100,000 Nurse To QUIT? / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Either that or PRATT Hancock’s planning on sacking them as we know the hospitals are half empty

  2. Or 100,000 nurses are predicted to die or be crippled by the jib-jab, so the excuses are being prepared for them all vanishing from work.

  3. Did You See Channel 4 News Tonight They Had A psychologist Saying How They Are Working On Ways To Make People Who Don’t Want The Vaccine To Have It Funny That

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    • I just watched it after reading your comment. I smiled at the happy young psychologist discussing this with the newshost as he said he was himself more frightened of what the ‘virus’ might do to him than taking the ‘vaccine’ even though he admitted he had no idea of the effects long or short term of taking the jab. Methinks he needs to do some research for himself. I feel strangely sorry for him to be so young and yet so scared. It must be awful to think we may actually have to die one day. I came to terms with that a long time ago.

    • Yeah, Hilarious! Every time they put this sort of nonsense on the tv on they demonstrate their absolute desperation. Keep strong people, they’re losing the narrative!

  4. Another great well informed video, spot on once again Thanks Hugo

  5. Had it wasn’t a big issue over a year ago, despite being 49, fat, asthma and 2 minor heart attacks, been around others that have had it since without getting again, so why do I need a vaccine, why do people go so crazy when I say I’m not having it, why can’t anyone see there being forced into a vaccine well multiple for a bad flu virus!!

  6. My sister works for the NHS as a consultant secretary, she was told that she would have to have the Jab or lose her job. She has also been made to sign a NDA. She hasn’t woken up despite my trying. She’s had her first Jab, and is still employed by the NHS.

  7. Every Nurse I have talked to isn’t bothered by the pay “cut” it’s what has become the norm for the last 10 years, there is no talk about quitting on the shop floor because the government aren’t paying us,again.
    So you make your mind up what it’s about, if a mechanic tells you it’s a bad car, then there might be some truth in his recommendation don’t you think!

  8. Went to a NHS hospital last month as a private patient. No NHS treatment but anything you want if you are paying. Sat in a forward waiting room with one more person and counted 10 staff in uniform all leaning on the walls with nothing to do.

  9. A recent article in the Daily Telegraph said there was a shortage of 40,000 nurses in the NHS, equivalent to 12% of the workforce. The BMJ Has said that 50% of Consultant Physician posts in Wales are unfilled, and also stated there is a massive shortage of experienced anaesthetists. 100,000 more to quit? Don’t get ill folks!

  10. Scotland just announced a pay rise of 4% for nurses after giving them £500 bonus. Where I live they have not been busy all year at the hospital. They also get discounts everywhere. Some love to say I am special I am a key worker. Funny how NHS are the largest employer in Scotland and the just got a pay rise before we vote. Shame for all people who need help and get no discounts.

  11. I work for the nhs too (non clinical) nd if they tried to force me they can go fuck themselves and I’ll see them in court! I feel for anyone who is scared enough to let themselves be bullied. Where are the Trade Unions?

    • The trade unions sold out to the cult long ago just like the rest

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  13. Well done those nurses who are not having it , must be hard for them working with so many idiots all day

    • I agree with David, I can see the government being “forced” to privatise the NHS due to lack of trained staff. Medicare here we go!

  14. More like there are no jobs or future NHS… With them trying to force vaccinate those left lots will walk.. at the same time they are also recruiting anyone they can get to also be coerced into being vaccinated or walk. The reason given for having no staff in the end will be the 1% pay rise offered, as strikes start to take place by those remaining it will leave hospitals effectively closed for standard operations as they virtually are now! The media will blame all on the pay dispute and the general retard will blame the government for loss of their NHS for offering such a derisory rise to the hero’s that saved them from the covid crisis that never existed… Perfect! (repeat method for Police etc)

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  15. I transport agency care workers about. They all say the hospital’s are not busy. The Hospital’s are relying more and more on Agency staff. Winter escalation should of finished a couple of weeks ago.
    Seems to me they are testing the water to see how they will cope.
    Everyone is panicking about getting the vaccine but most are having to have it for fear of losing their jobs.
    Hugo, research (1918 Deer Island flu survivors) it’s on coursehero.com.
    62 inmates of a prison were subjected to various invasive ways of catching the virus. None of them caught the flu.!!!!!

    • The US military did similar experiments. They had people go into Spanish Flu wards and then patients had to cough straight in their faces. None of the soldiers/sailors got ill.

      Aorborne viruses are a myth that help the pharmaceutical industry make billions. They then pump their poisonous “vaccines” into “sick” people to keep them that way. They don’t make any money if everyone is healthy, so we have to be convinced that we’re not.

  16. My partner works in the QE and she knowscovid is bullshit…its the vaxed that are ill…they have been told if they dont get vaccinated they be suspended…yes..theyknow the jabs killing and causing bad side effects…if your not awake to this fkin bullshit now u never will be and ps…the list ofjabs is waiting..itll be every 3 months you retards wake the fuck up or DIE

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