Disgrace! #Ireland / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Waste of time here aswell with the amount of dumb sheeple around great work as ever Hugo no bullshit straight to the point 💪👍

    • It’s a bs scamdemic from the kings of bs the United Nations.

      They are trying genocide by stealth.

      • Stealth ! More like brazenly in our faces , these people just do not care .
        They get more hard faced every day
        Just goes to prove the more you comply and put up with the behaviour in an a abusive relationship the worse it gets .

  2. Hey H. Much love for your efforts brother. I wondered if this was a direct link to you, in terms of reaching out n tribal talk… T ________________________________

  3. Hugo – I wanted to comment on the earlier post about Mike Yeadon . Omg this should be viewed by everyone ! My partner tried to share it on FB it was removed within 2 mins and he was threatened with his account being sanctioned if he violated it again . Since when did free speech and trying to make people see both sides become an offence !! Sad to see our country come to this .. I have tried to talk to 3 friends the same age as me ( 51) and they just don’t get it . Makes me dispair that they have become so brainwashed . Keep up the good work !

  4. Absolutely disgusting!! So unless you need health treatment for covid everything else has to wait!! I wonder when they’ll start giving us daily death rates of those who have died due to not getting the right medical treatment at the right time…..absolute joke 🤬

    • Seriously people… This is not an Irish problem, it’s a global one! If I don’t start hearing solutions from groups like this (i.e. armed uprising), I’ll soon espouse an “everyone for themselves” approach. All I hear is whining!

      • I share your frustration Mike but everyone is so divided and the ones rightfully showing dissent are too fragmented .

      • This is why there are all the measures in place – it isolates us. It’s all orchestrated by psychologists. It’s a divide and conquer strategy basically. At the point of contact, they (cops) outnumber you. That’s why they don’t do anything when there’s loads of people. They’re outnumbered. It’s why basically meeting is outlawed and the masks, ‘social distancing’ are obsessively implemented. It also reinforces fear.

  5. Yes indeed, let the cancer patients “bloody well wait” . What a heartless, clueless man, more interested in sourcing gene therapy for a so called pandemic that is less severe than seasonal flu!

  6. If you have cancer. You can fuck off. We dont care. Close the door when you leave.

  7. The look of disbelief on the face of the man who asked the question when he heard the answer is a picture of what we are all thinking here I’m sure.

    • Yes, my thoughts exactly. I was just speechless.

  8. Ask him to provide any evidence we are in a global pandemic. no virus isolated, fake test , no excess deaths other than lockdown (and from vax)

  9. Peadar Tóibín should have asked him to enquire from his bosses in the committee of 300 when cancer services would return.

  10. Using the imaginary Covid as an excuse to kill people via the lack of cancer treatment and prevention, we can only hope that justice catches up with the Irish government and all the other governments worldwide who are guilty of destroying peoples lives through a genocide that’s wilful and happily enforced by one and all.

    • I was dreaming of something like this a few months ago. When the England Rugby Union team was in the Semi final of the World Cup against New Zealand, at the start. The Kiwi’s did the Haka, whilst the English team stood there facing them down and then went onto demolish them instantly. I was imagining the Kiwi’s as being the cops and the English guys just run straight into them, like in the scrum and just keep pushing them back.

    • Totally agree!!!!
      The Hakka is such a powerful message.

  11. This reply comes from someone who is completely ignorant of the survival rate of people who catch Covid 19. Over 99% of people walk away from this and once we as humans recover from an illness/virus, our immune system which has fought against this illness/virus has a memory and if attacked again by this illness/virus, the immune system is strong enough to fight this virus off again. Why aren’t these Doctor’s telling these politicians what happens here. If they did this then they would be acknowledging we don’t need a vaccine.

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    • “COVID-19 is not a pandemic. It is a syndemic. The syndemic nature of the threat we face means that a more nuanced approach is needed if we are to protect the health of our communities.”

      “syndemic (sin″dem′ik) [ syn- + analogy with (en)demic, (epi)demic]
      A network of health problems, esp. ones that share common social underpinnings and cause an increased public health burden on a community. An example of a syndemic is the linkage between the ready availability of snack foods, low socioeconomic status, sedentary lifestyle, overeating, obesity, and an increased risk of diabetes mellitus and coronary artery disease.”

  12. I hope that callous brute gets cancer, an untreatable form, and they tell him to get real, just sod off and die while we wobble on about covid.

  13. It’s Michael Martin’s Bertie Ahern moment. Bertie told people to commit suicide in 2007 if they questioned any future problems with the economy. A lot of people did commit suicide unfortunately after the economic crash of 2008. How much blood will be on this man’s hands

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