pay no attention too.

    This is zero to do with some virus but a total takeover of the working middle class!

  15. Hugo , are you sure this conversation is genuine , where did it come from originally ? Malcolm Hedley

  16. We have to be relentless with this fight.. peaceful but letting our voice heard. All has been a great business from the ELITE. virus which affects elderly and vulnerable people but kills less people than flu does every winter. Big pharma’s billions of pounds business around the world, lock downs to damage economies for years to come and how ironic those mfks leaders supporting this will let us depending on everything from China. Traitors..vivid passports is also being implemented there so the control of people without consent is allowed. Said No..No vaccine for our kids, No passports and let’s unite to get Boris, Hancock, Witty and the other crooks to court. they don’t care about their political futures as the money they’ve received from this farce made them irrelevant to our vote.Any petition out?

  17. Well when this is all said and done I can stand proud and say. I did not comply in any which way or form.
    Can anybody else on here say the same ???

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