Treaty Of Tyranny / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Hi Hugo

    Not sure if you know that there is no sound on this video?



  2. This look very like a global adgenda. The one certainty in life is death. Full stop

  3. Johnson wants to F**k Off, he has aged 25 years since he came to power. Lying 24/7/52 mustn’t agree with him.

  4. For me it’s look like they have switched from terrorism to Covid to bring the tyranny to another level. Before that Covid bollocks terrorism was great opportunity to implement their “security measures” which basically allowed them to follow mostly of us. New technology allows them to push all of this even harder.

    • He’s called Alexander Kamal. Part Jewish/Turkish. None of them have our interests at heart. They’re working for a so called ‘higher power’ – Satan. MUGS!

    • Check the beak on ‘Stanley’. Stanley, who’s written SEVEN BOOKS on depopulation!

  5. What I don’t get I’d all these media knobs must go home to their wives and kids knowing they’re complicit in our destruction… I watch Nick Owen in the Midlands and he has become a Covid drone, I used to think he had a brain. Maybe they’ve all been chipped early…lol.

  6. We are in one World government since 1945 through international decoration but to keep people divided we have nations who use phoney conflict just like George Orwell‘s 1984 to keep people divided. The next level of payment travel banking everything are going to be all done on portable smart device before it’s going to be in bedded chip . The lockdown It’s going to last 10 year, all the West are going to receive the jab first but it going to take a long time to jab all the Poor countries, if you have been watching the MSN you would have see MP talking about Sharing the vaccine with poor countries and saying that till everyone is vaccinated there’s going to be lockdown. Can you really blame the elite, just look at the beginning of the lockdown, how mad crazy people were when they went on the shopping spree, fighting cursing people .

    Please don’t get me wrong, I love people but some people would not give a shit about you or anyone else.

  7. This is a planned globalist agenda. This will mean the erosion of more of our rights and privacy. Note the intention to remove national interests such as the English constitution which preserve individual rights. We don’t want “for the common good” this communism Tony Blair who is a Fabian has been planning for years.

  8. I wonder how many people have died from covid – on a covid ward only. Not including people who have died from things like heart attack, knocked down by a bus etc etc ‘within 28 days of a positive covid test’.

  9. Being a Christian i won’t be aloud to be around much longer with their plans and not wanting the vacc but God is on my side ,best of luck to everyone,

    • Me neither, sister. Its Biblical, read Revelation 13. The King of Kings is coming soon. Our only hope.

    • How very sad you have to think this way. Keep your chin up. We have to win this.

  10. They will have everyone in an augmented reality so they won’t complain. They know how to do it.

  11. Clown World Order.. They have made such a good job so far, can’t see any reason to not let them have another go lol. It would be worth finding them another realm if there was no chance of them coming back to haunt us!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  12. How do we stop this going forward, this is a well orchestra plan unfolding, supported by the elites’ wealth. Who are pushing agendas from all different directions across the globe, to knock us off balance.???
    I am all ears to suggestions.. What concerns me is we are so scatter on different platforms.. How do we make our voices heard to overcome their changes.

  13. As fortold in the Bible. We are to expect a one world government, a one world mark of allegiance and with out this no one can buy nor sell (relevation 13). Finally those who refuse are tremendously persecuted. Could this cry “we are only safe when we all are vaccinated” be the reason this persrcution will be tollerated. For those who read their Bibles, Love Jesus and are filled with The Holy Spirit of God, these are exciting times as we can see God’s prophecies coming to pass before our eyes.
    We know we are safe in Jesus and cry out for others to see the truth and join us.

  14. Create the problem, get the reaction, propose the solution. Globalism 101.

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