Hypnotize / Lockdown News Roundup / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. The problem is most of those who are compliant just rely on MSM for the news and they would not even know to look on alternative channels, fakebook and youtube are the ones they subscribe to.

  2. Matt Littlecock is full of BS but his wallet keeps getting full! AH!

    • What is the point trying to awake the dead, when all you get is grief, might as well let them be.
      I am tired of been called a idiot.
      I have told them that they referred us as useless eaters, plebs and had to explain the meaning, even told them that they are no longer required but can’t get through to them. It’s like being in a car and the driver is blind and deaf the doors are locked and we heading to wards the cliff.
      God save us all.

  3. There could well be alot of truth in that most of us who are “awake” gave up watching television long ago.

  4. Hi guys, literally minutes ago I have cancelled my ‘TV licence’. (I know, should have done it years ago). Has anybody any tips that makes sure I’m covered legally. I have unplugged old (analogue) and ‘Sky’ aerial. Cancelled my Direct Debit, submitted my cancellation to the BBC. Deleted all content from BBC from my set top box thing. Any tips? I post this so others can see how easy/difficult this thing is in real time. So far, it’s really easy. In the old days with the aerials, you were connected to the BBC, no choice. Now, we’re not. Everybody else do the same. It’s easy. 20 people a day would good target.

    • I did the same 3 months ago and have never looked back. I wish I’d done it years ago having given them a fortune over time. Anyhow, I’d highly recommend checking out ChilliJonCarne on Youtube. He seems to know everything there is to know about it. I’m grateful I found his highly informative videos! Happy viewing…

    • Checkout ChillJonCarne on Youtube. He seems to know everything there is to know about the BBC licence. I’d highly recommend his videos. Happy viewing…

    • Dont watch any live TV or BBC iplayer and make sure you do not have any areials plugged. Use netflix or amazon prime. You will be told that you need a licence for these services. However, this is untrue.

    • I’ve never had a TV, but of course can still receive iPlayer from computer or phone so it’s basically trust. I tell them I don’t watch anything live (I don’t) and they email me once every 2 years to check the position is the same. In 40+ years I’ve had guys come round to the house to check but they didn’t ask to come in. Just looked through the downstairs window and pleasantly asked a few questions.

    • I remember years ago, you had to not have a plug on any TV in the house…

  5. All I’ve ever had from them is threatening emails and letters just ignore them. There’s a guy on YouTube chilli Jon carne has some very useful guides on the subject.

  6. Those who have taken the jab are too far gone; they refuse to accept they’ve been stupid enough to take it, so they fight the argument with every breath in their body. Luckily though, not enough people have taken it. The roll-out has ground to a halt and the government don’t have anywhere near enough people onboard to push their agenda through. Travel is the only carrot they have but if people say “fuck it, lets stay at home” then what?🤣.
    Why do they keep fixating on pubs?
    Because thats where the gossip will spread; thats the one bastion of sanctuary where ideas get to be exchanged and spread. You can’t change opinions in a supermarket, over a 5 minute argument whilst doing your shopping; but over the course of an evening, with time and a few pints on your side, not forgetting a crowd of people to back you up and help persuade.
    Its imperative that pubs are lockdown or monitored! If only vaxed people can use, then obviously the arguments will be hugely on-sided.

  7. Thanks Hugo! You keep us up to speed. It’s time to set up community group cells – like the resistance in WW2. When the ‘Harms white paper’ is passed, we’ll see a Blackout of communications that are not MSM. We need to prepare now.
    Everyone needs to store up on ink for your printers & lots of paper. We all have our own ‘printing presses’. I think it will come to that because they know we’re on to them.
    I live in Brisbane and they declared a lockdown here at 5pm yesterday … for 3 days (bet they extend it). I’m sure it’s because they are rolling out the Vax & aren’t getting the numbers they need to then bring in the passport. None of us in Oz know anyone who got Covid & died (or even sicker from it than a flu) so we are over this farce! Aussie’s know when we’re being had (we tend to be sceptical) & we don’t like being told what to do. Yes, there are still lots of sheep, but as they get the jab then get very sick, and/or die, people will stop taking the Vax. Already we have more injuries & numerous deaths from vax than victims of Covid. When people actually ‘know’ victims of the vax, the word spreads like wildfire.

  8. Here is a document issued by the European Commission long before Covid:


  9. Yup…there they go again! I keep hearing my friends sadly saying have the habit and it will all go back to normal. Fools. I would rather be on my in than go down their road. I don’t care about holidays. Freedom, liberty and the right to choose are more important. Had to calm myself this morning when I heard lenny Henry on a radio trying to persuade the black community to get jabbed. Utterly disgusting. He must be desperate for money is all I can say. Keep it up Hugo…we are all here.

  10. BoJo the Bastard can say whatever he likes, I’m NEVER taking their fucking poison jab.

  11. Thank Christ I hate carrots! Good to know you have a Telegram Group and will be joining. You can check us out on there. Ours is Consciousness Collective or maybe it’s the other way round? Great work as ever mate!

  12. This is a right price – he’s not really given out jabs or both anyway – yet he’s in about a different variant (if there’s a different one?) 3 Rd jab in autumn – firstly how does he know the 2 jabs won’t work and secondly how do they know what it is to have a vaccine ready for it ??????
    Summat doesn’t make sense at all !

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