Ethylene Oxide / Lockdown News Roundup / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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24 Comments on “Ethylene Oxide / Lockdown News Roundup / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Doubly glad I’ve not given consent for testing/masks in my daughter’s school now!

    • My two half Thai sons Have just flown out of uk by themselves on young adult/youth tickets to escape this school child abuse that scares me witless.

      Th or Thai mum is standing by to meet them after compulsory 14 day quarantine in Bangkok, but I’m on Skype chat with eldest lad today and they have already given the up the nose swab with eo today!

      He hated it! Made his eyes water! Has another one at least before quarantine escape! Ffs!

    • This testing will get introduced to every single workplace in the UK before we know it

  2. I’ve just had to go through the testing system in-order to travel for work and I can tell you something isn’t right. I’m starting to believe it’s more about the test than the vaccine and after watching this video, I’m even more convinced. The majority of people won’t take the vaccine which is firmly set in the minds of folks as their focal point; but while everyone is arguing their case for refusal, the compromise of a test will be accepted, the end result being most people at some point or another will go under the swab. Whats the end result, God only knows. Sterilisation, a tracking device, a concoction of chemicals for an early death, a bomb, an Xbox skin….who knows?
    100% its a digital database involving a DNA sample, thats admitted. But this is not containment of a virus, its an experiment. To be honest, fuck it. I’m tired of giving a shit, do what you want to me, I’ve had a good life but they won’t touch my kids. To date they don’t wear masks or test and they never will. Myself and my wife will earn and keep them out of harms way. If it becomes mandatory in schools or the workplace, my guys can stay off grid and we’ll simply teach them a trade or skill from home. We’ve fucked up so far, so the least we can do is protect our children. Do we want them working for these cunts……no chance!

    • Truth in what you say. We each know in our heart/gut what is right and also when something is very wrong.

  3. Thanks for this info about EO Hugo. I’ve never had a test and never will. Non-compliance is the way forward. Linking up with like-minded people is useful up to a point, for sharing information and a bit of moral support, but ultimately we are all individuals and must make our stand as such.

  4. As long as the General Retard can get its holiday abroad they will allow anything to be done to them and their kids without question.. however the latest news of a 3rd wave and no foreign holidays allowed could spark a reaction? maybe? With their twisted reasoning for finally reacting to a government gone rogue and acting worse than Nazi’s for over a year will be all over a holiday!

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  5. Isn’t it interesting that the physical symptoms of E.O absorption are on the list (I read on a news article on yahoo yesterday) of new “c*vid” symptoms in under 18’s. Funny that…..

  6. Not content with ruining my ability to go and earn a living ,the Govt are now trying to murder me .

  7. Also. When has anyone seen a celebrity or politician publicly take a PCR test.

  8. I have not allowed my son to take the lateral flow test in school and I am so glad I went with my gut feeling. It’s awful everything that is going on.

  9. Are we the subjects of an “Medical Holocaust“? GOVERNMENT directed Hospital treatment scheduling is “selecting/dictating “who survives and who dies. We are also being forced to have toxic chemicals introduced into our bodies against our will. Malign forces are at work.

  10. Hi you are doing a great job, I don’t know if you will get this so I’ll keep it short. I re-post for you normally to BrightEon, UGETube, and more occasionally to Bitchute, Gab. mewe, rumble. Please use Odysee less, I just don’t get it., bloody wallets, I log into my account, most times, it says it needs to sends me an email link and then when I have completed this it STILL doesn’t let you leave a comment telling me there is nothing in my wallet. This is the reason I never posted there or its associate web site lbry Its always a pain to share / copy video as well, useless!

    Just having a rant, I know pootube are too sensitive and the support at brandnewtube is zero. Hope you are getting loads of people signing to your wn web site.

    Look forward to next one.




  11. Every day it’s something more. I’ve had enough,tried warning the brainwashed to no avail.Kill me now, being dead can only be like being asleep and that’s the highlight of my day now going to bed and getting away from this coronabollocks.God help the children having to live in this new world order

  12. Oh let’s see which city do we hate the most I know it’s Liverpool let’s mass test all the scousers first .Let’s make them think we care about them but really hahaha ,and now for world domination.It could be something off danger mouse but sadly folks this is real

  13. Thank you for this information Hugo, there is an interesting freedom of information request regarding; Ethylene oxide being used in the Innova lateral flow test (the “LFT”) by the Department for Education, which are being distributed across schools in the UK.

    For anyone that would like to follow the response.

    Also I have noted that according to the National Cancer Institute that Ethylene oxide is carcinogenic to humans via the route of inhalation. So, why are we shoving this up our noses?

  14. In my opinion, apart from making money for Matt Hancock’s friends who have been awarded the contracts to supply the tests. This is putting our children as well as adults at risk.

    What if a child suffers an injury from the test? E.g. leaking cerebralspinal fluid (CSF) which is a condition where fluid that surrounds the brain leaks into the nose and sinuses.

    This could be very dangerous and is putting children at risk, so why would parents consent?

  15. Born 1957. I would be most surprised if Sir Christopher doesn’t dye his hair.

  16. Why have all the comments bar one been wiped from the Odysee platform for this video?

  17. As always thank you for all your information Hugo. Our children need to be protected and it is our job to do this. There is a parent group called ‘Us for Them’ and they have wrote a letter to the Department for Education as they are concerned that ethylene oxide is used to sterilise the swabs. Under the ‘Freedom of Information Act 2000’ they have to respond within 20 working days. Look out for the outcome ….

  18. I have had two PCR tests this year, one in March in Seville and one in Foz-Brazil in May. By April, I thought something was weird. I was developing hay fever type symptoms, something I have not had for many years. Then by the time I got to Paraguay, my eyes would not stop watering for 3 months, and often very itchy too. What was really strange was when I was reading, and my eyes started watering, my reading glasses would steam up. It’s better now, but not 100%. Will never take another one again. I mean if they can get your DNA from a swap of the inside of your check, I am sure they can find the non existent virus there too.

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