Undercover PUB Spies / Hugo Talks #lockdown

15 Comments on “Undercover PUB Spies / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  2. Hi Hugo this idea of putting police into pubs will just make it easier for the police to kill more innocent women
    Or has everyone forgot it was the police who murdered this young lady

  3. Another Victorian idea from an idiot PM who lives in the past.Perhaps the moron is expecting us to counter it with cockney rhyming slang.Sounds more to me like he wants to keep a lid on people getting together and plotting to hang his fat neck.

  4. Great idea Hugo
    The police will be on hand to kill more young ladies
    Or has everyone forgot it was the police who committed this murder

  5. PUB ??? What’s a pub 🤣😅🤣🤪 u can please some of the people some of the time but u cant please all of the people all of the time. It’s all bollocks. X

  6. Police in pubs spying, children spying on parents and adults. Democracy is being stolen from us

    • Nazi’s trained the Brown Shirts (the children) for the same purpose.

  7. They have 2 segments to this agenda: (1) stop people wanting to go to pubs and/or talking freely in pubs; and (2) trying to make the general public afraid of young to middle aged healthy men. The ‘real’ men. This approach is to silence and emasculate the ‘real’ men because THEY are the strongest of us in a group, a rally and society. They are our front-line of defence and protection for the rest of our society. Our local ‘soldiers’. Did you know that England banned all coffee houses when the French Revolution was happening, because it was believed that the revolution was ‘brewed’ (pun intended) in the coffee houses of Paris where people met, complained and planned together (while also being ‘brewed’ in the ‘salons’ of Paris … in private homes). Confining us to our homes – works! Limiting the size of the group at home – works! Our emotions and wrath are not fuelled by each other. We become more tolerant and ‘deaf’ and ‘blind’ to what is happening. It worked every time in history. BTW – England allowed tea houses to flourish during the French revolution, because ladies attended the tea houses (who were thought to ‘civilised’ the men). They also thought that coffee was a stimulant (but considered tea to be calmative). But they overlooked the fact that many of the ‘ladies’ were also revolutionary. Perhaps they just didn’t know that back in those days?

  8. Except, that undercover police in pubs will be obvious. So this is actually leading to something else.

  9. So why don’t they go back to old fashioned policing, ‘Bobby’s on the street’? That would go down well with most people, would work, no need for spy cams and probably cost a lot less!

  10. It’s leading to Prison/Extermination Camps for all White Men, or permanent tagging, Show me your papers, why are you out after curfew?

  11. Hi.I’ve received this txt today:Alex must take his LFD test tomorrow and log the result on NHS site and the RTS form on iPad. Y8 and Y10 tests are due on Monday and Thursday.- RTSRob 

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