NOW Govt Want FAVOUR from Small Business Owners! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

30 Comments on “NOW Govt Want FAVOUR from Small Business Owners! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Business is desperate to reopen and if that’s what it takes then unfortunately that’s what they’ll do

      • Yes, they do. I went to a local ‘chippy’ a few months ago ,thinking, “I’ll help out the small businesses”. She demanded I wear a mask even though I was outside, I put a scarf over my face, went in, paid, then she went nuts saying “You better wear a mask if you come in here, etc” Balling and shouting as I was walking down the street. No, they can get fucked. That was a real wake up call. They’re no different. She was reasonably polite, then when she took my money, she went completely mental. So, they’re just the same – money grubbing punks. (Obviously not all, but most are).

  2. If people think this purge on small businesses is gonna stop there then think again .
    Once the small ones are out the way they will start picking on the medium size ones 30 -50 employees so they will be wiped out too .
    They are totally desperate for us all to have this jab for an illness that even if its contacted you have a 99.7 % chance
    Of getting over, the nonsense unravels day by day.
    They are gonna have a long wait I am never taking that shite EVER .

  3. as I’ve said throw the mhra stats right back in anyone’s face jib jab? fuck right off look at these side effects? I thank you start to reverse the narrative challenge any bastard that forces you to do anything without your consent. here’s the evidence now piss off taa daaa
    get the jab you’ve just taken a bio weapon into your body… fucking idiot.

  4. Boris can get fucked !!!
    Nuremberg Code is the way peeps !!
    Stay strong , keep the fight !

    • If there was a code that could stop them, they would have changed it already!

  5. Hugo, you know as well as I do that the west loves nothing more than mentioning how “DEMOCRATIC” they are and not like “NORTH KOREA, CHINA,, RUSSIA, VENEZUELA” and the rest that don’t comply like they do. But the west is slowly but surely masquerading just like all those countries that they pretend to despise but in reality wish they were like.

  6. One has to wonder what the real plans are. Why are they desperate to jab everybody?
    Deagel estimated US population in 2025 to be 99 million. Is it that they cannot push the next phase unless they jab everybody?

    • The real plan is implementation of vaccine passports initially, after that once technology becomes available, chipping will be the next big thing. The entire point is to have a effective system in place that allows you to mass-vaccinate entire population.

      If I assume agenda 201 is real (and i dont see any reason why it wouldn’t be) where population will be squezeed into these gigantic smart cities, you will need to have effective vaccination system in place to prevent spread of diseases. Think like were jews in the ghettos, with Tifus and Cholera spreading etc.

      Take a look at the Great Reset diagram vaccinations are there, and this is just one piece they would like to have, much more things are coming our way – prepare for the rough ride for the next five years. We keep hearing year 2025 for some reason.

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  8. I kept my shop open throughout all lockdowns, no stupid screens or signs. I absolutely won’t be helping the government with anything.

  9. Loving your content and commentary Hugo.

    New phrase for you:

    Don’t take take the GiB and don’t take the JaB.

    Keep it going mate – you are waking people up and that is a blessing 🙏🏽.


  10. The level of propaganda is reaching amazing heights. Now they are trying to force small business owners to propagate it too? They can F off i’m a NO vaccine this pandemic is all fake small business and I’m staying that way. All my customers think this a load of nonsense and don’t want the vaccine, young and old. Then there is some ‘professor’ on channel 4 news openly talking about how they will brain wash people into getting the vaccine. The world has gone insane, to be honest though they have been doing this for decades, either my BS detector is finely honed or they are just doing all this out in the open now.

  11. Brilliant commentary, 100% spot on. I’ve been saying to people “wouldn’t it be funny, if when the pubs, etc open, they’re empty?” IE people just say stuff it, I’m not following your bullshit rules. And if I want to go to the pub, I’ll go when I WANT to go, not when you allow me to. And if any small businesses start demanding I jump through hoops to get served by them, they can get stuffed too. Because if they’re doing that, they’re part of the problem, not the solution. I can say, when the pubs re-open I won’t be going to any. Shove it.

  12. I used to think business owners were smarter than the average joe, but found out long ago they were mainly just as stupid. Even after a year of lock downs, with plenty of free time and free money most have still failed to learn what is really going on. Most so desperate to get something back that could have never been taken away if a few in each town stood together will most likely go down the APP (33) route to their ultimate destruction. Notice they also say 3.3 million gone already lol
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit


    • You think you have rights??? We had privileges, that have been taken away any time we stepped out of the line.

  14. Take a couple of steps back and think – they want us to have a PASSPORT to buy a pint of warm piss in a skanky pub, where in the toilets, there’s mould everywhere, you can see and smell it in some places. A PASSPORT to watch people kick a ball, a PASSPORT to listen to some mentally deranged, manufactured gimp ‘sing’ some Satanic garbage ‘music’, a PASSPORT to eat in some ‘restaurant’, etc. NOT HAPPENING.

  15. They are now rolling out a scheme in the UK which I was not aware of ,I give you 1 guesss…………………yep to get everyone with no access to a smart phone ….eh yeah a smart phone ….I cant think why 🤔

    • Smart phone, smart cities, smart cars, smart meters, smart everything – IE everything connected, including yourself to the smart grid – constant surveillance of you in real time – then the Social Credit System. You are then a prisoner with no way out.

      • I would rather live down the fookin grid ,than live like that Andy .

  16. Officially, this will be a guideline, so the gov arent breaking the law. Instead the business is.

  17. They are desperate for us to participate in our own downfalls.

    Perhaps we should share our ideas about how we can survive – without being jib, jabbed -accessing money, food and other essentials as these fascists try and cut us off from travel, supermarkets, banking, insurance etc…..

  18. There is one important think what we all forget we don’t need money to survive we need water and food if you want win with shit government learn how to grow your own fruits and vegetables and you will survive with out money but they don’t survive with money without food . Money is a big mistake they only show us big house nice cars and rest of this shit but do we need it ? History show we don’t need money to survive we need food and water , they already took from us all about Medicinal herbs now we need to buy all chemicals because it’s hard to know how to do some medicine from herbs around us they just took that knowledge from us this is what they do with farming knowledge now if we give up with it they do this and there don’t be any more knowledge how to grow up own vegetables for us . Produce your own food and don’t forget medicine is around us we all have the same home . Government is only for steal what you had when you work hard it’s just history don’t forget about it . We can win with this thief because we don’t need them they need us because without us they have zero !!! They have only paper and now electronic money but this is worth zero !!! Unfortunately there be a lot off rat who be inside this trap , but remember you can be that small mouse who just sit quietly and know how to survive

  19. This group is working to give people tools and ideas to opt out of this craziness. They had one summit during the WEF’s summit and will have another one in May – I highly recommend:

  20. Governments around the world, including ours , have become criminals .
    Anyone who takes away, threatens or denies your human rights is a criminal.
    We Must wake up , Fast .
    Tomorrow we will be in a dictatorship .
    And it looks like next year many millions will die from complications with rna vaccines.

    • I don’t know about become criminal I think they always have been. It’s just more blatantly obvious now and still the sheep don’t see it.

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