P & O Ferries BAN Unjabbed & You Still Wear Masks & Socially Distance / Hugo Talks #lockdown

27 Comments on “P & O Ferries BAN Unjabbed & You Still Wear Masks & Socially Distance / Hugo Talks #lockdown

    • Omg…its official..the world has gone mad.there is seriously no hope for humanity if you put up with this shit…people are so blind or just stupid…go on…get ya jab cuz if you do your a fool and I’m past caring if your that stupid to begin with…IM NOT HAVING THAT POISON

      • As someone said, another company to boycott. There should be businesses that only accept the un vaccinated.

        I hope P&O go bust over this!

  1. You’re right it will never end unless people stop complying.
    The next thing will be lockdowns due to climate change its all paving the way for the great reset and all the changes the WEF want to implement.

  2. Exactly my thoughts a shite holiday ,no stop offs ,masks and social distancing, so no chance of grab a granny at the on board disco .They can shove it .

  3. The Ghost Ship.. P and O will go down like the Titanic with only zombies allowed to board!

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  4. Economic and business suicide which will be reversed in the future. This headline and indeed the company is being used to plant the seed that ‘no jab equals no holiday.’ It’s just more coercion to convert more Guinea Pig sheep lab rats.

  5. Calling all sheep in Britain … all aboard the one way tyrannical mother ship on a journey to an Island in the middle of nowhere! Now that will get rid of a lot of the idiots

  6. bye bye p@0 no-one is going to do that.
    going on a cruise is about meeting people and being entertained.
    how the frig is that gonna happen?
    stay in your prison I mean cabin and queue longer for your brekky and sit isolated for your dinner no dining at the captain’s table then?
    no stopping at ports? so basically sail around the coasts of countries taking in the scenery from your binoculars whilst stuck in your poop cabin?
    The fact that it’s mainly the elderly that mooch on these cruises is a joke they have culled most of them and the ones that want to go can’t because they are vulnerable!!!
    What they want to do is take the 12 million this government just gave to the French to stop lol the immigration dingy divers put them on their ships and drop them off at their nearest port.


  8. That’s &O sunk isnt it! Who do these big companies think they are and what do their shareholders think of this kamakazi approach too business, someone from the boardroom is going too take a jump off a very high building very soon, jab or no jab!不不不不不

  9. Oh dear what a shame my life is over not being able to go on a cruise and get the chance to social distance whilst wearing a muzzle and paid wods for doing so! Guess when the SHTF everyone who didnt have the jibjab will remember companies like you P.O!!!!!!!

  10. They can keep their holidays and cruises along with the Jab!!

  11. P+O probably received a lot of bail out money, as such, the government was likely pulling the strings to set these new policies.

  12. It’s just another way of penning up the sheeple. P&O means Piss Off.

  13. Cattle ship for compliant cattle. They can piss & off. Send in the receiver and liquidate pratt& oaf.

    Human rights comes first, so don’t discriminate against your passengers . Hope they lose all their money and end up on the streets.

  14. Theyll probably all end up with norovirus anyway! That seem par for the course on a cruise.

  15. Theyll probably all end up with norovirus anyway! Seems par for the course on a cruise.

  16. Time to hit P&O in their pockets. So many people will have gone for the vaccine, knowing there were risks involved, so that their lives could return to normal. This cruise is anything but normal. Potential customers must tell P&O to shove their cruises until normal service can be resumed.

  17. Dear Hugo, I first want to say how much myself husband & daughter love your talks. The amount of comments from the sensible ones is truly reassuring as we know too many sheep & feel alone in our views sometimes.

    Im 71 & a retired trained nurse. I keep trying to tell people that you cant vaccinate against a virus because of its ability to mutate but theyre not hearing meIt incenses me when I keep hearing it referred to as a vaccine when its NOT a vaccine! I wish you could do a talk on this, comparing this jab with what a vaccine does – because as everyone should know, a vaccine is always given primarily to protect the person whos been given the vaccine & in the case of the so called covid vaccine it doesnt come close to doing that. If you go to a country that requires a vaccine you do so to protect who? The people youre going to interact with? or yourself?

    Keep talking Hugo – we love you. Chris & family

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