I ORDER YOU TO WALK FASTER! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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    • Insanity & corruption rules us now (like a camel on main street rules the traffic.

  1. In German Dusseldorf and Hamburg ppl are not allowed to stop while walking in city, as anticovid programme. Police is controlling streets, for stopping 1st fine is 50 €

  2. I am still fit, as long as you keep mobile that is the main thing, speed dose’ntcome into it. But what utter rubbish these people come out with; amd get paid for it too

  3. Lmao ,just when I thought it could d nit get any more stupid ,it does.

    • Could it not be that older people and people with underlying illness generally walk more slowly? What a complete waste of money and then to conclude its probably absolute bollocks anyway is beyond belief. People that are demoralised and are losing the will to live (of which I include myself) also tend not to skip along at the same pace as the saucepan clangers.

  4. Honestly? Really? What next ? I’m really sick if all this crap now 😟 please , jeremy please tell us it’s just a joke , I don’t want to play any more 😥

  5. Hugo. Greetings from Ireland my friend. As always you bring a healthy dose of reality to this very funked up situation we find ourselves in. You have a unique gift in what you do and how you deliver your very important message. You are very much appreciated.

  6. Research funded by a kind grant from Bill (buy my vax) and Melinda (wave darling, the next wave is coming) Gates corruption foundation

  7. In the future cars and people will be on rails, a grid system. Neuralink implants should be easily accepted as the vaccines have been.

  8. Virus spotted infiltrating sleepy English village on bicycles in the middle of night… Virus seen on the M5 motorway heading south in taxis paid for by the BBC… Virus exposed, it was the ghost of Bruce Forsyth all along that has brought the world to the brink…
    The BBC is a corrupt giant run by mental spastics who identify as anything and everything so long as it doesn’t have a tag on it called ‘NORMAL’

  9. What an absolute load of rubbish! This country is a joke. It is embarrassing to say you’re English with such a sham of government.

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