Care Home Workers COMPULSORY JABS / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • This is going to far. Any freedoms we have are being stolen from us.. vaccination should be optional, having it forced on you is a crime against humanity .. we are doomed if this doesn’t stop soon!!!

  1. It is illegal (Nuremberg crime against humanity) to mandate compulsory vaccination for emergency only approved vaccines.

  2. Absolutely abhorrent! I’m prepared to give up my 30 year nursing career if this is mandated. The fundamental issue is that it doesn’t work so vaccination is pointless !! (And then there’s all the other red flags like pathogenic priming, auto immunity, neurological toxicity, infertility…. oh and possible death!)

    • I stand with you!! I am also prepared to give up my job if they try and force me to take this experimental jab. Some of my co workers have had first jab and majority of them only agreed because they believed it would enable them to go on holiday…… they are panicking now as new rules state they will be fined £5,000 if they holiday outside the UK and feel they have been duped

  3. Hi, I am terrified to take the jab! Already had COVID in January this year , as I am working as a Carer I will be forced to take it? I am 63 years old, and have worked all my life so as a Carer !

  4. I am concerned that this could signal the end of bodily autonomy and integrity. As anyone who is vulnerable to any infection has the choice of how best to protect themselves, why should they be entitled to impose something that may not be in the best interests of someone else onto them?

    If Healthcare workers are forced to have the coronavirus vaccine as a result of Michael Gove’s review of passport schemes, then where might that end?

    My concern is once a precedent is set, is that people who have the agency to make their own decisions can be treated like animals who do not have agency to make decisions.

    Of course we don’t get informed consent from pets when we take them to the vets for vaccinations, sterilisation or euthanasia when they get too old

    The right to bodily autonomy would be a slippery slope once it’s been eroded through the various categories of people who have an obligation towards others.

    This definitely falls under the umbrella of bioethics. I found the Corbett Report’s recent look into Bioethics (the study of the moral issues arising from medicine, biology and the life sciences) very interesting.

  5. No way!!! I do not consent. That can stick that needle in Boris’s a….

  6. This is evil. Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock are puppets! Wake up people. Yes, a Nuremberg crime against humanity.

  7. Isn’t this just typical of the government? I live in Scotland but im sure we’ll not be far behind. Id love to be the first person to sue

  8. Even Zara Tindall and her husband are endorsing an app called V Health ” The people passport” as ambassadors. wholly macaroni. the royal family also involved in this passport agenda. people let’s keep resisting this measures and stand up for our rights. NO JABS no PASS either. Any pubs or restaurants who comply with this then NAME AND SHAME.

  9. We should set up a fund to help all the nurses and carers to stand up to this tyranny, where would that leave them, this should be fought it the court of human rights.

    • There is a union called Uk, its about £9 per month to join, they are helping people who refuse the jab, it is illegal to force people to have experimental medical procedures.

  10. I’m a nurse in Germany, a country which was, already before Corona times, desperately lacking nurses and doctors. If they make the Corona vaccine compulsory for the medical staff here, I’ll resign and so will many others, then Germany’s hospitals will be staffless… How will the Government answer for that ??

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