BBC Eastenders JAB Propaganda / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. In the real world you be masked up before you enter the shop but as Eastenders is a figment of some script writers imagination, we can’t really take it too seriously.

  2. Hugo
    You just opened my eyes to the way the bbc
    Are stereotyping us anti vaccine people ..Next they will be saying we need to be locked up. 😙

    • Havan’t watched that for decades, cancelled my Licence fee last week too!

  3. Thankyou so very much Hugo you really give me hope every day because I think just like you!!
    Just awful Eastenders! So depressing and ignorant!! Like the sheeple that watch it! More fear propaganda and ridiculous! I am not giving bbc my money. I want to be part of your tribe please

  4. It’s what we’ve come to expect from the bbc, shite and propaganda.I wonder if gates sponsors that show like he does the news?

  5. We were told that Thalidomide was a safe “wonder” drug. ………until it wasn’t!

    • Bingo! That wonder drug event though doesn’t live in the memories of too many people now. It does llive in mine looking back as my Mum conceived me Aug/Sept 1960. It caves my head in at the catastrophic difference between a Yes or No answer. My Mum said no then, I say no now.

  6. That guy should walk around with Bells Palsey the next episode. That would be something but I bet the scriptwriters do not have the cojones…

  7. This is unbelievable! Love your reports. Breath of fresh air!

  8. It’s so desperate isn’t it – having to try and sell the jab! Pathetic!

  9. Any like minded people in Manchester wanting to meet up for a mask free coffee or walk?

  10. Karen may not have a PhD but I agree with her and I’m a scientist working in medical research with a PhD. I have actually designed and conducted clinical trials. I also review them. Corruption is rife. Problem is the BBC etc. don’t give the real experts any chance to voice honest opinions about their pseudoscience. I won’t be having any experimental gene modification agent and sad but true you have been a fool if you do.

  11. Surprise people still watch this tripe and of course the BBC would use this show as another propaganda platform, that’s why it’s called the Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation

  12. Was that your dog leaving a comment (woof) at the end there Hugo, lol?

  13. Hi Hugo… Thank you for all your brilliant videos….
    Thank you so much for everything you do….
    I just signed up to WordPress,, is this how we comment on your videos… As I signed up and not sure if I needed to,,, sorry I’m slightly dislecsive….
    Praying for you 🙏 and thank you Again

  14. Thank you for All you do Hugo….
    All your videos are 1st….class.
    Thank you God bless you 🙏 from John

  15. I was cringing watching that Eastenders clip.
    Truly awful .

  16. when you decide to set your testicles on fire please send us subscribers the alert.
    😂you funny guy

    • I wonder how a lot of highly intelligent people are pro vaxes, they don’t even question what going on, just going with the flow.

  17. Again; they are desperate. The roll-out has hit a wall and they haven’t got nearly enough people vaxed. They need to push past 50% at least in order to sway the rest by turning the screws, but they are no way near. The majority of the population has wised up. Dumping the responsibility on employers and insurance companies is the last stand but without more numbers its going to be a struggle. Anyway……collapsing stock market just down the road. Hyper inflation and a steady increase in interest rates, along with price increases, (especially food) that should soon distract attention once again.

    • Yes Glen, we know that Armageddon ™ © ® is “just around the corner” ™ © ® ‘Stock market crash, hyper-inflation, total global enslavement, FEMA camps’ 😀 ‘Tis always been the case 😀 But seriously, you should stop watching those damned SHTF ™ © ® (Shit Hits The Fan) youtube videos. They are not good for the mind, body or soul. They are just horseshit to frighten you to death and sell you whatever they are trying to sell you.

  18. Don’t set your testicles on fire Hugo … they’ll be need to repopulate the world after the vaxxed people die in droves and survivors can’t reproduce any more. I like the idea of more Hugo’s in the post-Covid world. 🤗😍

  19. It disgusts me that they stereotype people like this. The uneducated village idiot it would seem. Well I’m self employed and at university studying biology, I’m not uneducated and I’m not an idiot. This is where their argument falls short.

    It’s true, truth does not mind being questioned, a lie does not like being challenged.

  20. The BBC and all the other media seems to be stepping up their propaganda scare bullshit tactics even more. People need to wake up soon ,that noose is getting tighter round our necks.

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  21. Hi Hugo,
    ITV is also doing the same as BBC (British 🐂💩 corporation) in a episode of Emmerdale, where the character was crying and being happy at having the jab, this was a scene in the village shop once again.!
    There seems to be a pattern emerging, using soap shows to push, for people to be BRAINWASHED into taking the jab, they can shove it WHERE the ☀️doesn’t shine . 🤔 Hugo keep finding/saying the truth, hopefully more will see through the FAKE NEWS and the HIDDEN AGENDA BEHIND ALL OF THIS. 👍

  22. The best thing about it is did the actors/compliant fools even question this scene .just give us the money il do anything to get on tv me. if you’re ever having a bad day and this shite is on in the background your sure to have nightmares that night

  23. Pro jibjab BAMEs having a go at the white Karen. Can the Beeb be any more obvious.

    BTW, if that was real life and a shopkeeper spoke to me like that I’d walk out and go buy me fags elsewhere.

  24. Is the Asian woman really older than white Karen? Must be something in the fags. 😀

    • I was going to say, BAME lady looks like a well-aged 50, while White Karen looks like an obese nursing home patient who actually could potentially die from C*vid! Were those comments meant to be ironic?

  25. Typical bbc using their programmes to put across their political agenda. They should be completely unbiased, fair and non political.

  26. This may upset many people but I feel that those whose lives revolve around crap like Eastenders were already a lost cause long before all this nonsense began. In fact that is part of the problem – too many people live their lives online through games and TV and have lost their connection with what real life has to offer. Everyone’s life can be a unique adventure if only they go out and live that life. Now is the time to make that decision as if the powers that be have their way soon all of us will be locked up and living our lives through a screen.

  27. Keep up the great and noble work , we are in dark and sinister times for humanity this as long been planned , Convid 19 and NWO are vaccinating everyone as a form of control nothing to do with the virus , it’s a test to see how obedient we the masses are , I’m sick to my stomach at what’s happening I feel sorry for the next generations , I didn’t know there was a protest in London I would of been there , and the pcr tests with sterilisation agents and cancerous chemicals my god !!!
    I admire your stand your a true hero of humanity, how Hancock and Johnson sleep at night is beyond me I don’t know what I can do to help this fight against this evil tyranny , Hancock set up PPE companies in 2019 it’s out there he should be in prison for crimes against the human race , we the human race need to stand up world wide otherwise we will be in George Orwell’s 1984.
    Don’t give up Hugo 🙏

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