Fourth Wave ‘BAKED IN’ / Hugo Talks #lockdown

12 Comments on “Fourth Wave ‘BAKED IN’ / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Well done Hugo, follow you avidly, you are performing a job of international significance.

    • Yes well done Hugo you need recognition for all your hard work tirelessly supporting those few who are awake in a world of face nappy wearing poison vaccine supporting brainwashed dumbasses

  2. He is only 66, but looks more like 76.!! He needs locking up with his pervert son.!

    J xxxxx

  3. Drakeford is apparently living in a hut at the bottom of his garden because his wife & mother-in-law are in the house, shielding.!! Hope he freezes.!

    J xxxx

  4. The whole world being pushed around by a handful of grey haird old men

    • Perverted generate paedos. I pray each night I will wake up and someone with balls has murdered the lot of them

  5. With complete control of the case reporting process, the tyrants can creale a spike anytime one is needed.

  6. Hi Your one of the ‘Truth Seekers’ that we having to rely on now. MSM are just the arm of government now yet the ‘sheep’ still feed off the feed they provide. Am really wondering if British public have any fight in them as nothing has happened in civil disobedience etc. Various countries in Europe, are we spineless ?? Have had posters and cards done based on 1967 tv series The Prisoner. Can send you some if you want. Cheers

  7. Hi Hugo there need to be a background check on all of these MP’s to see where is their money invested????? This is outrageous and a direct violation of the Nuremberg code 8308.

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