BYE BYE Piers and Good Riddance / Hugo Talks #lockdown

10 Comments on “BYE BYE Piers and Good Riddance / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. That’s good news but he’ll pop up on ch4 or sky some other propaganda channel
    He should take that stupid smirking sidekick with him.

  2. mRNA vaccine is experimental. Dr Fauci works for NIH- his wife Dr Christine Grady Fauci also worked for NIH as Chief Bioethics which oversees vaccine trials. Is that Ethical?? Every prior trial of mRNA vaccine for the past 25 yrs always FAILED.
    The animals in the trials went through a challenge test. Which is when animals in a trial are vaccinated then the infected live virus is reintroduced to the animals and in ALL prior trials. Animals initially did well after vaccine but once exposed to the live virus – DIED from Antibody Dependent Enhancement. The N. I. H. did NOT have this as part of the trial due it was trialed on humans. N. I. H. deemed would be unethical so instead sent it out as vaccine for Emergency Use Authorization without challenge. ADE takes 4 to 14 months to happen- ADE will cause the body to overreact to any exposure to virus or different strain( virus mutates all the time) DON’T be fooled – it’s NOT the virus or a different strain – IT’S THE VACCINE making your body go into a Cytokine Storm flooding the lungs.
    IVERMECTIN is already approved FDA anti parasitic medication as is proving effective in prevention and treatment of Covid and effective against different strains of coronavirus.
    Can you please do a piece on will they blame new strain for immune enhancement response from vaccines

  3. Well I think he was hoping for a knighthood, by his staunch support for the Queen and Phillip, and after all, he’d be in good company, she did knight that other sleaze all, and best bud of her oldest son, Jimmy Saville! Oh, and Andrew sends his thanks, it’s taken the attention off him!

  4. Chick out is website on you tube oehRt3WeNdk The plan will be forcing you to eat this

  5. He will turn up again.. got too much to say.. too full of himself.. opinionated prick.. payed propaganda pusher..

  6. Who cares? I can’t recall who he is, but he must be a jerk.

  7. Take a close look at Morgan’s parting ‘Clock’ tweet.
    It clearly says “911.”

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