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  1. Son of Labour politician Mark Drakeford jailed for rape | Wales | ITV News

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    • How is this not a supposed hate crime, how can she stand there in a position of privilege and say such impossible things, would this curfew include men with disabilities, men of other race, what about gay/trans, will this be included, she needs to be removed from her position and have a full psychological assessment

      • Personally I think that all of government, a host of so called “stars” and so on, should be taken for phycological assessment.
        Let me see, anyone know how the people of Iceland overthrew their government. Looking for pointers beside me scribbling across every ballot that I am giving all of the parties a vote of no confidence. My method of voting since Blair got in isn’t really working. Although I do know if enough people did the same they have to disband the government and start again.

  2. It’s frightening these people hold positions of influence, truly frightening.

  3. That’s ok then, you are sleepy by then anyway, but what about thos who work nights? How will Triston manage.?

    J xxxxx

  4. What next? Blame a whole race for the actions of a small minority, what kind of warped mentality is that? Loony liberals. Lock them up, for they have caused more division and hatred in society due to their divisive policies, aided by their fellow equally divisive Cultural Marxists who rule currently, destroying humanity each day they are allowed to stay in power.

  5. They are not calling for a curfew it was a response to men saying that women shouldn’t go out after dark. Why should all women have to stay home after dark and men not? Hugo, I’m disappointed that you haven’t done your research on this.

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    • I’m disappointed that you can’t see this for the nonsense it is, your asking why should women stay home and not men, is falling into the trap, neither should stay home. This topic should not even be raised.

    • I get your point joanneholmes, but I’ve never felt entirely safe on my own in the dead of night for as long as I remember. Which is sad. I’m in my sixties and I remember having a job in a fried chicken establishment when I was fifteen, the proprietor of said fast food outlet always sent us girls home in a pre booked paid for taxi, as we would have been walking home after 1am. I’ve always erred on the cautious side, and my adult daughter is exactly the same. My son is a big strapping lad, trains in power lifting and it’s also sad that others might be scared of him. It’s sad all round.

  6. It is unbelievable to think that these two people have actually contemplated such rank ignorance. What can one say in order to emphasise the depth of stupidity inherent in this imbecilic concept? Are these two people two of the dimmest dimwits ever to walk the earth. I’m speechless utterly speechless that two infantile imbeciles such as these two have anything to do with the business of the country, and that they would actually stand up in front of their peers and utter this self-importance idiocy. Why oh why has nobody rushed forward and fitted these two bedlam escapees for straitjackets. A village idiot has more acumen than these two, or maybe they are just educated beyond their pompous mediocre intelligence, like prince Charles.

  7. Ask them what “temporary” means and when they say they aren’t sure how long tell them that is the definition of “indefinite” and NOT “temporary”.

  8. Who voted for this loon? We had a crime in NY committed by a black man, so can we consider a curfew on all black men?

  9. Temporary? where have we heard that before? I hate to say it but … false flag anyone? This does not make s. Why would a policeman attack and murder someone during a nationwide lockdown? Surely he would know that being caught was inevitable. Don’t police have to give their fingerprints when they recruit? I’m wondering if it was a means to an end?

  10. There are many other reasons not to go out at night these days.

  11. No problem Hugo. You can identify as a women and go where you like

  12. Just written to Baroness Jones and given her a piece of my mind.
    If nothing else she’s given me yet more ammunition to call for the abolition of the House of Lords.

  13. It’s all bolshevic jewish cultural Marxism: the destroying of families, societies, nations, God’s creation.
    These Ashkenazi zionists are true parasites.

  14. What scares me is the kind of women out there who would think this is okay. What is all this hate towards men, especially white men. As for me as a woman I’m going to self identify as a man so I can keep out the way of the kind of women who think this would be okay. If enough women objected and stayed in after 6pm they’d have to lift such a ban if it were to ever be enforced. Mind you, still waiting to believe lockup will ever be lifted to such an extent.

  15. Drakeford is Wales premium granny impersonator, he’s a dangerous man who is showing us what would happen if Labour was in power in the UK, this curfew would already be implemented and men in their thousands all wearing eye shadow and lots of lippy would be roaming the streets at night all identifying as women.
    If these idiots put such importance on being a Trans person, then we can all be one to suit the situation at hand.

    I’m completely in touch with my feminine side officer, so what are you going to do about it?

  16. I’ve noticed the feminists accelererat their activity since ”International Women’s Day” and that hoax in London with a supposedly white woman walking alone in a park in Brixton, even I know what kind of multicultural area of southern London that is, majority Black and not safe for a white woman, which Sadiq Khan also said recently but they’re blaiming all men for this of course.

    Sorry if I went off the topic in this reply. We need our men! ❤️ from Sweden

  17. I come alive at night. This is the time I seek nourishment for my crumbling bones and decaying flesh. Many of you know who I am. I am legend.

  18. Well this is ridiculous so if my electric goes what do I do get a girl to go to the shop for me even as a kid I was allowed out till 9 o’clock and for what reason should men be on curfew for I can’t see the reasoning on and of the bullshit rules before they was trying to be sneaky now they don’t care they know all we will do is moan about but still do as we are told I look after my 3 year old daughter she lost her mum so I won’t be taking anything else infact we will be going to the beach so as the weather gets better and I will probably be back after 6 lol

  19. This is a fine bit of labelling all men are not the same all girls ain’t the same but there is one thing that is the same and thats politions same bullshit

  20. All I can say is thank goodness I moved to Moscow !

  21. They’re trying to find out how soft society has gone, is it soft enough for a complete and utter sharpish takeover or should they let it simmer for a few more months!
    Baroness Jones has a face like a cracked shit house door…allegedly I must add,
    I don’t think I’ll be going over the Scottish border after failing to delete that terrible outburst. I must bite my typing finger harder, naughty finger…!

    • Nice finger, good finger. You actually made me laugh out loud when I read that.

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