Worldwide Lockdown Protest / MSM Desperation / Hugo Talks #lockdown

Hugo Talks is currently Banned from Youtube

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15 Comments on “Worldwide Lockdown Protest / MSM Desperation / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Do you get the feeling that this is organised by the globalist.. I do… Because you know what is coming next.. (you can protest every day right where you are!)

    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

    • Mmm…. I wonder. I would question everything now. Yep, I protest every day in my own quiet way; no mask, no hand sanitiser, no test, no vax. And family and friends welcome in my home whenever they like.

      • And friends are welcome in my home too whenever thay like no matter what time day or night and i will NEVER have the old Jibaerjabby !!! lol xxx

  2. Is that newsreader a real human being? Reminds me of Max Headroom.

    • Either that or one of their mind controlled puppets. They all appear to have such black eyes these days. All the more reason not to be jabbed.

      • I’ve noticed the black eyes too – Nicola Sturgeon has them.

      • As do Hancock, Whitty, the list is endless.

  3. And now UK MSM in conjunction with a shadow minister are calling for Amazon, Waterstones and Foyles to stop selling anti-vaccine books. With a side note that at least they need a health warning. Apparently the content of the books is mid-information. This I’m sure will rise up the news rankings, and because of the magnitude of the businesses involved …. I guess they’ll capitulate. State censored text, should I expect a copy of Mein Kampf to be issued as an alternative narrative to a book that may or may not be medically credible and offer up a perspective backed with empirical data? Or should I buy a copy of a tabloid? I suppose if there’s a toilet paper shortage I’ll be catered for

  4. This seems more than a little sketchy to me, look at how it got organised everywhere all at the same time, everything set up & ready to roll all at the same time, sketchy as hell.

  5. Hi Hugo I have a question and would like to ask you if The Lateral Flo Test is enforceable by my Employer? I cant find any information for this question Also thank you so much for your information I have followed you for a long time you are right on the button xxxx

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  6. Better than this. I’ve just completed an online training course on interview techniques and the tutor closed out by encouraging us all to go get our jabs!

  7. I have been on protests in London but I also protest by myself I don’t wear a mask & haven’t since the start, I exercise my right to travel during the lockdown & went to the Maldives , I share everything I can on FB Instagram & any other platforms highlighting the Covid scandal & danger of the vaccine.
    I’m not anti vaccine but I haven’t required antibiotics or vaccines in over 28yrs I’m now nearly 60 & on zero medication.
    I have been banned from FB 3 x 30days 1×5 days 1 x 3 days 1 x 24hrs & I’m still prepared to put the truth out to people

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