Emotional BLACKMAIL / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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34 Comments on “Emotional BLACKMAIL / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. God that Lenny is looking gnarled .Disgusting when your own do this .Rotten Apples that need chucking in the bin.

  2. I actually could not stop laughing at your commentary Hugo!! On point! But on a serious note.. what the fuck did I just watch… why don’t they just get a hypnotist on screen and just be done…. rather than persist with this shit show!! It’s embarrassing to watch people fall for this utter garbage!

  3. That was gruesome! Love the commentary Hugo, straight from the heart. Don’t let anyone talk you into toning it down. It’s good and honest, unlike this moronic herd of has-beens.

  4. Great video, well done.. “just tell me you love me one more time Lenny” .. 🤣

  5. Its a disgrace… these ACT whores only care about themselves … just like the idiots that believe any of this B/S. So maybe they all deserve what they GET!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html

  6. Imagine if Denzel said something like that……….LOL. 🤣🤣

  7. Completely and utterly pathetic and absolutely sickening! These actors must be so desperate to earn, they’re willing to sell their soul without thinking or they just don’t care what damage to real people’s health they are causing ( if anyone’s actually fool enough to believe them). It just goes to show how thick or uncaring they really are. Shame on them. Another excellent video Hugo, keep it going. As a subscriber I really look forward to your daily videos. You give me hope. To the BAME community, DO NOT FALL FOR IT, do your own research online, DON’T believe Sky, BBC, ITV or Ch4 news and DECIDE FOR YOURSELF. You will find that the MSM are lying to you, feeding fake news and lies daily and you need to find out the truth for yourself. You will find the more research you do the more you will see through their evil sinister agenda. They DO NOT CARE about you and never have. It is now so obvious they cannot hide it and it now so blatantly obvious. I pray you will make the right decision for your own health’s sake. Please do not fall into their trap. Once vaccinated, there is no returning to being completely human ever again and it is the road to dystopian hell for sure.

  8. I’m sure the Bame community r not thick , that’s why the BBC r doing this shit. Desperate. Its like anyone in this looney world were living in at the moment. You will have people that belive this crap and people that don’t. That’s why there pushing it so hard. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮

  9. My goodness that was absolutely pathetic emotional blackmail at it’s finest these clowns are desperate now

  10. How desperate is that. And Boris Johnson is endorsing Lenny Twitter on his Twitter page. Absolutely shocking – anyone else noticed recently that those who have taken the jab are showing signs of cognitive dissonance by trying to convince you to have it to- it’s almost like they are starting to regret it so want everybody to be in the same boat. Someone told me yesterday that there work colleague was off work for falling onto a heater and badly burning themselves after collapsing having taken the vaccine. He was keen to stress he was off work due to the burns not an adverse vaccine reaction! You couldn’t make it up. They were right up in my face as I said I’m not having the jab almost trying to intimate me.
    Real pandemics don’t need advertising – it’s all one giant con. Great video.

  11. Oh my, they really are getting desperate aren’t they.

  12. My friend’s neighbour, a fit, active and lively 81 year old lady, had her ‘jab’ – next day she was paralysed from head to foot, rushed to hospital and died 24 hours later…

    But, hey, it was nothing to do with the ‘jab’, no connection whatsoever!

    I love YOU, Hugo!

  13. Your sarcastic commentary was brilliant. I also had to laugh at that actor who said that you need the jab to get back to the “new normal”. ????? WTF ????

  14. Things must be getting desperate if they have to wheel out a 1970s has-been ‘comedian’. I suspect that if/when these ‘vax-ceen’ passports are introduced the BAME community will demand that they be given a ‘free pass’. And they will be given it under the pretext of not appearing ‘racist’. And who would want to upset BLM? Maybe this is ‘the plan’ all along. But ‘whitey’ will still be expected to be injected with experimental toxic crap. What gives?

      • Thanks, Violet. Always happy to oblige 🙂 Just asking, but you are not perchance Violet from the ‘other place’? 😉 Anyway, Happy April Fools Days! Have a good one! 🙂

  15. Sell their own grannies for 5 mins of fame 🤮 #SayNoToThePrick 💉

  16. Oh Hugo! Thoroughly entertaining and spot on.
    Love you content – always informative and fully appreciate your humour.
    Honestly, what a load of bull crap that this video even exists! If people have resisted the jab until now and fall for this..well..I don’t know what. I can certainly see through this crap!
    No test/no jab/no mask and staying strong!!

    Thanks Hugo! You’re a dude!!

  17. Hugo – thanks for this video- once again this highlights the desperate lengths the establishment are going to !!! Truly condescending and blatantly false with these actors performing to their worst abilities !!!!
    I admire anyone not believing this narrative on these experimental vaccines – I will never take this jab!!!

  18. How corny and phoney,wonder if they got paid,hope not.

  19. Where’s Samuel L jackson ?tell me you love me motherf**ker!!!

  20. Great video. This is precisely how confidence tricksters/groomers operate. They tell you how much they love and care for you, and then turn nasty and threatening in a heartbeat if you won’t do what the say. Absolutely shocking. Pathetic, melodramatic ‘acting’ scum. In their minds, they probably think they’re a modern day Richard Burton!

  21. Lost all respect for some people. They are so desperate to get us jabbed up . Why???

  22. Lenny Henry can fuck right off. I am black and I am fed up of this adverts trying to get “BAME” people to get the jib jab.

    NO the vaccine isn’t safe. If it was so safe why have the government removed indenmity if things go wrong.

    Still angry now.

  23. Harewood was laying it on with a trowel.

    “Listen to the most dramatic acting voice I can muster and go get the jib jab. I love you and so does my bestie Sir Lenny.”

    “Nowhere near dramatic enough, David darling. Let’s try another take”

  24. Hugo, you are exposing yourself to so much evil. This is like mucking out the pigsty, treating gangrene and visiting an insane asylum all at once. Thank you for being the watchman on the wall and warning us all of the real plague of totalitarianism. Please determine to spend time every day doing upbuilding healthy pursuits.

  25. If that’s acting Hugo then their credibility just went down a notch. You’re absolutely right it is the worst video so far, and I would think that most people that see that will think what a load of useless bullxxxx propaganda it is. I’m so glad the BAME community is saying no, and long may it continue. Jesus and I thought Lenny Henry was annoying on the Premier Inn adverts.

  26. If the “vaccines” are as safe as they say, why don’t the makers wave their right to immunity against prosecution for damages?

  27. When I saw this advert for the first time last night I was spitting feathers. How dare they do this to us? My first thought was F.O you stupid sacks of 💩. They are all a bunch of pick me’s, and my answer is still the same, no thank you.

  28. I am a black woman and definitely won’t be taking any vaccinations, it doesn’t matter who ask the answer is Nooooooo Nooooo.

  29. Lenny henry you fucking sell out, the fact you saying we love you and that’s shit makes me sick. Saying trust our scientists and doctors. Lmao

    Kids dying in the uk but you trying to save Africa context since I was a boy they being trying to solve africa problems and don’t seem much further since then.

    The bame video came out and there weren’t black or caribbean representation so the government and these paid black actors came up with that shit hoping win us black over! Lol

    First 2 jabs
    Second 3rd jab need
    Third passport
    Fourth new variatant so another jab
    Murder rate up
    Suicide rate up
    People not getting check for cancers other health concerns up
    Government leaking information up
    More lies and more rules up
    Don’t get me started on their defection technique and misleading news.
    If you send a proper question to ask them lying murdering politicians it never get answer or avoid it.

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