Denmark BANS Oxford Jab / Vaccine Deaths / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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11 Comments on “Denmark BANS Oxford Jab / Vaccine Deaths / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Hi hugo.I just became aware of this. Google,Urgent open letter to the EUROPEAN medicine agency COVID 19 VACCINE safety concerns. I thought it may be of interest to you.

  2. Hugo, Bjorn put EU ban up earlier, channel of same name. He’s from Norway so gives bit more detail. As I follow both his channels, I know in this 5 min vid he was literally challenging you tube to take his vid down as it was mainstream news in Europe. He, like us who follow you is against all that is going on.

    • Yes Bjorn is the go to man Rez’ Scandinavian vaccine situation!

      • He is, hope you managed to catch his vid before it got pulled. I’ve learnt to click on certain people’s vids straight away, just in case. He’s put up a short vid today which as I write is still up but he avoided certain trigger words. Mind you, I like all his vids, he certainly goes close to the wire on some of them.

  3. Good news, however these people will inject anything for a false promise of a holiday, but riot over being charged the wrong amount for an advertised special offer deal, whilst knowing every intricate detail of it???

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  4. Damn. They’ve taken Bjorn’s vid down. All I can say is there have been several deaths and serious health problems. At the end he begged people that if they must have the jab, not to take that particular brand. No surprise he got taken down as he was covering it wasn’t really a vaccine etc.

  5. Denmark and Norway have temporarily halted use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine as a precaution, after Danish reports of some people having blood clots after vaccination and one death.


    • That kind of makes sense coming from BBC. Weird how people who live in Europe are talking about a lot more deaths and serious health problems after having it.

  6. It is sad when our leaders trust has been compromised by various ploys of strategy. Having more than one vaccine raises flags. And targeting some citizens by race is a major flag. The objective is the “mixing” as was clearly said in a recent published opinion. Social distance accomplish the separation and this seems to be a plan.

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