Universal Basic Income and Food Bank SUPERQUEUE / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Seems that is the way things are going. I would think lockdowns are here for some time

  2. Well who remembers David Camerons big society plan well fcuk me that’s a big que, it started of idea Ian Duncan Smith brought in universal credit basically from your Job Seeker Allowance he stripped away £17-£20 each fortnight from your giro + he took away Contribution based JSA were if you payed right taxes over 2 years before start of your JSA claim there have you up to £90 every fortnight JSA now gone extinct like the dinosaurs, now there going bring in universal basic income for world wonder how much of that there going strip from universal credit now who remembers the great comedian George Carlin,as he said they’re coming for it all they don’t want you to have fcuk all.

  3. The bank bail-ins were introduced after they ruined Greece by bail-ins. When first introduced over here, it was if you had £75,000 or more, that has since been reduced to £50,000 or more. But if you remember in Greece, because people rushed to withdraw money, they closed all banks and ATM machines which caused immense poverty.
    My guess is that could happen here and even the amount in accounts of £50,000 or more could be reduced to a lower figure.
    I don’t think a lot of the population realise that when you deposit money in the bank of any amount, that money no longer belongs to them. In effect, you have loaned your money to the bank which paying you interest is based upon.

  4. Hugo, this has already been done in Canada, by survey sent to registered party members. I received one.

  5. I got this one. Right. It’s not so bad. We are on the brink of a new era. The idea of a universal basic income is not such a bad one. With advancements in industry, the way things are made, the demand for labourers in industry will fall dramatically. So th UBI will likely be an interim period while we work out what the heck we are supposed to do with our lives Inbetween times. The real trick will be getting one’s hands on said technology and land to use it and assets. Unfortunately, this gets more difficult for each generation. This is because your parents were born into, bought and played the capitalist game, and your grandparents and so on and so for – basically since the dawn of humanity. What we are kicking up a stink for now has its foundations in our ancient history. This means almost everything has already been bought up, before you were even conceived. And results in there being less available for you to lay claim too. So, the real question is? If machines are going to take over the majority of the workload and if we can print just about anything we want from home, what direction will we focus upon towards the future, which path will we take? It could mean plenty more free time to invest in becoming for articulate, to express more in the arts, to take more leisure in our free time, to seek more entertaining pass times and enjoy gatherings and parties and further procreation- oh no wait? So imagine the world is flat (haha bare with me) and shaped like a disk – a disk world – like a plate. Human beings will be represented as a marble (or a magic bean, whatever takes your fancy) and now- we start adding beans to the plates. At first they spread out evenly. Then they get tighter, and tighter and finally become compacted. And, like chemical reactions, the more interactive the marbles become the more reactive they become, untill eventually their is magic bean bedlam. Well. We can’t have that now can we. We are at that path above mentioned. But are we wise and responsible enough to choose which path to take. Obviously we haven’t been on our best behaviour because… Santa didn’t visit many of us last year. And there are people who “think” we are not responsible enough to choose our paths from here onwards. And can you argue that they, the ruling class, are wrong – because they beat you at this game, probably before you ever came into being. UBI isn’t that bad. It simply translates as your own self obsolescence. Be warned – The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands. Whatever the outcome will be, these my friends, are very interesting times. As long as you continue to use the currency of the ruling class you will be held a slave to it. Just let it go. All you have to do is let it go….. But you can’t. Can you?

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