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  1. Facebook’s fact-checkers have come for the Wall Street Journal, causing the mainstream newspaper to be censored on the world’s largest social network, after the Journal published an op-ed from a Johns Hopkins surgeon who argued that the United States is likely to achieve herd immunity to the COVID-19 virus by April.

  2. I have a strange and completely out of character obsession to know who you are. Keep doing what you do.
    Jib jab 🤣 love it

  3. You could have Gold Plated every town in the UK with the money these half WITTED crooks have wasted!

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  4. Love your work Hugo, really appreciate all your time & effort putting the videos together.

  5. Whitty is dangerous because people allow him to be. Any responsible media outlet should be looking at the big picture and balancing the damage caused by all these restrictions against saving a small number of people from this virus (median age of death 82) COVID 19 IS NOT THE ONLY KILLER IN TOWN. The longer we ignore the side effects of lockdowns and the ineffectivess of masks, PCR test and vaccines, the more we are accomplices to the deliberate abuse being inflicted upon the majority of the population for generations to come. We have to ensure people realise they are being brainwashed everybtime they switch on the news.

  6. For anyone wanting to find out more of what is going on in Israel, I recommend going to David Scott’s channel on you tube, Northern Exposure. I watched him talking to Gilead Atzmon on Monday evening. It’s an hour long but really detailed on jab and effects, he also mentions UK along with a couple of other countries that have been pushing jab agenda hard.
    Great vid Hugo, I always replace the W with an S when thinking about Whitty.

  7. Hi hugo a mate of mine was in mcdonald’s and he said he saw a sign saying no qr code you cannot sit and eat in this restaurant,this is seriously getting pathetic now.

  8. A brilliant interview though scary, and a perfect extension to UK Column News today where they discuss another great interview from the Pandemic Podcast with Dr Geert Vanden Bossche again voicing his great fears about the vaccine producing viral immune escape effectively turning the virus into a weapon if mass destruction.

  9. You keep mentioning the march 20th protest but i can’t seem to find details of it anywhere.Is it the usual London venue as the other previous protests?,if so what time?.Can anyone help or perhaps put up a link to the info.

  10. You cannot have herd immunity without the herd. Is that too obvious a statement? I realize the WHO redefined herd immunity to be dependent ONLY on jabs and not the regular progress of a virus throughout a population. Amazing how reality is so easily dismissed and reshaped to fit the needs or desires of people who are in charge. They are obviously evil in their intent. Our civil rights are gone. And they aren’t coming back without a bit more pushback from us. I’m not very confidant of that happening any time soon. I am not a thereat to anyone at least not in the sense of infecting them with a virus. And they can’t prove that I am.

  11. Hello Hugo,

    I went to the Mecha’at HaRibon (Protest of the People) demonstration yesterday evening in Tel Aviv. It was like stepping into a refuge, an oasis of sanity. Encouraging to see so many people gathered for the upholding of human rights, truth and transparency and against coercion. One encounters heroes there who have taken a brave stand endangering their positions, incomes and well-being. One such was a doctor of psychiatry who spoke. A man of more or less 50 with a reputation and an income to lose who chooses to stand for truth. It gave me some hope to be there and caused me to think that even if we don’t succeed in holding off this onslaught from hell, I will have been in good company trying to. I wanted you to know that some people in Israel are fighting back. Here is a link (excuse that it is Facebook):

    Daniel Labounty Poriya – Neve Oved Israel

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    • Daniel. I don’t do Facebook, if I did I would go and check out the link after reading your inspiring post. Thank you for that.

  12. we are going where were going, the meek will inherit the world

  13. Why the focus on Israel, they are one of the most corrupt and racial supremacist States in the world. It’s ironic as another group believed they were racially superior and chosen by God, they were the Nazis.

    I for one, as an Atheist Jew, am careful of the media focusing on Israel, as a leader of this or that, because I’m aware of Tikun Olam ( “Healing” of the World ), and we could very well be headed there.

    • The government over there in Israel is as you say, as are some of the people. But please, not every person who follows the Jewish faith is bad. Before you think I’m a person of the jewish faith I am not. I agree about the involvement of the Jews with Nazi just as they were in the Gulag. To me there is good and bad in all countries and I for one, here in the uk prefer to hear what’s going on in Israel instead of hoping they’ll go away.

  14. Never stop doing what you’re doing Hugo, the world needs you now more than you’ll ever know and your videos are the antidote to the insanity that pervades our world, if half of what maybe coming our way turns out to be true then I truly hope we collectively find the answer🙏

  15. I do not need the jab as I self identify as a Vaccinated Person.

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