FRANCE Opening UP ONLY 5% Jabs / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. It could be because of low uptake, relax the “rules”, then announce another wave of covey while pointing a finger at those who refused the jab and hoping for a higher uptake of jab. I’m sorry but as much as I admire the French for the way they take a stand on many issues and win, I can’t see this being a win. I have no trust in any government on this, to bring in their great reset, reduce population etc; it means all countries or majority, taking part and this will include all in EU.

    • it’s a delay tactic… wait until the vaccinated peeps start dropping and call it cv21 as planned by gates and co. hospitals then will be full but no-one will be saying did they have the jibby jab? I caught the bullshit strain I can now smell shit a mile off.

      • Agreed Kenny. However they go about it, it’s not more freedom, it’s bullshit.

  2. Because this contray has lost its back bone we have got to soft so until we start to really msking waves amd protesting more and shouting more or we storm parliament and do something we or allways going to be in this state

  3. Thanks Hugo!
    I’m french but live in BC Canada. All my family is in France though and from what I understand they have a curfew at 6pm! And some towns and regions have also a weekend confinement policy. Little stores, bars, pubs, restaurants are mostly closed. Same with movie theaters and theaters. Subway is open thought and totally crowded; go figure. Treatments are denied. You’re sick? Go home and take paracetamol until it’s severe and you have to be hospitalized.
    But you’re right, french people are bad with taking vaccines! Always have been…
    Voilà. Keep up the excellent work you do. Many thanks!

  4. That will be good news for the boat people.. they can come here, get jabbed and get a job securing a covid centre or tesco.superstore.

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  5. Mass murder and the art of vaccination, its become a religion to a lot of people because that’s the only thing that’s going on in their lives, in fact its been the dominant thing going on in a lot of peoples lives for a year now and they still cant see past the brainwashing that’s being transmitted every ten minutes in government adverts on most radio stations and most mainstream media sites.
    Why cant they see through it? the adverts are dreadful pieces of propaganda, psychological attacks, guilt trips, the fear of dying all alone, whole families dying in one week, vaccine our last hope!!!

    Strange times when people say their jailers name and conveys that he’s doing a good job in difficult times, this is the only time in my life that I’ve wished that some part of me was French, my father would have been horrified!

    • Mass murder and the art of vaccination, make a good book title. I’m thinking more in the Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes kind, not those long complicated drawn out kind. Bit like what’s going on now as opposed to how they used to lower the population, big war or now the long way. To be honest all father’s and some mother’s of all countries must be rolling over in their graves thinking why did we bother. But aye, they didn’t realise they were conned then. Have you written any good poetry yet Coffin as opposed to Coughing.

      • This is the start of another war, I have no idea of what shape its going to take or how it will be ultimately fought but its not going to be a conventional or nuclear war as that would spoil the world for our new would be masters.
        They want the best parts of our world for themselves while we are reduced to drones working to live and living to work. I haven’t wrote any yet, I tried to get into an old wordpress account I used to have ‘oldmanskylark’ but lost all my details.

      • But do you think they will be happy when they’ve reduced the population and got the ones they decide to keep as their mind controlled workforce. I personally don’t think so. What keeps them happy is creating chaos, so then they most likely will start on each other. It would be interesting if we could somehow bring that about now and ruin all their plans.
        Sorry you couldn’t get into your old account, there was me thinking you’d got your poetry hat on.

      • I dont think they’ll be happy at all, I think what we are seeing now is a group of people who own most of the wealth in the world, they’ve bought into every institution on the planet and have controlling interests in everything, they can do what they want and they can have anything they want but they’re totally bored.
        So they’ve started something that’s been years in the planning which can only be described as planetary social engineering, they want to change the planet, they want to control populations, they want to control the climate, they basically want to be Gods (they think they are)
        They’re indulging in what I’d call a bored rich mans hobby, which is feeding their god complexes for now but it wont satisfy them for long, that might sound far fetched but I don’t think it is.
        I’ll write you a poem when I get my new page sorted out.

      • Cool to the poem. I know it’s been long in the planning, having been a massive reader since I was 10 yrs old. By the time I was 17 I was struggling through Albert Pike, followed by all the rest of them who favoured new world order. You know H. G. Wells etc; how they planned 3 world wars. I agree with you about the 3rd being totally different, it’s them against us, though they’ll most likely mess up a couple more countries to divert peoples attention plus a few more reality shows to keep them amused. Have you checked Deagle lately, it’s changed format and instead of 2025 being 15 million in UK, it’s now 14 million. The only way they’re going to fail now is if every country in the world stands up against them at the same time, even then people like us are too few, a couple of million from each country aren’t going to work it. By the way, they don’t worship God, only his opposite number. Hell this is a gloomy response. All I can say is they’re going to have to take me out over getting test and jab. Ah well, guess this is going to mean a stupid email from “them” dropping into the wrong email box. 5 different names at it now and yet their comment never appears in Hugo’s comment section even tho’ it’s done by his reply section. Happy days?!!!

  6. The moral of the story is “those who resist, persist”. The French have a history of scepticism and the easy ability to say NO. They understand “Power of the people”.

  7. I happen to be in France right now. Other than the curfew, not much change. Bars and cafes closed, and masks are compulsory, but not even the President (Macron) bothers to cover his nose with his mask. Supposedly masks are obligatory even outside, but nobody does! I agree they (those who would enslave us) will come with another plan in France. I believe each country is following a modified plan to suit the cultural stereotype of its people, hence differing approaches, but don’t be fooled into thinking the aim of the elite is being foiled in France, there will be many more ways to try and control the people.

  8. Dear Hugo,

    Appalling weekly figures for adverse reactions to the Pfizer jib-jab:

    UK Government Report. Pfizer vaccine adverse reactions

    Execution date: March 4, 2021

    * Blood disorders: 2,033 * Cardiac disorders: 1,032 * Congenital disorders: 3 * Hearing disorders: 713 * Endocrine disorders: 10 * Eye disorders: 1,242 (12 blinds) * Gastrointestinal disorders: 9,360 * General disorders: 26,391 * Liver disorders: 17 * Immune system disorders: 466 * Infections: 1,863 * Injuries: 393 * Continued Investigations: 965 * Metabolic disorders: 525 * Muscle-tissue disorders: 11,565 * Neoplasms: 20 * Nervous System Disorders: 16,107 * Associated with pregnancy: 29 * Psychiatric disorders: 1,235 * Renal / urinary disorder: 187 * Syst. Reproductive: 338 * Respiratory disorders: 3,575 * Skin disorder: 6,042 * Vascular disorders: 992 * Dead: 212 * Medical and Surgical Procedures: 45 *

    Best wishes,


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