TWO Tests A Week For EVERY ADULT! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • Funny after the UK census…
      This…. Thank you Hugo…..
      Uk government need to feck Off

  1. hancock/johnson can take their tests and stick em up their ass.

  2. They can ask all they like ,but the answer will always be the same f**k off ,I have not had a test and I have no
    Intention of being tested or JABBED ever.I would rather die 1st .

  3. Covid is really just the flu!
    And anyone who gets vaccinated will have their immune system compromised and when they catch the flu this winter they will die! I predict mass deaths of vaccinated people this coming winter!

  4. Always using the threat of longer lockdowns as leverage to force jabs, and other behaviors. The carrot of freedom will forever dangle in front of you, but always, somehow, out of reach.

  5. The country is is being gripped firmly with a pair of pincers. Read the Bible , that’s all ewisch. Furthermore, the UK isn’t British-owned any longer but in someone elses possession, guess who?

  6. There is no way in hell I will do any test. They can go fuck themselves.

  7. Ha ha ha, more than happy to send them two tests a week. I will wipe my dog’s arse with the tip of the stick, then send it to them. Good luck with that one Twat Wancock.

  8. This testing might be a good thing for travel..we now need instant travel test kit instead of a health/ certificate passport!

  9. It happens to be the way to continue lockdowns: more tests, more positive results, depending on how they are tweaked

  10. This whole exercise is making money for people who already have so much that they could never spend it in three lifetimes, each of these kits cost something like £25.00 a shot, undoubtedly that price will go up at some point, add the price of vaccines onto this and you’re talking fantasy money (for most people) all going to the elites who want to dominate and rule the world.
    This is more demoralisation forced onto a population already low on morale, already depressed and probably already stupid enough to go along with this next load of shite in the name of getting back to a normal life while moving so are away from normality that no one will ever remember what its actually like!
    I cannot explain how much I detest and loathe our government for inflicting this hateful shit on its people.

  11. Sad. I refused the twice weekly tests at work. I declined the vaccine both at work then recently via the so called Scottish government”. Guy on the phone line laughed when i told him who i worked for. Cant wait for my employer to suspend me on full pay and i can get my much delayed covid “furlough” while the lawyers negotiate legal claims.

  12. Hi Hugo

    Just seen Boris saying Europe’s third wave will ‘wash up on our shores’ well it won’t be on P n O ferries now will it😂😂

    Our governments are out of control I share what I can and comment to ,but how much other people listen is like yourself… a wait game

    Thank you Hugo Talks it’s great to be able to least know my fellow sisters & brothers are not alone is this feckin madness 👍

    Keep strong and kind regards


  13. Apparently swabs are made sterile using ethylene oxide. See government website for dangers from contact with this substance!

  14. So the lateral flow test that Hugo is referring to and also the PCR tests for that matter are laced in Ethylene Oxide a Class I carcinogen. I have both a copy of the email and the public health document confirming this. One way to get the population down! These people should be behind bars. The most maddening thing is how many people will get false positives, I think I heard quoted upwards of 93%!

  15. I can fucking guess what your going to say. Mate we will all be joining you! Cunts!!!

  16. ethylene oxide ladies and gents is what’s on the buds… highly dangerous carsengentic CANCER.
    ffs tell people

  17. The lateral flow was mentioned in my kids parent mail about a week ago saying parent could take 2 test a week and that your results be sent to them via test and trace! But stating its optional

  18. Are these test kits being posted out? And we will be expected to send them back to a laboratory? Tens of millions of kits being distributed, sent back and processed every single week? Seriously!? Even the postman will be run off his feet! This has to be a wind-up, surely!?

  19. This is how they will continue lockdowns! All those who have been vaccinated will end up having a positive result as their immune systems have now been coded. Autumn and winter are going to see these people drop like flies. The coding that their immune system now has will not recognise the vast dangers of typical and mutated viruses anymore. They will be a danger to the unvaccinated as they will start breeding super viruses. It’s time to really support your God given immune systems now people.

  20. Key phrase: “if the public allow it”. Just because the government “wants” doesn’t mean “gets”. The power is ours. Don’t comply.

  21. I play ‘Won’t get fooled again’ by The Who quite loudly – makes me feel better. Recommend it….

  22. They are so desperate to control the masses – We The People have the power and We Need To Stand Up for Our Rights like Bob Marley sang. This is the Modern Weapon of Mass Destruction – forcing YOU to poison yourself with Ethylene Oxide swabs and the Vaccine. Time to start living off the sun and edible weeds and escape the Matrix.

  23. I totally agree with all the comments here! Thank goodness for you all such sensible people! It sure is a breath of fresh air to see that there are so many sensible people here who know what is going on. I have refused the mask, apart from when I was a patient in hospital and was forced to wear one when going for procedures, but now home I never wear one, have refused the jab and will never ever have a test or so called vaccine passport either! Everybody in this country needs to rise up and refuse all this insane garbage!! Come on people, be strong and stand up for yourselves!! Be an independent thinker, don’t be a bloody sheep! So many people are asleep in this country, including my own friends and family it absolutely horrifies me! Thank you everyone, and of course dear Hugo, for standing together for what we all know here is right. Bless you dear Hugo, you are absolutely amazing for doing what you are doing!! Please carry on, the people of this country really need you to do so! Your work is crucial, so vital for all our sakes. Boris Johnson and all his government should be put up against a wall and shot for everything they have done to this country!! We should never have got rid of capital punishment!! What they are doing is absolutely evil!!!! Stay strong folks. I love you all here so very much. X

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