Don’t Let The SUN Go Down On Me / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Sunblockers contain tbe chemicals that cause skin cancer. Go in the sun. Just not between 11:00 and 14:00. The sun is our ENERGY SOURCE because humans are electromagnetic batteries.
    These people are, sadly, demon infested and megelamaniacs, and they know full well the evil they are doing. Is the sun a sanitizer, yes. Is that all…. No.

    • Hugo just looking on you tube is this true ccp virus?

  2. Hello Hugo ,
    Here in Holland we go down the same route as the US.
    We have elections 17 march.
    Politics are affraid of FVD, the only party who’s against covid messerges.
    And they won bigtime in local elections 2016.
    Now they made 2.5 million Votes possible by mail for people over 70 years old.
    They dont have to be signed !!!!
    Remember, we are only 17 mln people.
    This is how they want to steel the elections here in Holland.
    Just like in the US.
    Voting by mail was never alowed before here.

    • I’m not surprised to hear of this.Facebook recently said that they intend influencing other elections around the world in a similar way to how the influenced the US elections ie failing to report anything against the mainstream globalists narrative.Are Facebook censoring FVD by any chance?.

  3. My only answer can be, go stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  4. Who wants to be equal or better than God??

    It is Him we fight. The others are only useful idiots.

    “Creating a Sun” which has already been created.
    “Creating fake meat” which has been already created.

    Remove Jesus by introducing Abraham because we are all children of Abraham (Pope stuff).

    build back better, or bbb, or 666 in cursive text.

  5. UV-C radiation is deadly. Think about it: it can kill virus particles, which you’re full of, and which are snippets of DNA, which exists in every cell in your body. I guess all the usual carcinogens aren’t working fast enough to get rid of the jab-resisting masses. Or maybe this is being rolled out because the ‘right’ people will be able to avoid it.

    Also, if that wench were really getting a facefull of UV-C. she would go blind.

  6. Let’s be honest, fake virus, fake tests, fake numbers, fake vaccine, fake media, fake laws and fake news. Now we have fake sun to add to the list. Next up will be fake humans(robots) to control the rest of us. Oops, sorry, we have those already, all dressed up to look like police. Well I’m to print me some fake test results and fake vaccine certificates which I can shove up the arse of anyone who asks for them. I was asked by a previously sane person the other day where my mask was. I told him I’d mislaid it, but I suspected it could probably be found up his arse, next to his brain.

  7. It looks very Luciferian: a black sun and pyramid of light.

    • It does, the thought of anybody being daft enough to go and stand under it is beyond me. Maybe it’s a beam me up Scotty ray!

  8. What a disgrace and dangerous bunch these megalomaniacs these people are.

  9. Sadly, there’s less and less of us who know what real and normal is.

    • I totally agree, they all live in their own little well paid bubbles, insulated from the real realities that people have to live with

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