BAD APPLE / Lockdown News Roundup / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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14 Comments on “BAD APPLE / Lockdown News Roundup / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Keep up the fantastic work!!
    Greetings from a big fan from Holland.

  2. Never liked celebrity culture before. This fat prick just wants to go boom!!! I hope his career goes boom up in smoke

  3. That Ball Bag had to use Captain Tom’s singing skills to get his last and maybe first No 1 ? (Most likely a Psyop too)

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  4. So, any Karen on the bus can make non-vaxed riders leave. This sounds like a failure of a plan.

  5. What a ball ache! spot on Hugo! Keep going. WITH YOU ALL THE WAY!!

  6. Hugo, we love you and you make us laugh amongst all the doom, gloom and worry. Thanks a billion for keeping us informed.
    The other trick they are trying is the “shortage” trick. Make people think there may be a shortage so they panic and rush out to get their jib jabs. They probably brought this in to play, as they may be seing a slow rate in uptake in the younger groups? I don’t know what the uptake figures are now but there appears to be a drop in smug bragging about their targets being hit. T***ss*rs

  7. Well it looks like we’re almost all the way back to Germany of the late 1930s, all that’s missing are the concentration camps, I’m sure we’ll see them by years end.

  8. Maybe Walmart could give some toilet paper in exchange of proof of being jabbed and Purdue could throw in some oxycontin.

    • And a bottle of round up from Bayer Monsanto ofcourse.

  9. What a low life!

    Can someone please tell me what the difference is between what he just said and “I am straight and it is just easy, I completely get that it is up to someone else if they choose to be gay, but if then the owner of say a business, restaurant or bus want to they have the right to refuse them!!

    Discrimination Michael…..shame on you!!!

    AND WHAT IS WORSE – has everyone lost their senses or have they just forgotten the bleeding obvious-


    Therefore – on what grounds are people being refused entry? What risk to others do they pose to others in comparison to a vaccinated? What extra protection does a vaccinated person offer over a non vaccinated? (the only claimed benefit from the drug companies is it reduced severity of symptoms of the person who received the jab) so not referring to anyone else on the bus or at the restaurant…so what are the grounds of the refusal of entry????

    Also read that the more times you are exposed to the vaccine the more likely you are to have a severe reaction, and also – not sure they can claim it reduces symptoms as a) how on earth can they prove that definitively? b) the clinical trial is still ongoing c) In SARS-COV-1 Trial – all the animals had died by point of follow-up as a result of an increased reaction to a wild virus – so that is the reverse of the claims – Antibody Dependency Enhancement occurred (sounds good but can result in fatal symptoms in a patient who would otherwise had had mild symptoms naturally, if they were unvaxed) So literally the reverse of their claims.

  10. Michael Ball is a hypocrite. In the closet. Lives with Kathy McGowan,. lavender marriage. All fake. Double standards. Pretends to be straight.

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