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  1. Imagine being a cancer patient and seeing this when you can’t get to get the treatment you need to survive! Disgraceful! And it’s not just cancer patients!

  2. ttps:// have you see this video

  3. The very first video I saw I thought tw-ts
    Stay home save lives give the nhs time to practice there dance routines More like.

    I thought people were dying in corridors
    But now there’s more people in the dance troops
    Pull your fingers out and get people seen to that are missing cancer treatment app’s and dying

  4. They are gagged as you say, so they are sending a message the only way they can, the message being the hospitals are empty and we have loads of time now to work out dance routines

  5. I load these videos since they started! Do you think if there was a true pandemic these hideous people would have the time to make this videos! They are just simply taking the Micky out if people that have list their future, their happiness and their health at the hand of criminal governments. They are taking the piss!!

  6. I never clapped the first time for the NHS actors and certainly I am not going to do it now. Futher more they are guilty for keeping up the lie of COVID-19. And certainly they deserve a pay cut and I hope they all get vaccinate the MF . I hope they die in agony with cancer or with a real infectious disease I regard them the scum of the earth.

  7. They are just as much murdering treasonous psychopaths alongside the government’s,the royal family,WHO and all the elites that planned and executed this fake pandemic as the excuse to implement their long planned great reset where we (not them) will have nothing and be happy

  8. The zombies were crazy before the jab… can’t imagine what they are going to be like after it!

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  9. One thing for certain, when we come out the other side of this, nobody will trust the NHS or the Police again.

  10. 100% scamdemic … mocking us all to the MAX… you would have to have the skin of a rino to be dancing when people are losing everything including loved ones….

  11. Hi Hugo
    I think you really need to be looking at this

    This is apparently what the nose swabs are sterilised with that are going to be used on our children several times a week , so the levels of toxicity over a period of time would poison the kids according to google
    And the reply from the company who make the swabs.

  12. At first I thought what a load of muppets, and now think much the same with the caveat if they are ‘rushed off their feet’ as we’ve been lied to for for so long now… yawn….however can they can they have so much time to jump around like idiots? Time the scam was revealed on MSM surely??

  13. I think they are trying to tell us (discreetly) that they have no patients & no work – I.e. Covid stress on NHS is a lie.

  14. We are a year into this hoax now and this is beyond annoying, I find it insulting because we’ve been told how overwhelmed the hospitals are and yet they have nothing better to do in their overwhelmed state than to make video’s on mass. This is disgusting, very much like the people in these videos and it’s hard not to conclude they are not mocking the general public. Personally, I now have a distain for the NHS and I do not wish these entities good fortune but rather the opposite. Their lies, manipulation, manslaughter and potentially murder will cost them. Perhaps not straight away but the gravity of what these things have been doing will undoubtedly catch up with them as it should. Personally, I would like to see trials and executions as this would be the just course of action.

  15. I don’t clap for murderers & I certainly don’t agree with giving them a pay rise either.

  16. We are in the last days, the antichrist will reveal himself soon, this coup by flu lie is a means to usher the world into a one world political, religious, financial system, the beast system! Its leading to the mark of the beast, Rev 13, covid virus also is named after the beast, in latin numerals its 666. The dancing I feel is occultic and ritualistic, ushering in the spell, it reminds me of the 2012 UK opening Olympic ceremony, where nhs staff danced around hospital beds, and a giant witch rose up above them, dressed as the grim reaper, holding a wand, which was a bone, meanwhile demons ran around. Satan knows his time is short. The rainbows plastered everywhere, stand for the fallen angels (as in the days of Noah) the time to get right with God is now, to know Jesus as your Lord and saviour.

  17. When these dancing vids first started doing the rounds I admit I wasn’t sure if they were faked. I am supposed to go for CT scans every 3 months to monitor 2 lymph nodes they couldn’t remove in 2018 when a large section of my bowel was taken out with a large cancerous tumour. Last year they cancelled appointments for 10 months.
    Then a dancing vid appeared last June dancing with mops and I recognised ct department and staff at my hospital. I have refused to attend all appointments since. I’ll take my chances, to me all who take part in these vids are absolute traitors.

    • I reckon you should go, ask them why they think practising dance routines is more important than treating cancer patients, they need to be shamed publicly for this. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

    • I wonder, have you looked into alternative cancer treatments at all? There are many. May I recommend a book called “Cancer is not a Disease; it’s a Healing Mechanism”. CT scans use high levels of radiation. Wishing you all the best.

      • It puzzled the oncologist why nothing had changed in ct scans over the first 18 months.
        I did use alternative which was Dr. Caldwell protocol, which is why I think I made it this far. His protocol recommends you don’t have operations or anything for it to be 100% successful. I had the operation, so I think the reason the lymph nodes still are cancerous and there is because it couldn’t reach 100% result. I’m still happy with only having a few rough days now and then. I’m also a positive person and refuse to dwell on the cancer.
        My heart does go out to other cancer patients who took the hospital treatment and are now being denied it due to a fake pandemic.

  18. BIZARRE! And maybe it’s a promoted-by-the-powers-that-be (and incredibly stupid) PSYOP that’s INTENDED (a) to boost the hospital-workers’ spirits, (b) to pressure recalcitrant hospital-workers — who question the “pandemic” and these “vaccines” — to be “on the groupthink same page” as their more pliant colleagues, (c) to cheer (?) viewers — which also includes patients — of SOMETHING but damned if I know WHAT!


    What were they THINKING!

    Or have they all been “drinking” the same PSYOP-SPIKED KOOL-AID?

    What “get” me additionally is that THEIR BOSSES, and their HOSPITALS, must have given them permission to do this. Hell, maybe the HOSPITALS THEMSELVES were BEHIND THIS!

    And if it was MORE THAN ONE HOSPITAL that are putting these staff-dance-videos out, that is a PATTERN. So then the question becomes: WHO is behind that PATTERN? Is it nurses simply telling a friend who’s a nurse at another hospital? Is it the videos themselves? Or is it a “more meaningful” source?

    Even if these hospital-workers dance-videos are not a PSYOP and are simply well-intentioned, my reaction is that these videos are BIZARRE and COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE if these staff wanted to give the image of providing good healthcare.

  19. It is all a compliance drill for the health care workers and a big finger from the globalists to us, the people.

    • I agree with you: this is conditioning for the legions of health care workers (the only people who still have jobs). Keep them literally and figuratively in line, right? And make sure they don’t have time to blow any whistles themselves.

      Watching these, i did wonder if they might be a demonstration of new mind-control technologies. What if these people are not really learning their steps through rehearsals, but are having commands fed to them? Probably too far out – i’m a scientist, and i have far less faith in technology, and am far more skeptical of scientists’ claims, than most laypersons i know. Still, that raving witch in the CringeFactor1000 video does give one pause…

      Maybe that’s just what we’re supposed to take away, though – the sinking feeling that we are totally under control. I, for one, will stick to this advice from Aeschylus: Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

    • As usual after clicking the post button, i wish i hadn’t written that last comment. No, there is not such a level of mind-control tech that people could be made to do these dances. They are being used to demonstrate compliance and conformity. Free will can always triumph over tech!

  20. This could a destruction ritual: Shiva the destroyer and creator of new beginnings. Maybe the end for the NHS as we know it. They are testing us to see if we acquiesce, if we will accept the blatant in your face lie, or see it as it really is.

    Renate above mentioned the 2012 Olympic ceremony and I remember ‘thescariestmovieever’ youtube channel doing that video. Everything is done for a purpose. It’s worth watching if anyone hasn’t seen it. There is much pagan imagery and even an effigy alone in a hospital bed who has blond hair and has a resemblance to someone who was in hospital.

    • I agree about the 2012 Olympics ceremony, pure ritual predicting what is going on now. The satanic tunnel opening ceremony in Switzerland was equally bad, especially for those of us who know what is going on.

  21. The nurses’ dances are SOOO LAME AND CREEPY AND NAUSEATING !… People are being made poor and dependent on the Government, yet nurses gleefully undulate their hips as if all in the world were peachy……. LAME !!

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