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  1. Did we expect anything less than total control of the population? Parents will have been around their children for so long they won’t care what they are doing to their kids with injections of untested “vaccines”. Is the danger really so great? I am not a threat and neither is 99+% of the people on the planet. The REAL Threat is from the governments who are colluding with one another to rob us of our God-given rights. Kind of like the beast mentioned in Revelation.

    • control of disease act 1984 updated June 2020.
      we are going to die by force… its sick ffs RISE UP or die

  2. There’s no hope for any retard of a parent that sends their kids into these fenced off school/prison camps to be subjected to this!

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  3. Omg no surprise. This is getting more and more sick. Which is exactly what our gov. Wants .
    Can we not reverse this back somehow. Ie you get the vax you free ( Says gov) reality you get the vac you can go and mix as we say, or not and you will need 6 mth vax and permission for your movements etc

  4. I don’t understand how many people don’t understand what is being done to them. I don’t know if I want to live much longer but perhaps that’s what they want.

  5. Never feel forced to give your child a vaccine. Stock up in food. And homeschool for awhile. I’m concerned that this vaccine will be mandated every year and at some point dangerous ingredients added down the road. Try not to accept any first jab of Communist oppression. It’s what they need to own us. Something will come along that will make this vaccine go away. A pill is showing promise in completely preventing the virus.

    If we can at least get the kids all jabbed and on the data base, a whole generation will have been placed on record and entered into the new system. This will help when managing the next generation and will dramatically lead to better control in reducing the detrimental impact the human race has upon the environment. Only by implementing such measures do we stand any chance of instilling compliance within the masses. So far, so good. We’re all in this together so let’s all do our part. Xxx love you. Long live Hugo. Xxx

    • Are you for real?????? No way would that shit be pumped into any of my children you sick demented person

    • So wtf? Are you trying to save the world? Or force mass compliance? Two pretty different goals! You sound like a creepy mind erasing mind controlling robot for the Devil or the next James Bond flick. Jesus Christ what you just said here was completely unholy. And exposed the absolute creepy plan by the billionaire site elites whether they be from the Satanic child killing cabal or killer corporations or killer communist China. Let people alone in our fine Republic. The GOP will continue to call out and solve the problems that your kind of thinking presents. Children are sacred. They represent the next generation that will lead the world, not be controlled and oppressed by it! In some child the cure for cancer will be developed. In some child, the cure to world problems will be engineered. We don’t need a Bill Gates helping himself to anymore of the worlds treasures by pretending to “save the world”. The COVID and GND curses are all about Depopulation of the Earth through sterilization and extermination of people who don’t go along with it. The radical Left mob has admitted it. I pray maybe some Democrats will help stop this nonsense too. Stop trying to fix the world. That’s the job of each individual, along with sound governments that put Freedom and Liberty first. And a pure higher power at the top of that. And put your Antichrist ideas back under your pet rock. Wake up world! God gave you a brain! Use it to protect yourself and your children. Just say no to that you know to be wrong and bad.

  7. I knew this was coming a year ago yet everyone called me a conspiracy theorist! I have been banned from youtube and facebook for speaking the truth,and by them doing that it proved to me I was right.Even now when it’s so so obvious to anyone with a tiny bit of intelligence what’s really happening the brainwashed sheep are still complying. I want to rip their pathetic face nappies off to cough and sneeze all over them and watch them panic,they are causing this by being cowards who won’t say no,and I think now just take your poison vaccine and die you wimps but the children it’s heartbreaking they are innocent and don’t deserve this it is child abuse.Everyone I know who has had the poison vaccine has been ill after and a couple have died but they said it was covid but it wasn’t it has never been proven to exist.A friend whose brother is a gp has told her tell everyone you know not to have this as it will kill them eventually.Women are finding breast lumps soon after. I honestly believe this poison has hiv cancer and other human killing ingredients.Try telling anyone you may as well hit your head against a brick wall.I am not religious but am praying now god help these children

    • Last June I was shopping at my grocery store without a mask because I refused than and still refuse to wear one. Anyway, the cashier asked how I was doing. Just to pull her chain I responded: “I think I’m coming down with something”. The fear in her eyes was amazing. I told this story on another site and some boob tried to shame me by accusing me of terrorizing that poor cashier. Defending ignorance and fear would be a full-time job these days but I’m feeling picked on LOL. I have also tried the technique of pretending not to be able to understand what a masked person is saying until they pull it away from their face. Doesn’t take too long. Sometimes I follow up with accusing them of trying to infect me. It is not exactly fun watching as the world goes insane but if I take it too seriously I’ll go crazy, too.

  8. Yeah, there’s no middle of the road. You’re either establishment (compliant) or anti-establishment (non-compliant). I think this is becoming more apparent.

  9. Think like the ww2 resistance. Every day in every little way be creative in NOT following the rules. Team up with friends & neighbours to share turns in minding the kids. Don’t send kids to school at all (they won’t expect that). Share home teaching duties – you would be amazed how much more the kids will learn from YOU – parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents. They are brain washed in school.
    Do not comply, support each other. Form teams. Share ideas. Do it ‘quietly’. Learn from Soviet survivors. Each of us may be a droplet in an ocean, but we all make the mighty ocean. A force of nature. THEY are terrified that we’ll unite.
    We outnumber them by around 7 billion!!!! 💗

  10. I think the time is nigh to ask our establishment of how and when they knew this virus was isolated.
    There will be no answer forthcoming because they have no answer. It never has been isolated by any lab on the planet.
    So the vaccine is stopping/curing what?

  11. You selfish people you!
    That sweet old “hardworking” (cough) ‘German’ granny & other members of her family who love our country and people so much that they stash millions in offshore accounts to avoid paying the rightful tax from income made from scavenging from us for an entire lifetime dear Granny also being head of the Church of England signed off on a nice little earner for the Church from Wonga is disgusted that you people can be so downright selfish by questioning a untested DNA changing experiment sold as a vaccine to avoid decades of rigorous testing.

    Don’t you know Jeffrey Epsteins friend and business Partner Bill Gates is depending on you for the 20.1 profit he makes on vaccines his most lucrative money maker, Bill Laughing While Saying ‘We Take GMO Organisms & Shoot Them Right Into Little Kids Veins’ in interviews?

    It usually takes 20 years to test a new vaccine, the quickest produced took abut 7 years of testing and even after that, vaccines still kill and disabled people. how many people have been caused disability and don”t even know it’s vaccine caused only then to be treated like criminals by a totally corrupt unfit for purpose benefit system?

    Just add the hundreds of billions in wastage with duff schemes such as the Universal Credit system which continues to cost us thanks to Iain Duncan Smith & the total white elephant that is HS2.
    Ploughing down hectares of ancient woodlands and trees that are free carbon converters.
    Bit hard to push the climate change scam, especially at the start of a soar minimum if that pesky carbon dioxide keeps making plants and trees thrive and flourish, those pesky ancient forests and trees must go!

    They’ve never found a vaccine for the previous 6 or so strains of covid nor any other flu or even the common cold, but hey presto within months they have a vaccine for this farce? A vaccine that doesn’t protect you or stop you transmitting the virus proven to be no more deadly than any of the yearly strains.

    Meanwhile, the 2nd eye says
    Covid vaccines have not caused ANY serious side effects in teenagers in Israel, officials say amid world-first child vaccination programme
    Israel has vaccinated 600 teenagers with none suffering severe side effects
    Country will roll out jabs to children once adults have had both doses in April

    Pfizer is currently conducting its own vaccine study on 12- to 15-year-olds

    Urgent Open Letter from Doctors and Scientists to the European Medicines Agency regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Concerns
    Doctors for Covid Ethics
    15 hours ago·7 min read

    2/25/2021, USA
    VAERS/CDC shows 1095 deaths and 19907 cases with side effects and 35 cases with Foetal Death after Covid-19 vaccination

    The MHRA (funded by BILL GATES as all involved forcing this super fraud are including well renowned compulsive liar and super parasite related to he ‘German’ granny, Boris Johnson) has received 212 UK reports of suspected ADRs to the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine in which the patient died shortly after vaccination, 244 reports for the Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine and 4 where the brand of vaccine was unspecified. The majority of these reports were in elderly people or people with underlying illness.

    Coupled with those delightful little Jewish ex PMs Cameron & May being served a knock from the U.N for “Grave systemic human rights violations to the disabled” in around 2015/16 (which made no difference because it continued and no doubt still is, including suicides) & now dear Jewish immigrant Boris shipped in from America on a full on wrecking ball mission……………… is there anyone still stupid enough to think we are paying the police, security services and armed forces to protect us from real invading traitorous mass murdering terrorists?

    “Genocide involves the attempt to achieve the disappearance of a group by whatever means. It does not have to be violent, it could be a combination of policies that would lead to a certain group dying out.” Malcolm Fraser, Prime Minister of Australia 1975-1983.

  12. I keep waiting to be able to get a horse and cart, along with large handbell, so I can go down the road shouting for people to bring out their dead. I mean that’s what happens in pandemics and plagues isn’t it? Only problem is, there’s one hell of a shortage of dead.
    That by the way, is not disrespecting anyone who has lost anyone to this nasty flu going around. It’s more the fact of those that have chosen to buy into this pandemic hype, should be able to see by now what is really going on, if they haven’t, I’m slowly losing hope for them. What grieves me is, if they allow this to happen to their children. As Hugo said, there is no middle road.

  13. If parents obey to the their demands and vaccinate their children they are comitng the murder of their children, personally I know my great grand children will be staying home and not attending school, children only need three things to learn, to read write and maths and nothing else, you can learn anything after that, rule one never believe anything the Govern-ment tells you 000000

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